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  1. Title.

    Hold quick melee no longer has a function. All its functionality was moved to heavy attacks.

    The problem is that you can not trigger a heavy attack in many situations (When your gun is out, when you are aimgliding, when dual wielding glaive+pistol, ...)

    Moving heavy attacks to "hold quick melee" (as an alternative to a dedicated button) would solve most of this problems.

    Thanks for concidering!

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  2. Hello Tenno,

    Even when having heavy attack on a different keybinding than alternate fire, it is not possible to use a heavy attack while your gun is out. Pressing the button simply has no effect.

    For example, pressing heavy attack while aimgliding does not work (unless in melee only mode)

    Throwing your glaive after aiming does not work.

    Can we please get "hold quick melee button" as alternative to trigger a heavy attack? This is how "special attacks" on certain weapons like Glaives, Gunblades, Zenistar worked before


  3. Rakta Dark Dagger is supposed to grant you maximum Overshields when killing an enemy with a finisher attack that is affected by a Radiation proc.

    This effect does not trigger reliably on Hildryn.

    The Shield Leech on normal attacks against enemies with a radiation proc seems to work all the time, but doing finishers only seems to work every 4th-5th time. I know that I am doing finishers because I have Covert Lethality equipped and instantly kill level 150 enemies, and I know the enemies have a radiation proc because I see the Rad-Proc-Icon and they have a purple glow from the Dagger - but without proccing the Overshield effect.

    The effect seems to be even less reliable when Haven is active - but I am not 100% sure about that.

  4. Spores spreading feels way worse than before. Also, Toxis Lash doesn't seem to have 100% toxin status chance anymore? Missing the numbers here.

    Edit: cast spores again to destroy also isn't fun. If there are enemies affected with spores, you have to essentially cast spores twice to apply a new spore 😞

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