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  1. A very Godly riven of Lanka, for eidolon especially. I'm selling it for 8k, my prices are Negotiable https://imgur.com/TzcL3Oq
  2. Have you tried to relog your game or restart it?
  3. Missing tail? i never know that, xD Thx for the hotfix, anyway
  4. u hv to post the stats of those 2 rubico rivens tho 🙂
  5. Is the released of WuKong new skin being delayed?
  6. May I ask why there is no UMBRAL FORMA? Umbral forma is much more needed than Aura Forma😥
  7. 900 plat for each of them? 1800p total? I'm going to take both of them then PM me IGN BigBoss5762/Discord : BigBoss#7327
  8. guess im late 😥, do u hv any more Fulmin rivens ?
  9. I'm buying Fulmin rivens (CC+DMG+Multi-Harmless Negative) !!! Willing to pay up to 4.5k,Negotiable.I can Add some other rivens If u want. PM via Forum or via Discord = BigBoss#7327
  10. Hoping we will have Other easier methods to get Umbra Forma and we are also allowed to buy Umbra Forma on the market of our orbiter(just like Forma Bundle) . It MAY be a little more expensive than Ordinary Forma Bundle.
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