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  1. The power would not be useless with Hard mode, and the bonuses could just be things like increased movement speed across all Warframes, and just like with the Badass Rank in Borderlands, you can choose to turn the bonuses off if you don't want them. I don't see the problem with more player choice and progression beyond the max caps.
  2. With Hard Mode on the way, I think it's the best time to finally implement a system that is similar to the Badass Ranks in Borderlands and/or the Paragon levels in Diablo 3. Small bonuses to Warframes and Operators across the board would be great, and the bonuses don't even need to necessarily be increases to damage or defense. This would just be a great way to give even a small amount of end game content to players who have maxed out their weapons, Warframes and focus schools.
  3. Please allow us to choose which element we want to keep when doing the Valence Fusion. It's really dumb that it automatically picks whatever element is on the new weapon. Please allow us to make progress with liches while also doing other missions, like relic and kuva missions. This grind is ridiculous, and it would help if we were able to make progress with 2 things at once. It doesn't even make sense from a conceptual view that the liches control planets, but the liches and the thralls don't show up for kuva and relic missions on those planets. Please make it so our liches always appear once we have all of the requiems revealed. It is so tedious and aggravating to do lich missions where taking out the thralls no longer has any meaning.
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