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  1. Hi keikogi, thanks for your reply. Allow me to respond: 1- I chose to name the title "Status Monster" because I thought that was the best/most eye-catching description of what this Warframe does. 2 - Alright. First, the aesthetic is just a suggestion, so feel free to suggest something more appropriate. I'll explain though - this concept is loosely inspired by the Avatar/Zenyatta from Overwatch (hence the monk idea). In keeping with Warframes in general - they're meant to be a semi-organic robot that in this case forcibly gained the ability to manipulate these different elements
  2. Here's a concept I've been toying with. I love caster frames and I want to create one that rewards skilled combinations of casts, a la Dota's Invoker or Magicka. This is of course a concept and therefore totally open to suggestions and will continue to be worked on. My priority is to create something exciting to play conceptually - balancing can come later. Here it is! ______________________ THE DARK MONK - DERITA A caster warframe that is all about manipulating status procs for strategic or chaotic discombobulation of their enemies. The yin to Baruuk's yang, THE DARK M
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