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  1. 1. I attached my Kuva Bramma to a railjack crew member. Later, I released the contract as I had acquired a better one. The Kuva Bramma disappeared from my crew inventory and I am unable to attach the weapon to another crew member, i.e., the weapon remained attached to the crew even after the crew was released. 2. In the orbiter, we can configure the plexus and the intrinsics. I suggest changing the intrinsics to crew members. The intrinsics, once set, is forgotten. Configuring crew members on the other hand, is something I'd like to make changes to occasionally. It helps if we can make the changes in the orbiter instead of going to the dojo to make those changes.
  2. Ash's Teleport with fatal teleport augment does no damage to sisters. Had Rakta Dark Dagger equipped. WAI or bug?
  3. I have completed 40 lichs. The first 3 ephemeras dropped after 4-5 lichs. After that, I am on a 25-lich run without an ephemera drop. That's 1-0.8^25, or 0.0037778 probability. This is absurd and incredibly frustrating.
  4. I more than 12 runs for a Gloriana ephemera (cold with Gara Prime and Revenant). It refuses to drop. My frustrations boiled over. A 20% drop chance should not result in such an extended run without the drop. It makes me think that there is something else in the code that is conspiring to keep the ephemera from dropping, ie, it is not truly RNG. I'm done.
  5. I have 2 complains: 1) If the golden hand spawns close to the exit/extraction, the candidate doesn't spawn. 2) The candidate spawned in the wall. Although I was able to stab it, the weapon model did not show above the candidate's head. In one run, I cast molecular fission before killing the candidate - the candidate blew up, ie, disappeared.
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