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  1. First of all, I'd like to apologize for yet another complaining post of the state of WF. In my defense, I'd say this - If I didn't care about the game, I would have simply move on to another, giving up on WF. I saw this post on reddit and I thought I'll share this with the community. When I first started playing WF, the game required mid-tier skill level and offered high-ish challenge level (esp. with unpotated Excal/Rhino with mk1-braton modded with rank-0 Flawed Serration). "Arousal" was an apt description of what made me spend another 4 thousand hours playing this game, albeit the last 1k hours I've been rather apathetic. Now the current state of the game - low skill, low challenge. You need only 3 frames (maybe 4, Xaku, if you hunt for syndicate medallions) for normal starchart missions - Khora for cc (press 4, afk), Gauss for elimination (press 3, dash with 1, repeat), Wukong for everything else (press 1, afk). As a Wukong main, I thought for today's Sortie, I'll try Protea for a change (Naamah, Raptor assassination). I was one-third the way to the objective when the Wukong pug reached the boss area. I was half-way to the objective area when the Wukong completed the assassination. Nothing for me to do but to head towards extract; at least I had a headstart on the Wukong and I'll reach the extract first. Wrong! The Wukong hit 2 and reached extract first. For elimination missions, if when I land in a mission (e.g., void fissure with a pug) with a Gauss or two, there's nothing for me to do but to head to extract - the Gauss runs faster than anyone, kills everything in its path with 1 key press. Sometimes it kills so fast that the mobs don't have time to turn corrupted and the squad extracts without the requisite 10 reactants. Power creep is real and has gotten out-of-hand. Single-key press and invulnerable frames (shield gating + brief respite) make for bad gameplays. https://www.reddit.com/r/coolguides/comments/o0pj5w/found_in_a_v_sauce_video_called_why_do_we_get/
  2. I was in a solo mission at Deimos to complete the daily objective (activate requiem obelisk). When I extracted, both doors refused to open. When I tried to abort the mission, I got this message. I had to alt-F4 to resolve this.
  3. It drops from Veil Proxima corpus missions. The drop chance is very low - 7 to 17% depending on mission .
  4. Something not right with this Kuva Flood mission. The siphon spawned in the location in the first picture. 2 kuva clouds spawned in the expected positions. However, the third and fourth kuva clouds spawned in the positions captured in the second and third photos respectively - both a very, very long way from the kuva siphon. As you can see in the 3rd picture, one of the squadmates quit out of frustration.
  5. The lever at the waypoint did not respond to any of our squad members' attempt to pull it. We were doing a Kuva flood mission at the time.
  6. I responded to a plea for help from a new player. He had just completed the prologue quest and was in the orbiter for the first time. The option to activate his arsenal was not present and he was not able to progress. Restarting the app did not help. Could it be a bug?
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