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  1. This... And don't forget the changed Drop-tables on consoles now, another punch in the PC-Players face. ;-)
  2. tryed again, vayas prime-loot is flying in. (no message, but it's ok now) :-)
  3. don't work for me, tryed this way 2 times, but still nothing in inbox. havn't problems with prime-loot / twitch the last years, only with this prime-loot :/
  4. same here and i can't believe that's an error by so many players. unlinked my account, cleaned browser (cache / cookies / data), reinstalled twitch (cleaned all files before), relink account to twitch, used both ways again (warframe ingame and twitch). it says "claimed" , but there is nothing.. :( haven't problems with twitch / prime loot in the last years, only with this last prime loot. so DE, pls take a look on "your" side :/
  5. pls add a - things what warframe can learn from "xyz-game"- square ^^
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