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  1. I'm getting the same thing. Playing solo and trying the old vaults - everything seems to have completed, but when I try to activate the next vault from outdoor mom, I get the popup box telling me I'm not able to do another one as the first one hasn't finished. Seems to happen randomly on either T1 or T2. Never managed to get to T3 yet.
  2. Yeah. Seems the dropbot took a nosedive yesterday and the drops stopped after the first one. They were trying deperately to get it sorted (even extending the stream about 15 minutes to try to make it happen), but no joy. They did say they were going to try and make up for it today, but unfortunately I wasn't around earlier to see the stream. Thankfully I got the Basmu as my one drop yesterday... It's free stuff at the end of the day. It's also the internet. Sometimes no matter how much you want it to happen, things just won't work, or are unreliable. I got one free thing yesterday, which
  3. I'd just love to see the end of it. DE put a lot into it as usual, and I'd like to see their finale, but no matter how well Nora's lines were recorded (she is good at what she does, it has a lovely Vanishing Point feel to it all), they are well past welcome by now, given they don't even make sense to anyone past the first couple of nightwave acts. We know what's going on. We know who's doing it, and how to deal with it. Just please let it end.
  4. There are many things popping up over other things now that are really starting to get in the way. Mining UI popups delaying the next seam hotpoints, checking your murmur progress after a lich mission only to find the usual lich face popup obscuring the progress image, steel path voiceovers talking over the regular mission-complete voiceovers. I know things aren't as easy as when devs could all work in a studio, but there are way too many things building up on top of the usual bugs.
  5. "Hoooooold up" Temptation to instantly hit Alt-F4 intensifies... As much as I liked the new nightwave, I hit the cap a while back, it's now just more than irritating. "Void, who did this to them?" We know who - please, just shut up.
  6. Considering all of us about to hit MR30 have either put in the time, money (or both) - and probably brought many other players into the game, it would be nice to have something other than just a little cosmetic. The game really isn't built round anything past 30, so we can't really have too much that affects day to day gameplay, but some little things would be nice. Prestige levels beyond 30. Giving nothing but shiny gold numbers or whatever. We all grind the hell out of this game, but we all need some little incentive by this point. Baro should bring all his previous items, as he does at
  7. I solo'd a few of the corpus ship mobile defences on the SP the other day. I was concerned about the nullifiers before doing them, but it didn't turn out anywhere near as bad as I thought it would. Limbo with long duration & bubble just big enough to still cover the target at the end of the timer. Use 4 and 2 on the console. Roll into rift and stand about 20 metres from the bubble watching for nullies. As soon as one appears, bullet jump up and towards nullifier, roll out of rift, melee slam directly onto nullifier and rapidly delete with toxin venka prime. Bullet jump up again, quick
  8. It feels pretty hard trolling Garv and his minions around the map after the bounty, but they are quite useful, if slow. Corpus at least will make the effort to get there quickly.
  9. I like my necramech. It's fun for so long, until it dies. My frame does the rest of it, then it does all of it.
  10. He's the worst kind of bumbling Englishman who needs a good slap. Hugh Grant will play Latrox Une in some dreadful film 30 years from now. I'm fine with it as long as we can hurt our own specters.
  11. I'm quite partial to evil clowns, so I've never understood it, but (like spiders) just put clowns in things and watch a lot of people disappear.
  12. If it's a fishing trip with Garv and the boys, it's only polite to invite Clem...
  13. Considering the mechs are quite weak, the Vallis is the place to go. SW to the Enrichment labs until it gets too hairy for you, move SE to the Transit Depot and take it over, then ENE to take over the Orokin dig site. Back to Fortuna, tea and biscuits, sprinkling of forma, repeat. Easiest way I've found so far, that wasn't overly painful.
  14. I'm just glad after thousands of hours, I'm closer to MR30 than MR10. I've done everything I want to do, and can now just enjoy the last few bits here and there before I call it a day. The last few months for me (as a mostly solo player at least), have seen a sharp drop downhill in things getting fixed vs things getting broken. Deimos from day one was great. New world, new (if recycled) things to see and do. It worked, apart from a couple of things - little birds and scintillant. Never had a problem with the bounties, vaults, the token system, fishing, etc. It worked. several hotfixes later
  15. Wukong, celestial twin. Let him deal with it with a ranged weapon while you fish in peace.
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