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  1. Thank you but this doesn't work for me. It automatically switches to my primary weapon.
  2. Thank you but in my opinion this doesn't fulfill the sense of the originally new gear wheel. This is only since the buried debts update came out .. before the update it worked constantly.
  3. usually it should change when you change warframe energy color respectively attachments color
  4. Hello DE don't know if there's already a topic like this so I just start one. Since last update it's not possible to do melee attacks while having a mining tool or spear equipped without dropping it. It automatically switches to your melee weapon and you have to equip the wanted tool over and over again. It's forcing me to play Ivara to not being confronted with any enemy because I can't attack them anymore without having to equip gear again. Please change this. Have a nice day
  5. I do not remember when this happened to me exactly but I had the same problem yesterday and also a friend of mine. First my game crashed and a few minutes later his also did.
  6. Don't now how to categorise this so I'm just starting a new topic. Since last update my gear wheel drives me crazy. Everytime I choose an item (e.g. energy restore) and come back to gear wheel to pick another one, the item is placed to a different slot. Can't tell how many times I consumed or picked up the wrong item because there was placed the item I originally want to have in this slot. It's annoying especially when I do Eidolon hunts and want to choose my items fast Hope you guys can fix that soon. Have a nice day
  7. the color is influenced by your chosen energy color
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