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  1. Hey Poketostorm, As someone who has done an inordinate amount of testing on Gara, I can only confirm that there are a lot of odd numbers that one sees when it comes to her abilities. I have not checked your particular numbers, but I will simply confirm the general issue. They start to show even with no Strength on the Gara build, and no mods on your melee weapon, and then just get odder and odder the more Str/mods you add. My personal belief is that no amount of testing will have anyone of us go 'Ah, so that's what's going on here'. I simply treat those numbers as oddities at this point myself. EDIT: Those are not just Simulacrum oddities, they are confirmed in normal missions as well. I think a further issue is what I try to show in the video below. Maybe you can have a look at it and see what you think? (And I also have a really loooooooong video where I mention some of the stuff that you addressed in your post.)
  2. If you are using a Zaw as your stat-stick, then you will see less damage now. They 'fixed' the Zaws in a recent patch since some of them, for no good reason, had an inherent damage boost. Zaws are now exactly like other melee weapons (but the Mire and the Scindo (Manticore) still retain their buffs).
  3. My suspicion is that Gara does not do the kind/type of damage that she is supposed to do with Mass Vitrify and that this problem translates into a problem with Splinter Storm. Problem: Gara should be able to determine the damage type that ensues from destroying the Mass Vitrify barrier by using either Thrust (puncture) or Sweep (slash), but irrespective of choice the damage numbers are always the same, provided that the amount of damage done by Thrust/Sweep is the same. Simplified example: An enemy that is weak to slash but not puncture damage should take more damage from Sweep than Thrust, but this is not so. This problem translates into a problem with Splinter Storm, since Splinter Storm should absorb the damage type done by Thrust/Sweep. At the moment, an enemy damaged by Splinter Storm takes the same amount of damage whether the barrier was destroyed by Thrust or by Sweep, provided that the same amount of damage was absorbed from Thrust/Sweep by Splinter Storm. Furthermore, it is unclear whether any elemental damage is done at all by Mass Vitrify. The alleged 800 base Heat damage from Mass Vitrify has not been seen a single time in testing. If correct, this erratic behaviour makes a mockery of an important aspect of Gara’s design (that she is supposed to be able to tailor her damage output depending on the type of enemy she is up against) and detracts from her overall viability. Further testing and examples in the video below (at roughly 56 minutes):
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