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  1. TYPE: In-Game (Helminth) DESCRIPTION: Despite warframe abilities typically working regardless of them being in the rift, Limbo when given a damage ability cannot hit enemies in the opposite dimension. EXPECTED RESULT: Enemies should receive damage and be affected by Fire Blast (ember's helminth ability). OBSERVED RESULT: Enemies are completely immune to fire blast if used while limbo is in the rift and they are not. REPRODUCTION RATE/METHOD: 100% Can be done in any game instance by either giving limbo fire blast and entering the rift, or banishing an ember in any given
  2. Applies specifically to the inaros prime model. The armor leg parts seem to work just fine on the deluxe and base model. I have tried seeing if any other cosmetics are causing it but it just seems to be a problem with Inaros Prime itself. This bug applies to both versions of the maggor leg armor, including the towsun skin.
  3. What about limbo? How will he interact with damage dealing abilities?
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