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  1. Hi " trainc & LemonBread_ ", I shall send you an invite. Check your Inbox soon once you are both in game. Once accepted be sure to look in your Foundry to craft the Dojo Key to access the Labs. And Welcome to the Clan! (Sorry for this late response; busy day.) https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1547-about-us/
  2. Hi @Vile. , Anything specific you were looking for ? Active? All research? etc..
  3. Hi @ViperMango , You've been invited to "Ghosts of Tau Ceti"! We would be glad to have you apart and amongst the rest of the citizens. Be sure to go over the Clans MOTD to get Discord info for Clan & Alliance info to stay updated on Events, Policies & Rules. (Once you join the Clan Discord? DM me so I can give you permissions.)
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