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  1. Is this the last week for season 1? My brain is telling me yes, but I havent been keeping track.
  2. Just want to warn everyone, the last time they did this, the drops did not make up for the potential average bandwidth overage costs (for those with limited bandwidth) You could literally just buy platinum without any discount and get more value than actually watching the twitch streams. Also "but not all Drops are equal, some are more common than others!" is accurate. Last I saw in the previous thread, out of close to 5000 drops over many users, there were only 2 each of khora and nidus, an a single riven. So about 1 in 1000 odds of getting any of those three items. Definitely not worth the time.
  3. @[DE]Taylor 304.5 GB of bandwidth used from my data cap of 1024 over the course of 6 days. At $10 per 50gb of data used exceeding my cap (which is likely, i run just below my cap monthly) I will have to pay about $60 for this campaign. At the most expensive rate you can buy plat at (not waiting for discounts) that is 1170 plat. 1170 plat 3 x noggle @35 plat each = 105 plat 555,000 credits = 288 plat (at cost of high roller credit bundle) 11 relics = 200 plat (relic pack cost, though I am cheating myself on relic on the cost) Khora helmet = 75 plat (only once, the rest go to credits as the werent usable) (also I am giving the benefit of the doubt here, as I already have this helmet, so i couldnt buy it if i wanted to at the 75 plat rate) Khora helmet credit overflow = 10 plat (4x 2500 credits = 10,000 credits at credit bundle rate) Grand finale = 185 plat Display = 195 plat oxium = 60 plat Nitain and Cetus wisps are not purchasable, and therefore difficult to quantify. However, the closest item would be a forma for rarity and need. I am quantifying that at the forma bundle rate, so we can add 94 plat for those that I received. Total = 924 That's right. I could have bought plat at the highest rate, sat my 7 year old in front of warframe in the marketplace browser and let him pick items at random, and still got 246 plat MORE in value for this campaign. And the odds of me getting a warframe out of it would have been higher too. Anyone who thinks "oh its a free campaign and you are getting S#&$ for free" is not only wrong, they are deluded. We got absolutely cheated, and not just ethically by DE, Monetarily too. Â
  4. You don't seem to understand marketing. First, not all costs to an individual are monetary. We pay ALOT in time to this campaign. We devote supplementary costs as was mentioned (electricity and data for those like me with a cap). In return DE uses are machines to effectively mine views. These views keep their partners on top of twitches games list (right now only fornite and LoL have more viewers watching their streams) which in turn exposes more people to the game, making DE more money. We are providing quite a bit to DE and they are happy to use us as follower bots. That said, even on our end, promotions also drag inactive players back to the game, thus exciting spending from the current player base. Do you think it is a coincidence that DE opened their prime vault in the middle of their twitch promotion? All of those reasons are why the FTC insists on honesty in advertising, even with free promotions. They recognize that the hardest part is getting people in the door, and doing so with dishonest tactics is definitely a violation of the customer. People who have been brought back to the game with the "chance" of winning a new warframe to play may well purchase that warframe so that they have a new experience when they start in Fortuna. In this way DE is cheating their customers by implying a chance that, well honestly, just isnt there. By the last count, out of 1608 drops reported, only 5 have been warframes or riven. That's a 1 in 321 chance of getting a warframe. and that number just gets worse with each person reporting their drops.
  5. This reminds me of the wording internet service providers used 10 years ago "speeds up to 25 mbps!" (fast for the time), but the provider would only get you that speed at extreme off hours like 6am, and every other time it was 5 mbps. FTC saw this as dishonest and made them either provide the speed or change their advertising. Per the FTC, when a promotion does not accurately inform the consumer of the scarcity of an item it is considered bait and switch. We were baited with high value twitch drops and then given garbage. Whats worse is that DE has completely failed to address a 32 page thread of complaints about this campaign.
  6. 137 drops Khora - 0 Nidus - 0 Riven - 0 Ambulus Noggle - 3 Axi C3 - 5 Neo K2 - 2 Meso T3 - 1 Lith C3 - 3 Grand Finale - 18 Display - 13 Khora Helmet - 4 Nitain - 6 Cetus Wisp - 6 100x Oxium - 2 7500 Credits - 74
  7. Just got my 94th drop, still nothing desirable.
  8. in game drops are not the same as twitch drops. Twitch drops are a incentive, they shouldn't be used as bait. In game drops are not some incentive, they are literally part of the game.
  9. Did you read the words "super rare drop" there? Did you read "rare" drop there. More common than others still gives the implication that the less common drops are in fact still common. I never demanded a rare drop, if you read through my comment history, I in fact said I would prefer that DE not have had the warframes or riven at all on their drop list. I did however say if they were going to have them and use them as their draw for people to watch their streams, they should actually give them fair odds to drop.
  10. "From Fortuna's launch until Nov. 15, watch any Warframe stream on Twitch for a chance to get in-game items every hour! You could get Nidus, Khora, a Rifle Riven, celebratory fireworks and more! A full list of available Drops can be found below -- but not all Drops are equal, some are more common than others!" If you look at their campaign, in no part to they mention or even imply that some drops are in rare. You are given the impression from the post that there are equal odds to winning any of the items listed. Of the items listed in their main statement, only one of them has any likelihood of actually being acquired (the fireworks). At this point, I have had the stream running for about 72 hours straight. This is driving up views for warframe partners, which is in turn driving up warframes exposure and aiding in bringing in new players. This was DE's intent of course, but in return I feel EASILY justified in stating that I should get the rewards as stated and not be subject to some unstated rare item mechanic. Lastly, I want to say that just because you don't feel cheated or mislead doesn't give you the right to condescend those who do. Clearly this isn't just my complaint.
  11. They have given out warframes as a promotion before, and in a guaranteed fashion (ash prime, frost prime, and trinity prime since I have been playing). So clearly they don't have an issue with just giving people a frame. I don't want a twitch drop campaign with loot box mechanics. I want to be rewarded for taking the time to watch the streams. If they want to give me a small reward, that's cool, I am justified devoting a small amount of time to those streams. Promising big and delivering small is terrible business practice.
  12. ...or they could have not made it random, and offered the warframes at specific times like they have done in the past with the sacrifice drops. Its not like they don't have options to get people the items they are promoting without spamming them.
  13. I mean I would be okay if it felt honest. If the said "hey we are giving away credit packs and fireworks if you watch our partner streams", I probably would have tuned in some, but I wouldn't have tried having it on 24/7. Instead they advertise 3 items, and when you watch you find that you are getting something much different. I don't mind working for stuff in game (even if Nidus was a extremely frustrating grind and Khora is shaping up to be the same way), but if you are going to advertise a promotion, make sure people actually get the promotional item.
  14. I'm not sure its ignored, its the weekend, so might just be that no one is in the office until tomorrow.
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