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  1. - I doubt that there would be a Syndicate mods -related problem. I'm certain the multishot won't work on Vaykor Hek. The +multishot is a separate mod, just like Hell's Chamber. - Syndicate mods aren't equippable on other weapon variants. Even if it's not a syndicate weapon. Take Furis and Furis Wrath for example. - Sancti Tigris and Winds of Purity (the augment for Furis) have the same proc. Same mechanics, equipped twice. Does it work? I never checked. Would it be abused a lot if it does? I doubt it. Would it be fixable? Definitely. DE have shown that they're able to correct such interactions. - About Kohm - In the current game state, the ammo pool is shared among categories. Secondary launchers deplete your primary launchers ammo. And even if you had 3 ammo pools, you'd sacrifice versatility for that. Would be fun, though. -------------------------------- Being able to equip several builds for the same weapon does solve some problems, though. Some weapons are crit/stat, depending on fire mode you're using. Not being limited to one fire mode would be nice. As for the Ignis example, it would be good to be able to switch from fast trash clear to crowd control or armor strip when the enemies become too strong. -------------------------------- Mod config slots sometimes aren't enough. Mostly because of the infamous D-polarity on (Primed) Cold. And sometimes because you need a "V" instead of another "-" for one specific build. My Ignis is 7-Forma. Would be 8 if I had a riven. That's a bricked build. Having 2 is useful in this case. The combo doesn't extend. An unfortunate example of this is de/activating Talons on Valkyr. It would be great if that got "fixed". And yes, it would be awesome to spin around, slashing enemies with dual swords, build up your combo, switch to a heavy Zaw, bullet-jump up, throw a Contagion at a Heavy Gunner and heavy slam on its face. Boom! Mission complete xD
  2. RGB, or Hex codes on the color palettes would be great. Both, even. Same row, so the tooltip doesn't completely cover any of the colors below. And get some fashion designer to give them names like "baby blue", "teal", "olive", "bright magenta", "crimson" and so on.
  3. TL;DR: If a game is playable in grayscale, it's playable for all colorblind people.
  4. Games should be playable in pure grayscale. Up until now, I could never tell the difference between armored health bar and robotic health. Couldn't see if it's stripped or not. Armored health bars could have diagonal stripes or rivets over or around it. If a target is 100% scanned, there could also be icons near the bar. To the left, armor and health type and to the right, shield type. Middle is reserved for the invulnerability symbol (good job on that one!). All toggleable in the UI settings. I have both anomalous red and green. I started using one of those filters. It helps the gameplay a lot, but the colors look disgusting. If some people are using a filter and some are not, fashionframe changes dramatically. What looks golden to one person can look like a piss or vomit to another. You get used to it after a while though. Kinda off-topic: I've found a (bit of a complex) workaround for hearing aid: Plane9 is a sound visualizer. Originally intended for music, but it works for ALL audio. You can place a clean oscillogram in a standalone window and watch the sounds there. Although, sounds can still go unnoticed if your visual attention to detail ain't good.
  5. P.S.: I'd like to be able to use my Grattler in Index and especially Sanctuary. Even if a heavy weapon takes up 2 weapon slots.
  6. Well said! You forgot to mention that gunblades are mostly used as a "secondary" and Contagion Zaws as grenade launcher primaries. Weapon types should remain (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, SMG,...). Categories could go away (Heavy, Primary, Secondary, Melee). Ammo types are not a problem. Twin Kohmak are a "Pistol" at the moment even though they fire shotgun pellets by design. Just mention in the tooltip "This weapon uses pistol ammo". stuff like 9mm shotgun shells exists IRL, too. Even better, put an icon representing the ammo drop shape on its tooltip. Introduce "one-handed" and "two-handed" so players know which weapons they can use while still being able to carry an objective. This is visible in the equip animation. And while we're at it, a weapon's tooltip should also say something like "Mods type:..............Sniper (+Rifle)". I have a friend who's relatively new to this game and he often has trouble deciding which weapon to buy because it's unclear which mods or ammo type it uses. Twin Grakatas for every damage combination you need! 😄 A maxed Primed Pistol Ammo Mutation in each pair. If it's 3 ammo pools, you'd need 3 copies of the mod. If it's a shared ammo pool, you can place the same mod in all three. No more confusing "secondaries" using grenade launcher ammo pool.
  7. Adding my "NO!" to this idea, just to be a bit more safe from it being implemented.
  8. I'm just happy I get to play Public again. Without the visual and audio spam, I mean
  9. Really? Well, glad to hear that. I thought these "sidegrade nerfs" wouldn't change much. But, if you're right, that would mean the weapon is less used while still being OP. That's great news!
  10. My 1st try: I got the planets clue 1st. I wasn't paying attention to the planets, I tried to remember how the Corpus words on the other side looked like. I am colorblind, but the images are made well enough. There's a dark one, a half-half and a light one. Didn't want to waste precious seconds trying to remember mine, went random. Failed. I'll solve it next time. My 2nd try: Saw the corpus helmet, went for it right away, failed. Then, it occured to me there might be different designs of those helmets. I didn't even look at the other clues once I saw the helmet. Time pressure -.-
  11. You'll need 5 next patch. And the limit will still be 20.
  12. It's probably too short for free exploration.
  13. Well, true enough... Detective work was always more about finding out about a back-story than making every second matter.
  14. Adding my voice to the following: The weapon is not nerfed. We have the Exilus slot. People are overreacting. It will continue to do constant screenshakes and puffs of smoke to block anything that needs aim. Nuke frames and melee have nothing to do with love/hate for Brama. Bramma hurts others' gameplay much, much more. Please add back self-damage. For me, that was fun. Not reviving an obnoxious explosion spammer was also fun. Chroma players will be glad. Being able to suicide with an arch-gun was a free "fix yourself from this bug" option. Related to self-damage, please, remove the stagger from that Amp flak alt-fire.
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