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  1. Gurzil

    Hotfix 17.9.2

    Ty kindly. ;)
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    Hotfix 17.8.1

  3. Gurzil

    Coming Soon: Devstream #61!

    Hands down, you have pretty much everything you need to redefine clanagement standards for years to come.. Do you see it? Please say that clans/alliances get their own major update. More rooms, teased functionality, more colors, skins, components, hosting, dueling upgrades, improved customization of permissions, any and all tools to co-op like none have co-op'd before.. Eaaarrly last year you gave us new dojo rooms.. So we built grander dojos and we still wait for the observatory & hall of honor to 'activate'(?).. You released relays.. Now dojos are primarily desired for trade.. Even clan tech took a backseat.. What gives? What's the [DE]al?
  4. Gurzil

    Hotfix 17.4.3

    Thank you.
  5. Please, please, pleaaase fix the jumping flips/rolls. Meaning the rolls you can do if you simultaneously press Aim+Direction+Jump+Roll. Before Parkour 2.0 while they were a little ridged in their animations, they at least consistently worked in the direction you intended. Now it may or may not flip at an angle and much of the crate clearing/mounting height is gone and can't quite escape from groups using Aim+Direction+Jump+Roll. I know we have bullet jump, but this was really useful in vs. close quarters and ranged combat. Show the back flip some love too.. On the subject of animations: Could be possibly get some sort of timer or countdown wheel for parkour 2.0 moves like wall latch & glide? It would also be nice if parkour 2.0 stats could be added to arsenal view // Jump Height, Glide distance, Latching duration
  6. Gurzil

    Update 17.4.0

  7. Gurzil

    Here It Comes! Status Of Pc Update 17.4.0.

    Waiting patiently. ;) Ty Rebecca.
  8. Gurzil

    Hotfix 17.0.5

  9. Gurzil

    Hotfix 16.10.1

    Cuz it's 187 on an undercover.. Yea.. The percentage is so gangsta..
  10. Gurzil

    Hotfix 16.10.1

    Ty kindly.
  11. Gurzil

    Hotfix 16.9.3

    Coolio. ^_^
  12. Gurzil

    Xb1: False Profit Leaderboards

    Congrats to the XBONE clans and players. ;)
  13. Gurzil

    Update 16.8.0

    ty ty ^_^