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  1. Wings? *Experiences flashbacks to War of Angels*
  2. Nightwave... ending? Oh, I get it. So I'm dreaming and none of today has actually happened.
  3. Well it's not all bad news, thank you!
  4. DE I am begging you to do away with the nonsense way we have of creating Kuva Liches. If this is copied over to Queenpins I'm going to be heartbroken. We already get to look forward to a 2 hour minimum Lich hunt where it mostly doesn't spawn in it's own content. Often 3 hours or more. Combined with the +25-60% bonus elemental damage randomization we already have more than enough RNG. The idea that I can, and did, spend an hour last night to go through enough Kuva Larvlings to find the weapon I wanted is frustrating. It adds nothing to the game. I have my criticism of Liches themselves but they
  5. My only hope is for a Queenpin Tenora. That's Corpus right? Battacor is too much to hope for since it's Amalgam technology I think.
  6. In the mission stated the kuva siphon was not only past the boss room and active despite me not being able to reach it until I defeated Lephantis but the siphon entirely disappeared when Lephantis transferred from stage 1 to stage 2 (underground) of the fight. I am absolutely certain this was not because it absorbed the maximum amount of kuva clouds it had only absorbed 2 at the time and I believe I heard the audio cue that it was working on 3. What's the maximum number of fails for a siphon? 8? Regardless I had not reached that. The entire mission was done in solo mode, this is not relat
  7. While trying to mod the Mausolon in Simulacrum the game showed not only my Necramech but it totally overlayed the mods and underlayed the stat summary as seen here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet This is clearly because I went to Mausolon -> Upgrade equipped as my Necramechs weapon, this won't happen if I mod it as an archwing weapon or heavy weapon. However this UI oversight is repeatable.
  8. Big thanks for fixing Necramech spawns!
  9. Edit: My previous complaint was more likely to do with the fix in the subsequent patch that dealt with spawning necramechs at range, please ignore this.
  10. Contains minor spoilers for Entrati faction for any player viewing this: Imgur link While others players are invisible while talking to Father, their Crania Ephemeras can be seen regardless. Both the close-up ephemera to the PoV and the bluish ephemera closer to Father are visible at all time. I would not be surprised if this also applies to talking to other NPC's in social zones. Cetus, Fortuna, possibly relays.
  11. Imagine 50% of a Storm or higher clan having completed both The War Within, Heart of Deimos, and have built a necramech capable of scoring any appreciable amounts of points. These unmodded rent-a-mechs aren't doing it chief.
  12. Only in one mission, I have not been attempting to recreate it. Let me reiterate that I went into Titania's Razorwing as quickly as possible upon loading into the mission, personally I believe that was the issue.
  13. During a mission I encountered a severe bug with Titania Prime's Razorwing, I activated it immediately upon entering. I don't think I got over 3 fps, what I believe happened was activating the ability stopped some back-end code from loading as the moment I got the bright idea to exit Razorwing my fps shot up to capped 60. This has no relation to any Client issues as I was the Host. For the duration of no fps Razorwing the mission still functioned normally, my teammates didn't even experience lag. After exiting Razorwing and this fixing the issue I re-entered Razorwing and it worked as intended
  14. DE, I absolutely love what you've done this update. I'm simply asking that you change the "No Expiry" Iso Vault bounty list to a 3-hour timer to reflect when the loot tables rotate for different damaged necramech weapon parts, arcana arcanes, etc.
  15. Thanks for addressing a huge issue with farming Iso Vaults
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