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  1. Will, we see any update on "Best Friend contest" aka this one
  2. Will we even see Zephyr, Hydroid, Mirage Deluxe at some point? those 3 got skipped (Zephyr is kinda not but well) to a newer frame instead. And Why we still can't show off our pet/sentinels on a social hub? (relay, cetus, fortuna) will it be made to be possible soon?
  3. The Frames that up to U11.5 (Oberon) has the Deluxe Skin release by now (not counting Proto but Dex and upcoming Nyx skin yes) and suddenly skip to U15 and so on, the question is Why you decide to skip Zephyr... is not a skip one but her deluxe skip has gone to void for like a year now maybe any update on this?, Hydroid, and Mirage, Will we see those 3 Deluxe skin at some point?
  4. Shafilp

    Warframe Builder

    Baruuk's 1st ability °angle somehow scale off Strength instead of Range mods.
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