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  1. Crashes with the datamass also occur in the Temple Fabrication area. Currently playing solo. In all cases I've tried, I enter the location, fight whatever local population of Corpus are there, usually until about alert level 3. I enter the datamass into the console once all enemies are killed.
  2. I noticed that the game crashes if I'm the host and anyone the datamass into the console. This is consistent in the Grow Site.
  3. Update: I see that this happens in all kinds of locker rooms in the Jupiter Gas City tile set. Furthermore, it is intermittent; for some lockers, the kavat falls through, but stays in place on the next one, and then falls again. It seems to reset upon moving around.
  4. I'm absolutely for this. I get frustrated when my kavat doesn't unlock the lockers - I have to walk by a locked locker repeatedly, or leave the room and return, or having to really guide through a series of locked lockers. It also gets distracted if an enemy is nearby, even if not in alert status. An EMP / AOE unlocking field would make my solo runs so much less frustrating. I'm the kind of player who will search every square meter of a map for syndicate medallions or caches; I'm a looter and stealth shooter. So, this would be great for me. Now, if for some reason DE considers this EMP / AoE unlocking field unfair or OP or whatever, I would also recommend using an action button (X on the xbox) to unlocked locked lockers, if you have Master Thief or Scavenger equipped.
  5. A certain instance of freezing causes all abilities and Transference to become unusable. I was just starting a bounty on Orb Vallis. Players were loading into the mission; sometimes, this causes the game to freeze for just a moment while the player enters. I noticed that this freeze occurred while transferring from my Operator to my Warframe. This freeze lasted a bit longer than the normal mini-freeze, and when the game continued, I couldn't transfer back into Operator mode or even cast any abilities, or use any gear as well. I had to leave to Fortuna, and then re-enter the Orb Vallis.
  6. This happened to me, too - 2 times! Level 5 Bounty, ending in the Crop Site after defending cases. We completed the bounty, but as soon as someone picks up the datamass, it freezes. I lost everything from the mission; Warframe has no recollection of performing the bounty.
  7. I'm for that. And, have affinity from kills count towards affinity for the board. 😄
  8. I saw this in the LA Times and asked myself, "I wonder how many points I can get grinding that rail with my K-Drive..."
  9. My kavat falls through the floor whenever he tries to unlock a locker on some Corpus tile sets, in a specific kind of small locker room. Here's what happens, specifically: I enter a locker room. My kavat walks up to a locker and tries to unlock it. As soon as the animation for unlocking the locker begins, the kavat falls through the floor. The unlocking attempt successfully registers, but the kavat disappears for a few seconds before reappearing next to me. In the Corpus Gas City tile set, this occurs in a U-shaped locker room. In the Corpus Outpost tile set, this occurs in a small locker room where the lockers are scattered along the back wall, not in a single block like in most other rooms. I am not sure if this occurs with other companions, but I do know that it occurs with kavats. If you need any other information, please let me know.
  10. The styling of the lockers is fine to me. However, from a functional standpoint, I agree with OP regarding the states of the locker. I would like the colored light on the front to be more saturated like they were before (and like the lockers of other factions), and to have the same number of colors before the update - specifically, when a locker can be opened (green), is locked (red), is perma-locked (black / off after a failed attempt to unlocked), or is newly unlocked (lighter green). Whenever I play solo, I use a kavat. Without being to tell which locker I have already attempted to unlock (in case I am unable to focus on the kavat while he works), I spend a minute or 2 per locker trying to see if the kavat is failed to attempt to unlock the locker, or that he already tried and failed. This is a small problem, yes, but I do miss the additional colors telling me the specific state of a locker.
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