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  1. Finally challenging content. Thanks DE
  2. i have 80 rhino sets, i know how to farm properly : ) , even wwhen they added loki ember frosts to bounties last unvaulting i still farmed tons of sets while people complained 😄
  3. You dont have to be rich to play warframe. Was it so hard to farm when rhino and nyx got unvaulted? xdddd Stiill can't believe people like this exist, they offer u an amazing game completely free no strings attached still complains about aspects of it
  4. there is legit no source for this, they never unvault frames this fast from the vault and they rarely miss past the deadline for new prime access especially by months...
  5. THE Vault basically creates the whole free to play platform and creates 80% of the trade market. If it didnt exist it wont be a true f2p game.because it enables DE to earn money. They do so much for us proving this beautiful game free : -)
  6. Amazing changes to revenant and nezha this is how warframes should be changed, now they both look very solid
  7. Yes nerf something people enjoy to not use it anymore, that is just pathetic, Its no where near OP, people just like playing with it and its popular among people. Just to kill its popularity you nerf it, thats just very pathetic way to handle things.
  8. That moment when 443 was meta for a day rofl
  9. waited for amps for sometime now ❤️
  10. Can you please do more with eidolons? lot of people including me loves fighting them, i wish there were more eidolons and i wish you put more effort into them
  11. I love the red text keep it up guys! love you all! but please stop updating while its nightime on cetus >_<
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