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  1. Go ahead go to recruitment and make your 1 hour survival heck no, make a 20 mins survival(that's 1 rotation C something that would normally be done) and then come back here tell me how many extracted before 20 mins
  2. Some people just want to play a fking multiplayer game but here you are throwing your stawman argument "hurr durr he wants to hostage my reward T_T" Seriously stop! hostage taking was never a thing even before this.
  3. What we really need is the ability to lock extraction when making our own squad, tired of this blantant worms extracting before the agreed time just because DE likes to baby them
  4. Basically more host migration, more leechers and less team game. This would be great if they would allow us to lock extraction when making squads but nope they have to turn everything into leechers haven.
  5. Because it glorifies DE. People can't glorify DE via content because most of them have serious issues.
  6. Vote kick will not change anything when leechers are the majority infact it will just be abused by meta slaves. Leeching problem is a combination of bad system and game having little to no restriction to protect public matchmaking People needs to understand that people leech because its efficient. its it far more efficient to join a public bounty and do your fishing/mining as you get both rewards anyway. The only way to solve this is to not let people fish/mine during bounties Same with ESO/Arbitration if you want to level a trash weapon your choice are to do spy, do low levels or leech other people once again the most efficient way to do it is to leech. this can be fix by not allowing unmaxed weapons but it won't fix the actaul problem that is the terrible affinity system. So if you want to fix leeching problem fix game mechanics that encourage leeching
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