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  1. To be honest this is probably a good thing for me, I have been incredibly addicted to warframe recently, to the point that I have installed 3 different games recently and then uninstalled them a week later as I have spent all my free time playing warframe. Don’t get me wrong they have not lost me as a player, but part of the addiction for me was the awe at what DE have managed to accomplish with Warframe and how in touch with their players they are. I’m not even that pissed at not getting the Nekros Prime, but the how they can almost completely ignore a 40-page thread baffles me and completely destroys my opinion of DE as a company Time to take a break for a few months and go back to working through the assassin’s creed games 😊
  2. I watched enough of the streams that I should have been eligible for both rewards and everything between my Warframe and twitch was linked correctly beforehand, I checked. I am slightly pissed that I have not received with reward, but at the end off the day it is only a free gift. Its not going to stop me playing a game that I love, and I can't believe people as going as far as comparing DE to EA! That's just plain ridiculous In my opinion the biggest mistake DE have made is the complete lack of communication. I have looked through this whole thread and the only posts from DE are a few from Danielle about the new script. They know by now how many people this is affecting. I get that it might not be their fault, it may be twitch’s I honestly don’t know enough about it. But the cut and paste responses that I and everybody in my situation are getting don’t speak to me of a company that supposedly listens to its players. Yes DE may not be able to put the reward out as another twitch drop, but communicate with us, a simple message on this thread from someone at DE saying that they know a lot of people are still affected and they are looking into other workarounds is all it would take. This stonewall from them is a complete PR mistake and as far as I can see is the main reason most people are getting pissed off. Come on DE someone just talk to us.
  3. I checked before hand that my twitch prime was set up properly and linked correctly, watched a couple of hours of the stream on the day - got nothing - watched the full show on the night - got nothing. Patiently waited the 7 days the DE requested at the show - still nothing on either reward. Logged on yesterday to raise a ticket and saw that my link to the twitch account was there but had a problem, Mentioned this on the ticket that I raised and have got a similar reply to others, basically there is 'nothing they can do' about this reward along with instructions to reset the link so that I get rewards going forward, which I've now done. Personally i'm 50/50 on this. I would have watched the stream anyway without the reward but I was looking forward to getting Nekros prime and i'm pissed that the only reason I aren't getting it is because their linking system broke!
  4. Hi, Would like to join your clan, MR6 currently so bit a a newbie,
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