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  1. Twin Grakatas with Arcane Pistoleer as general purpose weapon. Rattle SplatMaker + Pax Charge when somehow out of ammo. Some hard-hitting crit with Exodia Contagion when things need to stay hit. Infinite ammo grenade launcher.
  2. Just that. Thanks. Now I can finally see which enemies have armor on their health bars AND not have other colors messed up unnaturally.
  3. I'm saying that DE should keep an eye out on that specific research so when it comes out, they're among pioneers. Everyone who tries it at the time will have but a small selection of games to try. Seizing the audience before any competition arrives is what I'm talking about. Not making Warframe (as it is) VR-compatible. I'm aware that it won't happen any time soon. If you paid attention to the video, you'd have noticed that he mentions suppressing motion sickness can be an option. "People" in general "don't have money". Yet, there's the console market dedicated
  4. Yeah, keep it up. I don't think there's a reason for this not to be in the game. How hard can it be to code this back as a cosmetic? Even it it's for April Fools' day.
  5. "VR" is about to become more than just visual and just output. Soon, we'll really feel like Operators :D Hopefully, flapping Titania's wings, blasting the Banshee ult and bonking Grineer with Gauss. Edit: DE, try contacting Valve about this.
  6. Taking a break from Warframe. Let me know if anything changes.
  7. DE, please do it. Say that "primary, secondary and melee are intended weapon roles, but nobody actually has to equip 1 of each."
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