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  1. vor 7 Stunden schrieb Fujidenzo:

    Im sorry but everything you said here makes you sound like a spoiled child. 

    - formas build time is fine as it is.

    - we already have a universal forma and its the aura forma. If they were to put a universal one, it would put a waste on players who spent a lot of time and effort in doing multiple formas on their equipment. 

    - ah credits.. there's something called index runs? My point is you cant make one mission be all the point of interest. if you're doing steel path then you're there for rare rewards, not credits because of its abundance in the index.

    - resource exchange. No. just stop. people will abuse this system if implemented and you know it. 

    - You're going to break the essence of the game being free to play if you want to make syandanas give armor. 

    - clan menu... it was removed for a good reason and IDK why you want it back.

    - Buff the capacity slots..  You really want everything to be easy dont you? Aura capacity are already set just right. If they buff that, then it would make formas irrelevant to the game.

    -  adding those kind of information will confuse New players and players who just want to have fun. If you want every detail, there's always the wiki.





    Tbf an overall increase of steel path rewards would be appreciated. You have a mod drop chance booster and... another booster (can't remember) active during steel path, so apparently the missions themselves are supposed to give greater rewards than normal ones. But you're still better off playing the normal mission instead because the rewards are almost the same but it's a lot faster.

    Also nothing wrong with more information, as long as it's presented in a way that doesn't overwhelm people (which the current state already does in some places, the stat window of thrown melees hurts), for example if you need to press a button/click somewhere to see the extra info or you can toggle it in the game options (like in Diablo 3, if you've played that).


    Edit: The Dirac-Endo topic is an issue imo tho'. Even without new mods, maxing out everything you had before costs a lot more endo than you got from the conversion despite not having a grid anymore, and you need to dump several million credits as well while previously it was free. Not as bad (but still annoying) if you had 15 million lying around like me, but if you're broke, having to farm a ton of credits just to restore your previous situation on top of paying extra endo, it doesn't feel like a fair conversion.

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  2. Unairu is very weak. 12% extra armor and 15% enemy armor reduction is the best you can get. Basilik Flare (the active beam) is ok, but the stun only lasts 20 seconds.

    I am also thinking it's intended because it hasn't been changed until now. However: the upgrade costs are the same as with the other schools (starting with 50.000), and once you fully upgraded it your cooldown is the same. It only takes you longer to get there.

    But it seems nobody can confirm it, so i will just keep hoping for a change...

  3. "Works" with other frames as well, but it doesn't seem to be related to #2 abilities.

    I had the bug with Volt Prime on Draco, and after casting Electric Shield once, the Akbolto forced me into the animation everytime I fired, including the ability noise. I tried to recreate this bug in the Simulacrum and on a solo run on Draco, but it did not happen again. Seems to not appear when you are the host (I was player 2 as well).

  4. Simply remove the complicated mechanics of Miasma ("Damage per tick is affected by strength and duration devided by illuminati including additional random math"). Give it consistent 375 damage per second (affected by strenth ofc), and if you have just 1 sec duration due to your modding, you just have 375 damage at all. Finito!


    And remove Contagion, since it has no use.

  5. Chaos wont be made togglable. The Chaos augment gives you an option to continue to CC aditional enemies while "power in use", and thats a clear sign of the devs that Chaos will remain as a non-spammable ability.

  6. what are you talkin bout? Ofcourse they do have aura slot

    I run 2x corrosive my friend too =2ppl 100% armor ignore

    But i believe it refers to special I symbol that sentinels have for special cards like vacuum cleaner 

    You are either joking or misunderstood my post. There are no auras for Kubrows, and I can easily put any Kubrow mod in this so called aura slot, I just cant swap a polarisation in it. Probably you also cant forma this slot, but thats just a guess.

  7. So, I wanted to swap the polarations of my Huras Kubrow, and I got the message "The aura slot polarity cannot be swapped", but as far as I know Kubrows dont have any auras at all. The message only appears for one certain slot, all other slots can be changed without any problems.


    Edit: And no, I am not talking about the -I slot, of which every Kubrow has two. I am talking about the second slot in the first row, without a polarization.

  8. Cant wait to see her lore. Probably its something like "The Orokins were so awesome, they built Nova Prime without knowing it. And the Tenno Council stole it. And pretended it was their invention".


    Seriously... why Nova? Cant wait to get Valkyr Prime though, since lore seems to be irrelevant.

  9. I have read all posts and I agree and disagree in some points.


    The Stalker can interrupt skills like Iron Skin. And he should be able to do this since he is (or was) a Tenno with own abilities, Dispel is one of them (Ability for a Tenno hunter). If not, I could just walk around as Valkyr and use my Hysteria when he appears - Stalker dead. No, this would not be good. He has to keep his "Oh F*** lights are flickering, noooo!!" feeling.


    What I agree with DergyDergon is that he shouldn't be immune to offensive abilities like Venom. If you try to get your spore on him, he just taunts you with "Your TENNO powers are useless!" and keeps attacking his victim. I dont know if you can damage him with AoE abilities like Miasma, but if you can, it doesn't make sense. It's not like the Stalker is made from untargetable light, carrying a Dread. If I want to block his shield recharge with Venom, his shield recharge shall be blocked. (Saryn demands justice :P)






    I just realized: You can't damage yourself or your team with your abilities, as well as the Stalker. And he is a Tenno. The misterious fifth member of your squad. And maybe under the status effect of Radiation (enables you to teamdamage) that hides under the black smoke! OMG, that explains everything! :D

  10. i dont miss slots, but i got an additional one. i dont want to breed a new kubrow until my first reaches rank 30 so i didnt buy stasis slots, but today i had three instead of two.

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