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  1. My questions are easy 🙂 There are 36(ish) unique Warframes and only 33 possible loadout slots at MR25. Can we talk about this? Let me give you platinum, I just want fancy loadouts for all my frames. Also, is there any chance of older tiles having the respawn ceilings adjusted? It feels terrible to play Zephyr or Titania and to get reset because the map isn't tall enough to accommodate. Any height increase would help, I'm not hoping for anything monumental here.
  2. I Googled it and found that PC Tenno have had this issue for a while. No fix for them yet, which means we just have to deal with it for the foreseeable future. It's kind of sad because a 10 second delay doesn't sound like a big deal, but it feels really bad when you never see the capture/assassination target or the first 50 enemies in an extermination.
  3. I'm not exactly sure when this started (definitely on a recent console update), but often when you are not the host, you will be unable to skip the landing cinematic at the beginning of a mission. By the time you finally wait through it all, your team is 8 rooms and 2 elevators away. If this happens in a sortie, you aren't even going to see the assassination target before it's dead. Also, there was a period of 1-2 patches where we could scroll through the rewards menus in between loading screens. That was quite nice, but the functionality has since vanished. It was one of two places where I actually appreciated the cursor addition to consoles.
  4. It's not bugged. They made a terrible change to it and updated the wording on the mod after the fact, so lots of people were in the dark. Resonating Quake makes the ability count as a cast instead of a channel.
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