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  1. I annihilate with melee. If you have a good weapon with a good stance for that weapon, melee should be no issue. Unfortunately the stances for some weapons will probably always be a hindrance if you aren't willing to try others. While I understand all weapons should be viable, as it is now they are not and that might be why it is taking so long to roll out melee 3.0. Not an easy fix and many stances being reworked... I hope. Only daggers should be inferior unless your a stealth frame. Who brings a dagger to a sword fight?... assassins that who.
  2. Just want to say ty for giving me the 3 slots I didnt get when I got the daily 3 rivens with slots. I had my doubts but DE once again did the right thing and upgraded my slots to 93 after the update. Kudos DE much respect.
  3. Great initial post. Brief and to the point. Not implying or implanting any narrative. I wish all developers could do the same. Looking forward to reading constructive commentary and cant wait for more new content.
  4. Forgive me if I'm wrong but dont these two statements pretty much mean the same thing?
  5. Like I said above the boss should be in the new emissary derelict missions currents in game. Instead of sabotage or defense it would be emissary derelict assassination. You would have to do three invasion mission just to get the key to access it. No surprises. You know what your getting into.
  6. Yeah I'm almost ther. While I enjoy new frames from time to time it seems like all ther really doing is working on frames and blowing smoke up our arses with the expectation of actuall content. Thers only so many times you can do the same mission no matter what frame you use, new or old. Frames should be released with new missions and new locales. It just seems like DE is taking the low road lately. The more frames they make means more primes, which mean more prime packs and thus more revenue. I cant help but see a trend developing. I wonder when they'll decide to increase the rate at which they release prime packs because ther are so many frames.
  7. Kinda like how a lot of rpg's work where the enemies difficulty is based off a players level. Unfortunately in warframe a players skill level is too hard to gauge because MR isnt really a level or indication of a players skill. It also is a double edged sword. The ones that have actually bothered to learn the synergy and mechanics of the game, have farmed and ranked the appropriate mods/frames/weapons for a build. Used countless forma and spent hundreds or thousands of hours in the game would as a reward get a crutch. If anything it's the large learning curve, the mods, endo to rank the mods and and the gear available to newer players that makes the difference.
  8. I guess I should have been more clear when I said a good weapon. I Should have said a good weapon for the wolf which would have implied crit and radiation but I wasn't trying to get into specifics Plus I did say a low mr player could be in a premade group to have a more difficult boss and an unskilled, high Mr player could do a pug group to have an easier fight. It was just an idea and in no way perfect. Also one good weapon for the wolf is all you need not all your gear. And I also said that they could make defense exempt from the boss spawn which is where most players bring ther weakest gear for good reason. Like I said its was just an Idea and that's wher all improvement comes from is ideas, suggestions and feedback.
  9. If I understand you correctly, to me that kinda forces players down the path of Destiny. Locking content behind someones friends list or active clan/alliance members for a pre made group is the fastest way to alianate or even discourage many from even playing the game. After all the best way to incourage a single player mindset in an online game like this is to have a good, clear matchmaking system to introduce them to the benefits of playing with a group. What was funny about destiny was that they couldn't wrap ther head around the fact that a lot or ther playerbase were better at the game than they were as developers.
  10. While I agree with you, ther are ways around that. For one the boss could scale to the lowest mr player in a pug group or to the highest mr player in a pre-made group. That way in pugs you would expect an easier fight and in pre-made groups you could actually determine the boss difficulty to a degree. A low mr player with skills could still find a challenge and a high mr player who really just rushed though the ranks could do pug groups for lower difficulty. Or find out they still have a lot to learn.
  11. Yeah u kinda just affirmed my doubts. While the wolf might have been rare, all u needed was to bring one good weapon modded right and a frame with a few survival mods while you were playing. Plus they could just make defense missions exempt from the boss spawn like ESO was because that's where people bring ther weakest gear and frames to level. Also the "you only have two weeks to farm the boss now that there here with low spawn chance and low drop chance of getting the part you need" is what I'm afraid of.
  12. True. You would think with the new Emissary Derelict missions, that would be the perfect place to have a real boss spawn. Your actively farming nightwave with them and the hydron farmers would have no reason to complain. Unfortunately it's not really designed as a single player game and would just fragment the community even more.
  13. They can be fun but like most activities in this game it all depends on the mods u have acquired in combination with the proper frames to utilize those mods. While MR isn't an indication of skill it dous mean that you have more weapons, frames or just tools as I like to call them at your disposal. Whether you bother to use those tools while you level or just sit in defense to fast track it is another problem altogether, which is why ther are so many high MR players that dont really know what ther doing. Plus ther are a so many mods to farm from very specific missions and nodes that a lot of players aren't even aware of untill they hear of them on a chat channel or just trip over them on wiki.
  14. Just thinking how the crybabies from season one and the wolf might have affected DEs decisions on season 2 and the lack of any real boss challenge.
  15. So it's been a few months now and so far Nightwave season 2 has been lackluster. I know there was an outcry from the wolf but so far it feels like were being spoon fed content for this season to accommodate the inexperienced and vocal crybabies. Is ther going to be an actuall boss, the emissary so to speak or are competent players who have put the time and effort to reach a certain level of gameplay going to be swept in the gutter once again to cow tow to the majority of inexperienced players or the vocal minority that would rather complain than understand that not everyone should be able to do everything at every level?
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