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  1. Fissures in general just need a flat out rework, Radshare groups are just a community band-aid to the deeper problem of the intentional monotony of the relic system. Reactant sucks, Endless fissures have weak incentives, No higher difficulty alternatives for opening relics, Only Capture and Extermination gets any attention to play a game of "race to the extraction"
  2. They're good utility for Emergency Stealth, Long Distance Warps, Free Energy. But in all honestly they feel like a really tacked on addition, Not really feeling incorporated into the flow of the game other than to trivialize picking your teammates up.
  3. This is direly needed, Locked polarities really put on a damper on experimenting with status elements. Like when you already have a tight capacity build with every slot polarized and switching from viral to radiation would require changing polarities every time.
  4. The extractors should've been extended to grab resources from open world zones ages ago, Same goes with the railjack sectors. I'm hoping now that DE is slowly easing the player is handling a crew for railjacks that we might be able to hire our lackeys to fish and conservate as well.
  5. Perhaps a status chance mod that also disables element combinations could be introduced, Allowing for the use of primary elements like Heat and Toxin at the same time.
  6. I'm kind of hoping by the time a mars open world happens it will be a contested Grineer and Corpus battleground with the Tenno and some martian civilization caught in the crossfire.
  7. Kind of hoping for a crouch-slide to get under lower ceiling areas instead of the necramech's phasing though walls like ghosts like we got now.
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