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  1. Now at 10 MB/s. Thanks 😍 See you in Fortuna fellow Tennos.
  2. Today? I dont know what time zone you are in, but its another 26 hours till it would normally start.
  3. But they also said that everyone will get 2 displays.
  4. So sad what they did with ember. But i still love her and play her regularly. She's still my favorite fire cracker.
  5. This quest is so damn bugged, i didn't even receive the blueprint in the last mission.
  6. Also read that, but i still don't see the mask 😞
  7. What? This is probably a bug and not to be considered final.
  8. Cool, still not night right now. Its turning to day right now and this counts as normal day time. https://tenno.tools/
  9. Rebecca said in the stream, that it could take up to 2 weeks to deliver Ash Prime for everyone.
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