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  1. 23 hours ago, PsychicKitty said:

    well if you had stopped that long ago....you would have to start almost at the start anywise.....

    For me I had done the tutorial and little more.....then after I quit for a bit and came back....I found I still had all my stuff but had to go through unlocking the planets again.

    Oh this is interesting. I haven't had a chance yet to log back into the game, hoping to today. It'll be a chore relearning everything. 

  2. Howdy everybody, I used to play warfram way back in closed beta and I've been away for a couple years and I know a whole lot has changed. I have spent a good chunk of money on platinum back when I used to play so I don't really want to start a new account and lose all the platinum that I had bought. If there is any way this is possible I would very much like to know, or if it is something that maybe speaking to the warfram team directly would help with. 



    Thanks all! 

  3. Right I completely forgot about the dark sectors, so is it just the taxes that are gone or is the reward bonus also gone on those missions as well? Should have remember about the potatoes that they can't be farmed (duh). How is the void/derelict are those still accessed through keys that you get as rewards from the fending and survival missions? Also pertaining get to those I can't seem to remember if in those missions you get on,y the reward that you leave on or all rewards that showed up before extraction. Do people still play in the void? Doing the defense missions in the void seemed to be the end game back when I played and that was the only way to get prime parts as well as the derelict. Also the arch wings I only did like one mission before I took my break are those still a thing and how big are they in the game now?

  4. Hello all, I am just getting back into the game again after a very extended leave. I last played around the time they added kubrows into the game. What I would like to know is mostly where to find some things in the game as well as some advice on the new weapons and any reworks. Please don't tell me to read patch notes I have already but nothing beats player experience. 

    1. Reactors and catalysts best place to farm/find?

    2. Sentinel or kubrow which is better/preferred?

    3. Weapons: what's good any new changes since damage 2.0? When I left Soma was king is it still?

    4. Warframes: any changes in the existing frames or does a new frame now dominate the game?

    5. Trading: I see that relays now have trading and you can now sell prime weapons/parts to npc vendor, worth it or no?

    6. Clans: back when I left clans were a huge part of the game and getting weapons and frames is this still the way or is it more quest based now?

    thats all I can think of for now any help/advice is much appreciated. 

  5. Hello all, I have been out of the game for quite a while, the last I really played was shortly after the Kubrows were released and I see that a lot has changed/added so I am wondering if they implemented an account reset function like they have done before.

  6. As of now my 1090t seems to be bottlenecking the gpu so I kinda need an upgrade. I can afford either I'm just wondering if the z170 ANC CPU is worth the extra price. As for the flight aims I more use them for realism than graphics (real pilot).

  7. The graphics with the processor mean nothing because I have the graphics card. Though I have been wondering for games that utilize physx is it possible to dedicate the. Cpu graphics to physx? Also I can afford either the biggest thing I am debating over is if the extra cost is worth the gain.

  8. Is the z170 and ddr4 worth the extra 200 big ones it takes to get there? Or will I get the same performance out of the haswell? I can't really afford the i7 6700k and from my understanding the increase from i5 to i7 is dismal for gaming as not many games take use of the extra threads. Or do you think it's partly the GTX 780 fault as it can't handle the graphics? And I should upgrade to the 970/80?

  9. Hello all, I am looking into upgrading my computer. It is mainly used for gaming. My current specs are amd phenom II x6 1090t, EVGA GTX 780, corsair 850w plus psu, 8 gigs ddr3 ram can be overclocked to 2333 currently at either 1600 or 1866 don't remember, Samsung evo pro 256gig ssd, 1tb hdd. Currently running at 1920x1080 one monitor. Don't plan on dual or 4k any time soon. I also use a lot of flight sims as well as GameCube and ps2 emulators.

    Upgrade options: i5 6600k skylake with 16 gigs ddr4 ram. Or I5 4690k haswell.

    So my question is which will be better? I know that ddr4 right now does not provide many performance increases but it very well could in the future and if I'm upgrading I don't want to be stuck in the past, however I don't want to just throwaway money. And as far as processor performance I can't say as I have seen many good benchmarks for skylake v haswell. Does anybody know good or bad to either of these processors?

  10. I believe the way elemental mods work is they add a certain % of the weapons damage in the form on an element; fire, frost, toxin, ect. The effectiveness of the element can depend heavily on what type of enemy you are fighting. Fire is good agains fles (infested), frost (corpus), ect. The wiki will be able to explain better and more in depth than I can.

  11. Good lord for some reason when I looked at the image it originally looked like the first encounter with the Scarab from the first Halo. Looked area that it took place in too.


    On topic: It would be quite fun to have larger more difficult enemies such as this, though I don't really know how one would go about creating a giant Corpus, or Grineer

  12. What DE should do is create a system for abilities and skills similar to that of which can be found in Star Wars The Old Republic. In that game, you get active and passive skills. Active skills require you to activate them while passive skills work on their own without the need to press buttons. This would mean that DE will have to add a few more mod slots which can carry mods that we would not normally use like resistance to toxin or cold or stamina regeneration, thus granting better customization to Warframes.

    However, this may result in an issue with mod capacity. Do we keep the mod capacity as it is and simply make the second batch of mods run under their system maybe like coolant leak for the Sentinels which doesn't have ranks therefore turning a few mods into non-rankable mods that do not affect the original mod capacity, or increase the amount of levels we need to go through, meaning instead of level 30 being the highest, it would be level 50, and have the new mods tie into the mod capacity system?

    I would go with the first choice.

    Before Mods 2.0 came out that was very similar to what we had. With each frame and weapon there was a set skill tree in which you would get 1 skill point per level to spend. I do kind of miss the skill tree but this mod system that we have now has so much more potential than what it is currently at.

  13. I would love to see some interactive passives for specific warframes, like Excal: Every enemy killed increases his damage, sprint speed, attack speed and fire rate  by 1% for 10 seconds, killing another enemy refreshes the buffs and adds a stack, stacks up to 25 times.


    or Rhino: Gain % damage reduction for 15 seconds after using an ability, reduction would equal 1/2 the initial energy cost  (before efficiency) of the ability cast. (ex. Charge 12.5% resist, Stomp 50% resist)


    I think those would be some fun frame specific passive cards.

    I know this game is kinda of an MMO but passives based on kills seem too much like an MMORPG like one would see in WOW or something.

  14. There was also talk awhile ago about new frames of similar themes to existing ones but opposite gender(like Ember and Blaze). One of the things said was that they could use each other's ability mods.

    I can't say as I would really like that, it would mean more frame slots and farming, also kinda running out of places where their parts would drop.

  15. Just wondering if any of you in the community would rather DE stop pumping out frames for a while and instead do maybe like an abilities 2.0 update in which every frame would have a second set of abilities thus making the total ability count 8 per frame. This would greatly increase the customization of each frame, as well as how they are used instead of the standard 1-4.

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