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  1. So I finally sent in a support ticket, and the response was simple, It's our fault but.. we are not going to do anything about it. What are you bethesda ? Is this Fallout 76 ? Is this DE's Nylon bag ? If you didn't get it, FORGET IT Thanks for literally nothing. Great way to incentivise your player base.
  2. I watched the entire stream, my account is linked to twitch and has been for some time, and still I have not received Nekros prime or the ephemera. Is it now a case of "if you didn't get them by now then you never will ?" Or will anything further be done about this issue ?
  3. Don't get me wrong, I started watching Swamp Thing this week ... It was brilliant and it's already cancelled
  4. Watched the entire stream, received nothing at all so far, hope this is resolved.
  5. I watched the entire day, I have received nothing. My twitch and Warframe accounts are linked I have received other drops in the past Will there be a script for that too ?
  6. As the title say describe/surmise/characterise the warframe with just one word/phrase; just something for fun Volt - Wheeeeeeeeeeeee Rhino - come at me bro Limbo - can't touch this Titania - I am pixy of death incarnate Etc. Just one request, keep it light keep it fun.
  7. It feels very quiet on my orbiter now, it's hard to explain.
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