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  1. Sleds of Sunshine - Imgur The above link is a screencap of my Warframe Steam user page to simply prove I 'earned' the achievement. What happened? I was playing Railjack Void Storm in the Veil Proxima as a Client. I did not pay attention to which node it was that I was entering as I simply confirmed the Host's mission request. I got the achievement the moment that I was forced into Archwing from a Crewship blowing up. There is a strong possibility I was sliding at the moment as that is a strong component of my movement. In more detail: Another player on the Forward Artillery struck a Crewship, I boarded it after the shot landed, I was aboard maybe 4-5s and likely sliding at the moment, the Crewship blew up and I was awarded the achievement. I obviously can't reproduce this bug as achievements are only awarded once. I would encourage your team to test it. I apologize for not being able to screen-cap it in the moment as before I recovered from my surprise it was gone. Y'all have a nice day.
  2. Point about Slash taken into consideration, it's a good one. Yeah, in that case I've got nothing for you. Dunno why your elements are combining differently than mine. I can reiterate that I 100% had Gas + Cold on mine, even tested it in the field, and that's it. Hope there's not a bug there DE needs to fix.
  3. Yeah, that's a possibility with Bladed Rounds. At the least I'm not forma-ing that slot in particular in case I want to switch it out. Corrosive? I want the damage bonus against grineer. I did get a recommendation from Q&A chat for a Toxin Envoy to make Viral with the innate Cold, no further elements required. That's not weird. If you have a Cold mod along with Heat in the mod config the innate Cold will stack with it.
  4. My current build is: Serration, Galvanized Chamber, Critical Delay, Vital Sense, and Hunter Munitions. Very standard. I would like to fit 1 elemental mod and then Primed Firestorm and Bladed Rounds in the last 3 places but I've run into a problem. The priority order of combining elements is putting the Tenet damage bonus (25-60%) before the innate Cold the weapon has as part of its base damage. This means that on a Heat Envoy with a Toxin mod I am getting Gas + Cold instead of Viral + Heat. The idea was to blast a group with Viral, hopefully get the 1st status proc for +100% dmg vulnerability and then hit them again with what is essentially a chonk rocket launcher. I realize Gas could fit it into the AoE nature but I'm not a fan. Opinions? My current 2 options is drop Bladed Rounds to force elements or to switch to a Toxin Envoy + Electricity mod for Corrosive + Cold. If you have other ideas: hit me with it.
  5. Absolutely love the Sisters of Parvos experience from top to bottom. It's a faster hunt that feels great, the hounds are fun to fight, the final showdown is satisfying. Take practically anything in the patch notes about them, put it in my mouth, and take it as a compliment. Please. I've had quite a bit of fun with the update so far. Unfortunately now let me be very clear I am being incredibly literal about the Sisters of Parvos part, just that part. Candidates continue to suffer the exact same problems kuva larvlings had, RNG that is both in excess and too much. I'm coming up on about the 2 hour mark on trying to find a Tenet Envoy which with 8(?) eligible Tenet weapons should be a 12.5% chance that I'm still not seeing! ...Why? You want me to play Granum Void? I am! I'm going to T3 rewards just because I'm there! Sure it's increasing my time per run a bit but heck if I don't have a little bit of fun somewhere in here! Give me a reason that we cannot use the Spectral Debris as a currency to force-spawn a Sister with the weapon we desire. Far as I'm aware it's only current use is constructing Hounds at Legs. That requires five Debris I believe and I'd only consider constructing 1 custom Hound. I'm getting 2-4 Debris per Granum Void typically (without Fetch/Vacuum)! Give me something to use it on and for the love of god stop gating entrance to activities behind pure RNG. 15 Debris to get what I want? Considering how long it's taken me so far I wouldn't bat an eye at 25.
  6. On Kill: -10 health, +20 squad health Noticed this while a clannie and I were testing Combat Discipline for a possible Sisters build due to its interaction with Arcane Avenger (on damaged). Combat Discipline simply doesn't work, my health is reduced as per stated and my clannie recieved no healing about 90% of the time. It wasn't a matter of shield-gating or any other brief invincibility mechanic, he was standing still as Inaros. Out of more than 40 kills both in and outside Simulacrum he received +20 health maybe a total of 4 times if even that. I imagine this occurred when Combat Discipline functionality was removed from necramechs. During the entire test we stayed at least within affinity range. P.S. Please add a Tag category titled 'Gameplay' or similar as none of the available categories seemed appropriate.
  7. I'm trying to use a broader variety of warframes, just to spice it up. Overall cool with the idea of Invigorations but getting to manually select an Invigoration every 10? That's 4 weeks (5 if the selected Invigoration can't generate the same week you hit the 10) between choices. A month. I don't want to feel like a month passed of me pressing buttons just to get this one shiny Invigoration. I'd rather you just leave the Invigorations randomized completely, like strength bonuses from arbitrations. You wouldn't want players to only bother with arbitrations the one week they get to manually select what warframe of theirs gets boosted. This is assuming that you get to select all 3 Invigorations per week, originally my interpretation was that you couldn't but on reflecting that seems foolish. If you could only select 1 then it'd be every 10 weeks (11 including the week you have the selected Invigoration). That just feels rotten, please let me be wrong about that entirely.
  8. Parazon can only support 3 mods, what I'm left asking is whether I can automatically switch to Config B if it's part of a different loadout as it is with regular gear. It might already be like that, not sure. I've only ever ran Runtime, Untraceable, and Auto Breach.
  9. I came here expecting to be pleased to spray and prey with rifles, my only takeaway was the Requiem Ultimatums. THANK YOU DE for fixing the system.
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