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  1. the new reworks look great but could we get some info on any augment changes if there are any thanks
  2. the reworks look great and i cant wait to play them but could we get any info on how there augments will be affected? thanks
  3. There's a visual bug in the game that when your not host causes certain explosive weapons to cause these incredibly bright flashes of light, the flashes are painful to look at and if you have adaptive exposure enabled will cause the brightness of your game to drop so low that you can't see anything for a solid minute the two biggest offenders i've found are the grattler and the scourge
  4. when can we expect to see primary kitguns or just more stuff for them in general kitguns are nice but rather underwhelming only having 4 chambers and 4 arcanes also is there any plans for the 3rd orb mother or is she content sleeping in the pond
  5. thank god i can finally play revenant again
  6. still no fix for revenant's 1 bug the guys hard enough to play without it
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