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  1. (i wonder if i can get free platinum to buy things) lol.
  2. 🙂 but thx DE! keep up your work
  3. Ordering like Nef ayno? LOL ur glyth is nef so are you DE's Character Nef Anyo LOL
  4. everybody owo or f in region chat for stan lee!
  5. come on they can both be your friends
  6. DE can you awnser my previous question? plz?
  7. @[DE]Megan do you know when you guys are going to make "The New War" if you do plz let me know!
  8. plz tell me when "The New War" is comin' out plz De?
  9. THX DE!!!!! thousands of my allince said THX DE!!! like thousands plz i wish i can give you i mil plat but i can't 😭 but i apreceate your work :D
  10. but im kinda sad i didn't know about inktober
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