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  1. I just dont know why they would end one season before the next is even ready to start.
  2. Yes and by far the most mind-numbing way. Yet I still do it everyday. Gota keep those rivens rolling.
  3. While your right that prime farm is much better for plat it dousnt change the part where most people that do 5x3 tricaps a night aren't doing it for focus anymore but for arcanes. Some people enjoy different activities in this game to achieve there goals. Even if there all not equally efficient.
  4. 1mill to unbind isn't much. Just keep doing tricaps and trade those shards in for focus. Once you have the passives unbound and the pool to have them all active then the operator becomes a beast. Most of those 5x3 groups also have several hundred kills after which it just becomes routine to them and they aren't even doing it for focus anymore because they have everything maxed. They do it for arcanes which can be worth a lot of plat.
  5. Lol with the right melee weapon and build, you'll be red critting everything in mere seconds. Nothing better than seeing that 400k red crit from my zaw. It's also how u beat the wolf in no time and get to see that sweet 95% damage done with only a few kills. Good times
  6. Maybe use primed flow with quick thinking mods for a little more survivability. Plus duration is pretty useless on frost so I'd drop the continuity
  7. I just do Marduk 5 to 6 times a day so as not to get burned out and I've got four Axi L4s total in about 20 runs so I've been lucky. The only frustrating part is people keep looking for caches and dragging the mission out. It's not even a nightwave challenge this week and they still keep looking for caches.
  8. Just make a secondary user account. U will have to use a different email address though to do so. Just remember it will be a clean slate. Anything you may have purchased on your main account will not be accessible on the secondary account and like said above, you cannot trade between accounts or you may get banned.
  9. So far all frames as far as I know have been recovered relics from the past. Maybe as some point with the help of the helminth and some new quest, we'll be able to grow our own frames in that bed thing. Much like the kitguns and zaws they could be modular in design. That way they can keep them somewhat limited in how we could build them without being too op. They could add up to 4 new frames that could all vary in slight ways and powers depending on how you build them. Could be the first actuall new warframes in hundreds of years or however long it's been since there creation. Also because of the lack of lore I'm not really sure if all the new frames we have been getting are from the past or not. It's all very vague lately
  10. Same exact thing happened to me yesterday. He was doing it intentionally also with bright florescent green energy color firing at every corner of every room. It pretty much rendered you completely blind. So I decided to fight fire with napalm and started spamming peacemaker in every room while circling and using the mini map to find my way. Suffice it too say I still finished with over 75% of the damage and I did it just to spite him. I kind of wish he'd had a mic so I could hear his crying in the background.
  11. Nothing more annoying than having to listen to Nora Night, then follow that up with someones dog barking, baby crying, eating noises or just bad music playing in the background during a 3 minute mission. Nora still might be the worse one out of all of that though.
  12. Sorry but you know it's a troll thread when all the trolls come out to criticize it.
  13. I may I may be wrong and if so I apologize. But the way it sounded was that you had to complete the current weeks acts to gain access to the last weeks acts. Complete meaning all of them. As long as certain challenges exist that some cant complete, then they would not have the option to do the prior acts missed from the last week. As long as acts exist that some cannot do than it's just a gesture like I said. It will change nothing overall.
  14. If they continue to put challenges that most players are unwilling or unable to do, than those same players still wont complete the current weeks acts to even open up last weeks unfinished acts which most of the same people will just say no, I didnt want to do it last week, why would you think I will do it this week. And the vast minority that had to take a vacation(wo is me), have injury, or oh I went to jail. Hey that stinks but you are the vast minority and the game should accommodate the playerbase as a whole. And while I can understand it isn't bad, it is a bandaid fix and will not fix the problem with nightwave as a whole.
  15. This is all based on DEs ideas on the next series not the current one
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