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  1. Forma'd stuff does not work, nor does rebuilding/rebuying a weapon you already leveled. Unique items only.
  2. This is still not functioning correctly.
  3. This broke as of the Mainline update before Deimos dropped. Please fix DE.
  4. This is still broken as of 9/14/20 since the August Mainline update.
  5. Can confirm it seems all zaw alternate holsters are broken since the mainline
  6. When "Pillage" is Subsumed onto another frame, the shield emitters that appear while it is active match the default Hildryn blue, not respecting the color picks on the Warframe. It works fine natively on hildryn as pictured below. The actual energy color works fine.
  7. Can't apply universal pistol skins to the Tysis and Embolist.
  8. I opened this thread because I was like "Prisma Latron?!" and was disappointed to see it was an armor set and not actually a prisma latron.
  9. Never seen that but I'm still going to ask. And yes, treasurers are dummy beefy. x3
  10. Please add a toggle to the spawning options for the Simulacrum to apply the 250% HP/Armor/Shield modifier to spawned enemies to permit testing!
  11. The Tysis and Embolist is incompatible with all skins. None may be applied, even universal skins like the Zundi.
  12. All zaw alternate holster anims appear to be bugged and do not work as of the mainline update.
  13. DE: Lets give them stacking rewards, because they've been asking for that for a while! But lets put every crap common everyone is sick of seeing in the drop table.
  14. As of right now, syndicates basically are...grinding, for the sake of grinding. "Here, do all these missions while wearing our sigil you sacrificed to us for so you can get enough points for the right to sacrifice again! You actually want stuff? Regrind those points!" TLDR; These points are super freaking grindy, even with the daily assists. Most standard missions give like 10-50 points if its not a defense/survival/interception. Archwing missions give laughable amounts of points. Some of these sacrifices (potatos?) aren't insignificant, and players like myself wont get -any- benefit till we r
  15. It needs to have tangible rewards that carry back to the base game, and don't tell me the laughable amount of fusion cores I get per run and all the crappy commons from interception are actually rewards. You don't even get resources.
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