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  1. But you work for DE? Or where did u get this "fact"? ^^
  2. And this point is nearly senseless. pc-gamers have to wait weeks / months until the slowmotion-consoles cert's are ready? why? we can't play together (cross-platforms will never be available). 😉
  3. Still no fix for removed Clan-XP (Komorex)
  4. Kyroptera Panoply Syandana comes after ~30 minutes directly into the inventory.
  5. And next post on sunday with "series I ends on next thursday".... ^^
  6. Many gamers (like me) fight for 4 syndicates, an ABC(without D) toggle isn't enough. So it would need an option for 4 syndicates.
  7. RNG... 🙂 The other side, DE needs much time to create content. if players got all rewards, they will never play this gametype anymore. I've punshing the exploiter orb nearly 230 times (or more) to get both ephemeras. the last 3 runs with a new clan-mate, run 1 = ephemera blazing step, run 3 = ephemera freezing step. He says, "that was soooo easy". that's damn RNG ^^
  8. Time to give Atlas a second chance. ^^
  9. DE, don't forget to nerf also Warframes like Rhino, Octavia, Volt, Saryn, Nezha, Mesa and other most-used and "overpowered" WF. That'd be consistent with the riven-nerfs. Best DE (wish)-config for EOS - Ash, Lex, Paris, Jaw Sword and a Kubrow? ^^
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