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  1. I know the vaults are still have bugs, but the toxicity on a solo 3rd run is quite punishing if you don't get the item to decrease it. So, when I killed an enemy near 90% or higher...the item jumped up and then through the floor. Mission failed, and previous 30 minutes wasted. Seems odd that difficulty (other than player interference with the door code) doesn't change for public to solo. At least some change to the 3rd run for solo runs, I just want archgun.
  2. I went on 2 sabotage missions where I scouted out the 3 caches..at least 2 of the was 400 Endo which my lich stole both of. When I finally converted him, I was only returned around 150 endo...So I lost 800 endo out of my lich.
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