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  1. I am 100% on board with a market based trading system. And DE doesn't even have to remove anything, maybe just update maroo's bazaar to have a person that sells our items for a small fee. They even mentioned it at the last tennocon live stream. Someone asked about the trading market and someone on the panel said, in a very quick way, we will get to it eventually. Or something to that effect. Edit: Oh, and I burned my dinner trying to secure a trade and then the person I was trading with found a better deal. Now because I couldn't just post an item and got distracted by the failed trade, I am out some potential plat, time, and most importantly, my mushroom risoto is burnt to a crisp. Kind of my fault for trading while cooking, but it's also DE's fault for not having a trade system yet. So yeah, rant is over. I will now be taking criticism in the form of an essay. Extra points for proper use of the word "hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia". Note: The second half is a completely true event that was just a minor annoyance and written for the enjoyment of the reader and myself. My real problem is spending any amount of time sitting in front of a scrolling text box to trade when I can just have an npc do it for me. Don't remove the text trading for those that enjoy it and add a system that allows people that just want to play the game to trade for a lower price. I'm pretty sure that the market will take care of itself naturally. Maroo's bazaar is still thriving whenever I visit for my weekly hunts, so I don't see how that could be an issue. Oh well, I'm going to end it here. Happy hunting tenno, and thanks for reading this far if you have.
  2. Didn't they show off wisp specifically using a black energy color when they did her reveal along side the reveal for the new color slots in a devstream?
  3. Not sure if it was posted before now, but the xbox controller doesn't work now. Also I've disabled steam controller and restarted warframe as well as unplugged my controller and restarted my computer and a few other tips from the region chat, but no luck. So I'm pretty sure it's just broken. And the controller works for other games.
  4. Please for the love of the Lotus, don't make hour long missions for the wolf of saturn six missions. Also, I have friends, but only one plays warframe and he barely has time to do so, so maybe don't make the hour long mission one that I have to bend his arm to get him to play it. Also, An hour without life support? WTF? I could get to 35 min before the enemies stopped dropping the life supports I was allowed to pick up all together, forcing me to fail the wolf mission by getting a life support just to stay alive and keep my loot. We both had hydroid builds with pilfering swarm and a bunch of specters for backup and still couldn't get enough life support to drop without having to grab one of the modules. So yeah, I know this is new, but I had to look up a build, and still couldn't beat the hour long kuva mission. BTW, I don't like to look up stuff outside the game to play it. I'm not inept or bad at the game, but this seems like overkill.
  5. Hopefully there is news of a dedicated player market. Chat trading is too time consuming and I'd rather be playing the game not staring at a wall of text and hoping mine gets clicked on.
  6. Please fix the kubrow fur. It looks like someone stole my space puppy then made a clone of her out of playdoh to take her place.
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