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  1. Pfffrrrrt, slow donw fella, I'm not speaking about fixes or more important stuff. Texture update, mate. Update. Not a complete redesign, just some upgrade, that will remain Excal up-to-date.
  2. That's the point. And you get what you paid for. See the irony? Nah, you do not.
  3. Is a revising a thing that's 8 years old is something terrible? Well... Sadge.
  4. Well then you shouldn't expect any updates of warframe at all, cuz you "paid for what you got", yunno? Just get stuck by playing old content without any updates, that's the stuff you got, you shouldn't receive anything. Big brain time, Bob.
  5. Excalibur prime skin is just outdated. It's white'n'stripes, it's surely needs to be reworked. And adding Prime helmet to Umbra would be awesome.
  6. Howdy ya'll. I was just wondering, what's exactly going on with chat moderation program at the moment.There is a big problem with it on Russian segment of Warframe. In specific, there are no live chat moderators in a court. Only a bot, that can be tresspassed easily by changing letters to symbols et cetera.Just for an example: There is a word "Лоли" (meaning - loli, or underage girl) that you would be kicked from the chat immediately. But if you change letter "o" to a zero (0), you won't get any kick or ban. Basically, you can avoid getting any sort of punishment by just using "tips
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