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  1. A lot of the things I'm suggestion would contribute to less murmur grind, which is the main complaint atm.
  2. Give murmur for finishing lich controlled nodes in regular missions. Allow weaker thralls to randomly spawn in regular missions. Optional, similar to Simaris targets. Make liches control assassination nodes for a guaranteed spawn. Allow Kuva thralls to drop Kuva Lich Beacons along with relics. Or even a BP for one. Endless missions for murmur farm. Please. Don’t reset the anger meter every time a lich levels up. No one is stabbing their liches because of this. The point of these changes is create some small fixes that the dev team does not have to sink a lot of time into, while at the same time massively improve the core loop of the kuva liches system. The system has so much potential for great gameplay and fun interactions, so I really hope they dont just abandon it and move on.
  3. If you want a failsafe: Unbind your execute key to something else that you rarely use. That way it takes you a few seconds to think before following your muscle memory and commit an action that is gonna waste 2-3 hours. It's what I have been doing since my muscle memory keeps making liches I dont want.
  4. They steal from us on every single node they control, so it would make a little more sense for us to gain something as well. Also it would help create a little more passive connection to the lich system beyond just doing regular thrall farms.
  5. Still an issue even if I'm doing this. And a fix won't hurt anyone.
  6. If you keep messing up like me due to muscle memory (already did this twice), and creating liches that you don't want, rebind your key to something else that you wont click straightway. Just a workaround that could save you 2-3 hours of your time in this game.
  7. My suggestion is: have the requiem relics drop a Kuva Lich Reroller instead of an adapter. People have to put in a little more effort to get rid of their liches, but it's still doable. Also when was the last time you saw someone pick up that adapter?
  8. Yea, I agree. I think I've seen some radshares where we get 3 adapters, and no one even picks any of them.
  9. It would not be that easy to acquire, but it would give a good options for those that want to get rid of their lich that they may have accidentally created or no longer want.
  10. Same thing here, your mind gets numb when you try to get one specific weapon and run a larva mission over and over again, where muscle memory can kick in at any point and you make the mistake of killing the larva. Now I'm stuck with a Lich I don't even want, and I don't wanna bother with the hunt. I guess that's enough lich hunting for me until this gets changed.
  11. It's so hard to tell what node is currently selected and what nodes are not because of their really light colors.
  12. Honestly, if we got some bonus murmur for clearing a node or a planet, this grind would be so much more tolerable. Or even finishing non-lich missions on their controlled planets. They steal our stuff when we're on their planets, it makes sense to get some murmurs as a result as well.
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