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  1. Sorry, but I'm fairly certain your posting this in the wrong thread. Try posting in feedback or general. You may want to restructure it a bit too before posting. Good luck
  2. Yes, it truly is. 90% of the failed host migrations I've experienced were in fact when my internet was dropping packets. With that being said, I've not had one clan or alliance mate be denied a reward when providing even half as much information. I wonder what information was lacking or not lining up? Just to be clear- not defending or blaming you/DE. Hoping to learn something useful to help others.
  3. I too eperienced the same phenomenon lol. But managed to get the mask finally. Only restating the official drop table.
  4. Pretty sure this isn't the support ticket request thread. Also, quoting the OP in this case... kind of in poor taste. Might try there(support ticket and/or FAQ) next time - this is the not the place. But... do HARD RESTARTS on both XBOX systems. Press and hold the button on the front. Not one issue playing today/tonight w/ friends or other Xbox consoles in the same house
  5. Not sure this is the place to voice concerns of this type? Might have better luck elsewhere in the forums. But for comparrison... all weekend, I got that message once. The few times I've seen it regularly was when one of the fiber nodes up the road(truck hit it) was problematic. so, are you sure it's not something network related? Feel free to PM me and I can help you troubleshoot as well as provide suggestions. We all want things to "just work", but it's not always that simple.
  6. He's correct. Alt-fire is responding as momentary button-press, not toggle, for channeling. One must hold alt fire button down to channel. Can we please get a fix for this? Also, When holding a coolant canister, it can be "thrown" as a bomb of some kind. Is this intentional? Easily reproduced: pickup coolant canister on Vallis, press B, press left trigger once(some kind of aiming arch shows up), press left trigger for a second time. According to notes, pressing left trigger at any time should aim my primary/secondary weapon. However, if holding canister and melee shows selected(name in bottom right of ui), the behavior described above occurs. Thanks for your prompt reply
  7. It updates pretty regularly. Sometimes multiple times a week.
  8. I've actually received 3 Octavia parts over the past week from ODS. Unfortunately, I think it's just you being that statistical anomaly. Btw, and please do not take offense to this question, you do know rotation C drops at 20:00, right?
  9. Mag prime relic? Pretty sure this is a vaulted relic, so it should not drop.
  10. I cannot say I've had this issue you described before. Does this always happen to you? Just wondering if it's something I should be watching for. I recall some random person I ran relics with once mentioned something similar, but no one else in party had experienced this.
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