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  1. Its BS that you had to turn off Warframe abilities. Seriously? Cant go into the rift as Limbo and invisibility doesn't work during the boss fight? Players who know the mechanics of the game and their warframes shouldn't be punished for it. This is a game about grinding. You don't like how your own warframes have abilities that make certain situations very easy? Then design your bosses better. Just taking away elements of your own design for a false sense of difficulty for us vets isn't challenging. Its annoying. Very annoying. It stinks of regret on your part for having given us certain abilities. Fix it. Allow us to use invisibility and the rift during the ropa fight. Or just suck up to it and take away those abilities alltogether.
  2. question: have you made a video going over what elements you need in order to recreate a song (what kinds of elements make it unworkable and what kinds of elements you can work with)? That might be helpful for us to understand what to listen for so we dont send you so many duds?
  3. Okay, I have 3 possible ideas: Allie X - Science (1:25-1:43 ish) Eden - XO (2:12-2:23) Veela - San Francisco (2:46-3:06)
  4. three super different ideas: 1. Boss Mode - Knife Party 2. Chapter Doof - Junkie Xl (Mad Max) 3. Analogies - Neus
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