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  1. https://imgur.com/a/0fVC9Fp DE I realize you reworked the interior of the Orbiter with this Arcana update. I suggest you do a little more tweaking.
  2. When inviting a friend to my orbiter to see the Grandma decorations they activated this decoration not knowing it had a cutscene. Interestingly it played for me as well, it glitched when I tried to exit the cutscene. Grandma stopped talking entirely and it did not actually exit requiring a restart. The friend who started the cutscene was able to exit it without issue.
  3. To be honest I was wondering if the Acolytes were only for the daily SE bounties, I don't suppose this answers technically but it certainly does functionally. Disappointed.
  4. Spent a little while thinking on this one but really DE you need to reverse the changes to SP Eximus units no longer dropping Steel Essence. I say this even benefitting from the new SE bounty system, I play Warframe more casually now having already clocked in 2500+ hours. I don't want to do a 2+ hour Survival for my Steel Essence. The SE I've received from doing the bounties just between today and yesterday is more than I've bothered to farm in the last two months. But that doesn't matter, I've heard of your excuse about macro/afk farming. Put a safeguard in. I wasn't afk farming when Ste
  5. Received two different infested k-drive parts from races in the Cambion Drift this first day of this update. Steeba and Nodulite, neither show up in my foundry at all and I have confirmed by checking in my inventory that they are blueprints and I do have them.
  6. I'd just like to know what the default color effect for Chroma's 2 is when his 1 is replaced via Helminth.
  7. My suggestion continues to be able to type the name of a warframe into the Helminth search bar and the correct ability comes up. E.g. searching "Gara" and Spectrorage comes up as a result. As of right now it only works IF the warframes name is listed in the description of the ability, e.g. a total guess.
  8. Love to hear the change to Iso vaults and been enjoying the October shop. Got me to do Deimos bounties, which I haven't done for possibly as long as a 3 weeks. Keep up the good work DE. It almost makes me feel bad about my continuing suggestion. Almost. I still cannot use the search bar in the Helminth to find the ability I am looking for by searching for the warframe it came from. The only exception to this is if the warframes name is in the description of the ability. I'd really love if it could work like that, I do not enjoy typing the name of a warframe and it being a total shot in th
  9. Yes, I am continuing to push that abilities subsumed into the Helminth are shown when you type the name of the progenitor warframe into the search bar. As of now they only show up IF the warframes name is included in the description of the ability. That sounds nice, it's not. I can type in any warframe and I will have no idea if it gives me the result I want.
  10. Fantastic hotfix, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the changes to shadows/light rendering (and the rest went over my head) and appreciate the fixes. Unfortunately, I am re-iterating my suggestion to add functionality to Helminth by being able to type in the name of the warframe the ability was subsumed from and for it to come up. As of right now this only works if the warframes name is in the description of the ability.
  11. While doing the sortie in solo mode today (Tuesday, September 29) the finale was Disruption - Enemy Elemental Enhancement (if that makes any difference). After completing the 1st round and moving to the 2nd this glitch cropped up, shown below, where instead of "Blue Conduit" it gave the filepath. In one screenshot while the Conduit is active it's functioning normally but in the other screenshot, where the Conduit is complete, it is now giving the filepath for a completed conduit. E.g. Filepath shown before and after, but not during, the Conduit activation. I did have one clanmember say th
  12. I do need to remember by continuing suggestion for Helminth functionality by allowing us to search for abilities by the warframe they were subsumed from. E.g. typing Excal or Excalibur in the search bar and Radial Blind coming up.
  13. Thank you kindly DE, this update was sorely needed and very appreciated.
  14. Fantastic to hear this news and truly truly needed. I'll be more than happy to let others speak for me on what else needs changed, and it's practically all there. What I haven't seen is any mention of Dirac. I've got 200k+ of it sitting around doing nothing with my avionics maxed out. I know it's not in the inventory in the same way other resources are but there's very little reason it can't be offered to the Helminth. Not even necessarily as Bile, just simply available to feed it.
  15. Sometimes the guns stolen by Xaku's 2 stay around indefinitely, granted without function, after the duration expires (or nullified?). Not sure what causes this but if I can steal 9 guns this glitch happens and I recast the ability I will have 18 guns in a ring around Xaku cluttering up my screen. It's a bit much. The glitched guns don't do a single other thing. They will not fire, they will not track enemies, they will not even go away when I jump out of bounds and am respawned. Haven't tested whether dying/revived fixes this. Only occurs for the duration of the mission.
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