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  1. The reason it that i have in my clan the game tennopoly and im using discord to help with the management and im planing to do another board game like the "game of goose" with in warframe. no joke
  2. danielxmeu


    There's still this bug in the metal, when i see it at a different angle it changes.
  3. not english sorry, do i change it all to DIE?
  4. I would like to have a command in warframe chat to roll a dice, i think it would be a easy thing to do for the devs and it could be rly usefull to the players. The command could be: /roll or /dice in the chat and the output would be 1 to 6. Like when you do the "/unstuck" comand you get the message: "You have been unstuck!".
  5. Projectile speed could be like -99.5% to -99.9% for drakgoon and -99.8% to -99.9% to Tetra and Cestra.
  6. After some time in every tier DOJO FEATURED i'm getting disconnected to my DOJO.
  7. Why did the devs decided to have a 24h delay in the progress of the decorations? Why couldn't it be like 30min or 1h? There is no consequences or exploit by reducing the time, it's just a struggle to the decorators.
  8. As you can see some of those objects become invisible after the recent hotfix, only decoration in progress., not the yellow ones.
  9. I have this problem in my dojo, that i want to replace a T corredor for a + corredor in orther to continue other rooms but to do that i need destroy rooms, i already had this problem in the beggining of the dojo so i almost destroy all the rooms that i had, but now i've done some decorations and dont want to do it all again just to get one more room. So i would like to have a option to replace a room for another of the same size at least. Another thing: You already fixed the glass reflection in the observatory in the last path thanks for that but messed up some metals and ice, and love the new infested dcoration, alot of potencial.
  10. {Elitist Tenno} Estamos a recrutar pessoal PT-pt ativo para o CLAN, temos discord, todas as researchers e estamos a refazer o Dojo todo, façam parte. IGN: danielxmeu in chat: /w danielxmeu hey SimonLimon2000 in chat: /w SimonLimon2000 hey DoubleSamPT in chat: /w DoubleSamPT hey post: 27/05/2019
  11. qual é o teu nick ing?
  12. Fixed not seeing Polychrome color preview or being able to apply it in the Dojo. If a Polychrome is failing to apply, simply remove and try again! Thx
  13. got my inaros with 10k+ health and my kavat 15.4k+ with 4 [Physique] in a squad, still not gonna use it, just for fun, fergot to use Coaction Drift.
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