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  1. Not sure how it differs for the consoles, but PC Baro has the Lotus Ephemera in his inventory today.
  2. Any time the nightwave mission came up for Domas, I'll spawn on the plains, go to the bounty hut ENE of the gates, select the top bounty, then head clockwise round the map. I'll usually always find one spawning near mount nang. If one didn't spawn the first time, it would after continuing clockwise round the map and back again.
  3. Activate 2FA and you'll have your ephemera when you next log in. Like mentioned above, the inbox message does not physically contain the items, it just notifies you of them.
  4. Yeah, there does seem to be a problem there. There was another thread a couple of days back - missing hostage in invasions
  5. The second invasion mission on sedna (siding with grineer) was a rescue which worked perfectly fine. The third was also a rescue, and went as above. No transmissions on spawn, no UI element showing "rescue the hostage", no markers, and no allies/enemies, except for the wardens at the prison area. I aborted, tried again, same thing. Quit completely out of Warframe and restarted, and it had changed to a capture. No idea if it was the restart, or just time for the mission type to change.
  6. The Helstrum would only rank up for me on the new MOA once I'd removed the Hard Engage precept.
  7. I literally just grazed the edge of that goo puddle on round 11 of Akkad, and adaptation Trinity P and my sentinel insta-died.
  8. Soloing with a purpose built octavia and ignis wraith, Up to 28.0.2, I had no problems at all killing anywhere between 100-150 specters in any of the GV tiers within the initial time limit. There were plenty of time-extending pyramids lying around too, just in case I had a need for them. I came back on tonight after 28.0.4, and now I'm getting exactly half the kills in any of the tiers with exactly the same setup, and not managed to hit 75 kills yet after 5 attempts. Something has definitely gone wrong somewhere. It seems like either the spawns have dropped off in frequency or they are simply taking twice as long to kill. I'm barely seeing any pyramids either, meaning I can't even extend the time enough. I haven't seen anything in the 28.0.3 or 28.0.4 patch notes that would explain it.
  9. Rotations depend on how many enemies you kill before the time runs out in the 3 versions of the Granum Void. Rotation A - 25 Kills Rotation B - 50 Kills Rotation C - 75 Kills If you kill 75 before the timer runs out, you'll get all 3 rotation rewards.
  10. If you're not used to throwing glaives, or just don't like the way they work, bring along your favourite frame that can slow enemies. Rhino stomp, spoiler mode/zenurik, etc. Protea really can't do much when she's barely moving.
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