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  1. So why not insert your combo system into primary and secondary weapons. Maybe some of each could generate, maybe some of each could spend, maybe primary fire builds and secondary fire spends...thoughts?
  2. Hey and the PEOPLE at DE all seem wonderful, but they've got an aging game with numerous unaddressed issues. The system is impossible to balance, A lot of old systems don't make any sense at all. It was a beautiful mess for a time but you almost need a WF2 at this point.
  3. I think I used DE's neglect for this frame as an epiphany for just now negligent they really are about almost every facet of this game. Understandably they are more concerned with marching forward with things that will make them money. NEW frames, skins, primes, but little in terms of story and reworking old content. I've been out of the game for about a month now. I've been checking back to see if ANYTHING good is coming out and no of course not.
  4. Nah mate, you dont understand, not here to wax poetic about how Lavos is relevant. Hes not. What I am mad about is the total lack of focus DE has on anything within this game, up to and including taking in feedback and adjusting this frame.
  5. Its funny because Lavos is trash tier right now and people are sitting here arguing like DE cares.
  6. I certainly watched one years ago about skinner boxes but thats very descriptive of current warframe. No coherent story. Complex "pellet" dispensing systems that reward/addict a player into ineracting with it.
  7. I really do love this game and its given me countless hours of fun in the past. I don't know why but lately its really felt more thinly veiled than ever as a means to engage with the grind mechanic but ultimately encourage plat farming/buying and just shortcutting a step. To me I think the grind for lich guns was first step in that direction, then the way deimos started putting recipes behind so many non-space ninja activities like conservation, then the introduction of mechs, which are just bulky warframes that do warframe activities but as worse warframes. I really love the idea of railjacks but if you arent going to incorporate all of it into your core gameplay than it feels like a very weird distraction that you've quadrupled down on now with minimal return on investment. When I first started this game I went in blind. I think the operator reveal was an awesome misdirect. I really enjoyed concepts being woven but all told the story was sloppy. Today, I feel like its been a long time since I've been engaged by the story. I remember loving the vibes Umbra Excalibur gave off but those tid-bits of story are so disconnected from each other. The power fantasy used to be enough for me, but there is only so many ways you can be invincible and clear entire rooms at a time before it gets stagnant. A lot of the recent warframes aren't even on the same level of power as older warframes and don't get "balanced" in a place that the are on the same level. It just feels sloppy as all get out and I probably just need a break. I am thankful for all the fun this game has given me but I feel like this is more than just me burned out on the game. I feel like it is indicative of a greater truth about the health of the game.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Couldn't agree more. His 1 make sense it just needs to be relevant, his 2 is a movement ability just keep refining it, his 3 is clunky as all get out, and his 4 while effective when you can use it is so limited compared to the frequency of other nukes. (but this is fixable too)
  9. The thing about stacking range on Lavos is it'll only get you so far.
  10. Good grief. First of all yes warframe is a hilariously broken game. Its not fun because its balanced. It will never be balanced. It is a power fantasy. Its fun because its over the top. Like every other looter shooter everything starts to fall in the glass cannon or bullet sponge categories. Hell, most "bosses" are built behind invincibility phases. Talking about taking a system in which half the frames are one-shottable and the other half of the frames are unkillable and trying to make them meet in the middle is not throwing my hands up. Its trying to bring consistency to player experience and encourage diversity in frame picking. Yes making DR a baseline stat would make it easy for people to stack DR....thats the point. There should be little reason to not have a frame with high DR by some point in the game. Just as theres pretty little reason not to play one of the dozens of frames with a native 90% dr available to them as its not like thats exclusive to "tank" frames that cannot DPS. And just in case you didnt understand what I typed in the message about warframes with base high DR due to their base armor value, then yes if Valkyr had a base DR of 89% due to their starting armor values then thats what their base DR would be. I'm not sure I understand what has you so upset about my suggestion. Either you're saying I'm trying to nerf frames that have super high base armor (thus they'd have high base DR and wouldn't need DR mods) or they are frames with low base armor and instead of getting minimal returns from +armor they'd get a consistent bonus from a +DR mod. Why is that such a controversial suggestion again?
  11. To me DR shouldn't be the end all be all of a frame. It should be a potential tax on them. Your Rhino's and Potentially Mirage's, and Barruuk's just dont have to pay the DR tax. Take a zypher that has a non-dr based dr in the form of reflecting attacks. Is it nescessary to pay the DR tax? Probably not (at least not with standard mods) but it could still be a good idea to have some in case of melee attacks or aoe damage that bypasses zypher's shield. Over all it makes frames that are squishy one-shottable in a game where the next frame over can sit there and afk and survive.
  12. I dont remember typing nerf armor, for example, whatever Valkyr's base armor would be is now her base damage reduction. Here is what your stats might look like... For example: Strength 320% Range 100% Efficiency 70% Duration 75% Damage Reduction 75% (capped) Rather than ARMOR 1200 I also understand the EHP concept. If this game didnt already have about 20 different abilities that gave 90% or more damage reduction that would be a problem but this is warframe and there are several ways to just be invincible.
  13. Bros I dont think you understand my point. I understand how to hover over the armor stat. What I'm saying is that rather than have this horribly scaling armor stat that doesn't calculate like the other stats for a frame make it the same as the other stats. Just put a cap on it like efficiency. This way you have a more predictable result from adding "armor". Actually yes if you make the mod a certain way yes it would replace old ones -30% DR +15 str, range, dur, eff for example or make it a single mod. It really doesnt matter. The point was another tradeoff mod. For example max rank armor mod might get you up to 50% DR, maybe the umbra mod with all 3 pieces gets you to 70% and thus you can bridge the game between frames with DR abilities and without DR abilities on more equal footing.
  14. Normalize the effects of armor to provide flat % to damage reduction and report it on the character sheet just like efficiency, ability strength, range, energy, shields, health, and duration. 1)WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY easier to understand. 2)In line with other modifiers (AND ABILITIES!) 3) Makes new mods possible that add a negative to DR and a + to other things. 4) Reports DR in a single field so its easier to really understand what your reduction is.
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