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  1. That sticky force is only usable for aim-gliding and clinging to smooth walls. And you want to carry small objects with it?! Preposterous! Note: sarcasm should not be taken seriously
  2. It's not specifically prohibited to use such software, but it's also easy to abuse. If that happens and you become a suspect, whether you get banned or not is left for the moderators to decide. One key press for one key input is perfectly acceptable. Just don't use macros to "play afk" and you should be fine. About players who DO go into that gray zone - Please don't ban them right away. Give them a warning or a few. It's not a PvP game.
  3. No, it would just look ugly. Happens now, too. Holster positions are left for the user to change if overlapping bothers them.
  4. 1) For the sake of getting it implemented under fewer "balance" objections, I won't vote for that. 2) Why would paired be a problem? Same as if carrying a datamass.
  5. Friggin' auction house... The term is plaguing every trade-related topic that's not actively trying to buy/sell. There's a huge diference between an auction house and a GUI for Maroo's Bazaar. An auction house would let you play a mission and even go offline. Auction house (for games) implies a GUI for bidding and buyout. This doesn't let you do ay of this. Considering big-time traders, what is suggested here is even less useful than Warframe Market because Warframe Market lets you play missions, list stuff for sale and browse stuff at the same time. In return, it is more user-friend
  6. Imagine being able to access the listings on Maroo's Bazaar from your orbiter. And to be able to keep your trades posted there while you're online. Optionally, not in a mission (works only if you're "afk" in orbiter, dojo, any hub). But this is debatable.
  7. More weapons and frames will come out, don't worry. Next content patch will get you MR30.
  8. Yes. Something in my memory tells me that secondary grenade launchers share the sniper ammo pool. Might have been patched, though. I dislike using em, so not sure. While ammo mutation does refill multiple weapons, they all drain the same single pool.
  9. With the new Helminth system, I'd sacrifice an ability slot on some frames to get to use it as an universal weapon slot. Archgun included. Because Simaris.
  10. For me, it's more fun to see different stuff being used instead of the same frames and weapons in every other squad I join. With so many possible buffs and debuffs, any weapon can be made viable even without Rivens. I don't get it why so many people overreact like their dreams are crushed and the game ruined. If DE removed the Riven system and balanced the weapons instead of Rivens, the outcome would be the same. There will always be people complaining about nerfs. Even if the balancing were done on actual usability instead of usage statistic.
  11. I'm pretty sure the post got edited after I posted that. ... If not, I was too sleepy at the time and missed the "(percentage)".
  12. That number may be over the game's integer limit. Some people don't understand when you write "2.1*10^9". 2,147,483,647 looks ugly and doesn't belong on the UI. Maybe on a cursor tooltip, sure. But can a 32-bit client handle showing you 3 billion? ... I'm sure there's a few workarounds. Eh, why not? I'll leave it a like :P
  13. OK, they're a quadpedal pet. Nothing new. It didn't suprise me that I'm able to equip Kavat mods on a Vulpaphyla. Helminth Charger was OK because it was an oddity and it made no sense to make a separate mod species for that. But now... I wanted an infested pet that would skitter on corpus ceilings or bloat and float away in Orb Vallis. I mean... It's not just their animations. They even sound the same. It's just a different skin. Why call it a new species? This is just lazy. Criticism aside, I still love the game and appreciate the bugs you put into it. Thank you! :P
  14. I like to keep one unranked, too. They come in handy with some builds, when testing out stuff and just in case some random or a friend wants it. Tip: to find and deselect corrupted mods easier, I type a minus (-) as a filter. Have my upvote.
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