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  1. A third to a half of a basic 5-rank mod. Take Intensify for example. 30% Exilus can have 15% 10-rank mods can have double. Primed Intensify would have 60%, I guess. 4 times as much. Edit: Stretch is 45%. Exilus has 15% (1/3rd) but also some other mobility buffs. Overextend is 90% (and a debuff).
  2. How about making certain weapons allow specific stats into the Exilus slot? Only the ones related to its theme. - Vectis could allow magazine size changes (both, positive and negative). - Grakata and Kohm families could allow magazine size or even fire rate even though they're DPS-increase. - PANTHERA COULD ALLOW BEAM RANGE MODS - A shotgun or two could allow pellet spread mods - etc. Edit: Before anyone quotes me with rivens in mind... If you get a riven with a stat fitting to the weapon's theme, lucky you! More fun mechanics to play with. Edit 2: Shouldn't this topic be somewhere in the feedback forums?
  3. That's a great idea! And just in case someone goes "Nidus doesn't need that strong a buff": Enemies in the Larva that got hit by his 1 shouldn't award any further stacks on death. There. Nidus can now get stacks on low level enemies and he won't get much of a buff against high level enemies.
  4. How about making augments with a tradeoff not take up a mod slot at all? They're basically asking you if you like your ability "this way" or "another way" Edit: Or make the augment function on rank 3/5 if not taking up a mod slot.
  5. From what I know, DE is not using an automatic-ban anticheat. They can see any irregularities your game is doing. Highlighted. And then, they decide if they'll ban you 'til 2035 or not. If many people are using Linux to run the game in the same way, it's not an irregularity anymore and they pay less attention to it or none at all.
  6. +1 to the "Recently used" idea. Have my upvote. "Currently equipped" palette could still have the padlock icons on the colors if you can't choose to use that color on the current part you're painting.
  7. NO! to the kick system. Proposed several times, dismissed even more times. Use the recruit chat preemptivly and check who you recruit. Judging by your other suggestions, you have ping issues. They've added an option for that. You can choose the ping you're happy with and the matchmaking will try to respect your decision. It will be more difficult to form a squad quickly if you set it too strict. Everyone uses English in chat. I believe it's in the rules. English is not my language either, but that's what clans are for. Get into a clan which uses your language. Or make your own clan and recruit people. That way, you'll have people with low ping AND with your language always playing with you.
  8. In-game, open the main menu, go tp your profile pic top left and vlick on "View Profie" (or something like that). There, you can click on different tabs (Warframes, Weapons) and sort the viewed stuff by rank. The greyed-out stuff is what you didn't use yet. Now, let's say you have Garuda greyed out but want to get her and level her up. Go to region chat and type a question that includes "where" and "Garuda". A chat bot should recognize it and reply with the info needed. As for which parts you've acquired - I've solved this by leaving everything in my Foundry. I craft it before I need it but don't claim finished stuff unless I need it. This way, I can type "garuda" and see every part related to her. It also shows me what materials I need for the unfinished parts. Once I have Chassis, Neuroptics and Systems crafted and the blueprint already there, I claim everything and start building the blueprint. Edit: I hadn't looked in my Inventory for a looong time now. The Foundry can show you everything. Even resources if you search for them. Well... Just be careful not to pull the finished products into your inventory xD Experiment with how you sort the Foundry, too.
  9. First video is talking about the problem as: "Just do it, DE, it's simple" - vs.- "math plus spagetti makes this just not worth it" It's actually talking about one game and pulling the formulas from other sources. But you'll get the point. The second video is taking that and polishing it for a game with very few characters. No math shown. The third video is what I want in Warframe. From 10:38 (as linked), watch 5 minutes. Ever since Eidolons came out, I wanted to be able to NOT bounce off and slide from moving objects. Imagine jumping onto an Eidolon's leg, then on its back then on a shoulder. Then, shoot his weak spot from there or dig in with your melee. And ideally, have it try to swipe/grab/shoot you with its hand. Since the last AW rework (blink nerf) made terrain hurt you, being unable to interact with terrain started feeling like terrain is actually molten-hot barbed wire (including snow). - If I'm flying (grinding) against the ground at 45° angle, I want a sprint animation to kick in. - If I'm flying at 80°, I want the AW to seem like it's thrusting down, but also my Warframe should be walking and pushing its legs against it. - If I'm flying, am in touch with the ground and am holding crouch, AW should power down but remain equipped on my back and land controls would kick in 'til I press spacebar again. - If I'm grinding against a wall, I want it to turn into a form of wall-dash animation. To wrap this up; Just put this on the to-do board for now and have one person mess with it on occasion. I'm aware how difficult all of this is. It most likely also implies ditching a good chunk of hard work done so far. And not just in the animations department. But notice the enthusiasm in the last video. It's not hard to imagine people talking like that about Warframe. It happened several times. Especially around PoE when the game was gaining popularity fast (F2P that's not P2W +has AAA graphic) and The Second Dream (being greeted by the character creation screen). !"#$ Destiny. That rival is an equal, not a benchmark goal. All of this and more should be done before Star Citizen comes out. That game is also going to be F2P with good graphics. And will be accompanied by the same style of player influx WoW Classic had (servers overloaded, 7h login queues and players still wanting to play). Reminder: That was with WoW having no F2P players wanting to play it. And look for solutions on how to make 50+ players load into the same battlefield.
  10. It could be that nobody thought of that. Someone, go make that into its own topic and it might get back into the game.
  11. Uthael

    3. Valence FUSION

    Well... That means they changed it for the live patch. During the devstream, Rebecca combined Electric and Fire into Radiation.
  12. Uthael

    3. Valence FUSION

    I didn't say it was easy. Take it as "I prefer slow but steady progress". In practice though, it doesn't matter if your weapon is +35% or +60%. Well... It does, but very rarely. Putting two default elemental mod is +180%. Compred to that, the difference between average and maxed Kuva weapon ain't really significant. Therefore, I don't feel like rushing that +60%. It works like a mod and not a base stat, anyway. Off-topic: several warframes have an augment which gives +X% elemental, where X is your strength. THAT's a significant difference in damage output.
  13. Uthael


    I like the duplex trigger! But I know many people don't. Changing fire modes would be fine. But don't remove the duplex trigger. In the meantime, press Reload while holding if you don't want to fire the other shot soon.
  14. I'd be happy if this were the case. Have my upvote.
  15. Uthael

    3. Valence FUSION

    I'm happy with the "mediocre reward". It's a long-term goal anyway. What I'm NOT happy with is that according to the devstream, the base elements combine. For example, Electricity weapon and Fire weapon will give you a Radiation weapon. And with that, I'm losing the possibility to mod for corrosive. With Electricty, I can choose between Corrosive and Radiation. With Toxin, I can choose between Corrosive and Gas. Other elements are pretty much undesirable and it's a shame to fuse a base electricity/toxin into a combined element.
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