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  1. @[DE]Danielle hey i revisted the stream and heard about NSW getting the pyrus project. Well i googled it, and it was in last october that PS4 had the opportunity to participate. I was just wondering if other platforms would be recieving this at around the same time, because that zylok is lookin mighty good considering i dont have it yet. Just a thought 🙂
  2. Watched whole stream, no drop. But my friend in australia said he got his nekros from tennocon like 2 weeks later. I hope that is the case this time because i would have loved not farming for 500 ducats.
  3. I vaguely remember seeing a patch about drones being fixed but sadly that wasnt spread to this event? And your right, just ran it from the spawn opposite of cetus past the boil. Idk but this is a semi-broken event. The frickin drone location doesnt bother me, its the inability for its 'floating' nature to bypass 1 foot tall rocks and instead just does the ballerina for the next 30 minutes until i finally give up. Lol just another great moment in a long list of failed runs. It feels like you are putting money in a vending machine and its not dropping the soda.
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