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  1. You can see the random roll on a weapon before the repair already. The only weapon changes consoles are missing is the heat change for the Zetki variants and the Cryophon nerf. I'm not really eager to get those. Agree with the rest though.
  2. Usually leaving a clan is not a bannable offense. He should be fine leaving. On the other hand if that guy has done smth bad and the leader has prove of it, it's blackmailing. Not sure how that'd turn out.
  3. Definately one of the Nikana series, last time I checked it was the Skiajati, before that it was the Dragon Nikana. But I've been using the Nikana Prime and the Nikana Zaw alot lately.
  4. That's good to know. I'm farming resources for the sigma MK III parts. The natural progression is bonkers though. MK I parts already starting to feel worthless from the second half of earth while being equivalently expensive than sigma MK III.
  5. Wukong with a Radiation/Viral Kohm and a 2h Nikana / Nikana / Machete / Scythe build for heavy attacks makes index a cakewalk.
  6. I'd prefer the ability to turn them into traces or just sell them for 10 to 15 ducats over your suggestion.
  7. One thing regarding the tactical map: can you make it not move or make it smaller in scale when in the railjack? I have issues to teleport from the pilot seat to the forge and back due to the teleport markers not being displayed on the map when I'm too far on the opposite side.
  8. These probably got mentioned aready, but nevertheless: Please get rid of the non RJ resource bonuses at the end of mission, especially rubedo and ferrite do not feel like a reward to anyone who has access to these missions. It's not fun to everybody to roam asteroid fields for titanium after a mission. If "space mining" is supposed to be the only source of titanium I suggest the following: Crank up the numbers, the yield in comparison to the requirements is to low Provide tools to identify resource deposits more easily (e.g. a kind of radar/scan avionic) Vacuum radius of the railjack and especially arch wing is pittiful so it's very easy to miss out on drops, especially mined resources as they have no indicator like avionics or wreckage
  9. The early experiance and progression is really bad, you basically have to rely on a full AW squad or already have some MK II or III gear to enjoy the later missions on earth. I tried the natural progression and farmed the first 3 missions on earth to get MK I gear. My railjack has a MK I reactor, MK I engine, MK I Vidar Carcinox and MK I Vidar Apoc and struggles with lvl 15+ fighters. I was lucky enough to find the Zetki Bulkhead so my RJ does not get vaporized while trying to gun the fighters down but I generally do not enjoy the later earth missions although I have the best possible gear that can be aquired there.
  10. It was forced at the beginning, but now it's not. It's up to the player to mercy a larvling or not. I had 1 lich to see if the system was fun or not to me. It was not and I watched every subsequent larvling die in front of me.
  11. If you play as mindfull as you post you acually deserved this.
  12. It can't, because the RJ interior is not part of the actual map. Same applies to all other interiors in RJ missions.
  13. Yes, channeling is gone and Zenurik is arguably even more powerfull now. The passive now increases heavy attack efficancy by 60%(capped at 90% total) at max rank, meainng heavy attacks only drain 40% of your combo meter.
  14. I don't think it was an oversight to make this content accessible with Archwing. It might have been an oversight regarding the inventory management being tied to the vessel although you can do all railjack content w/o having it. I don't have my ship build yet and was able to pull my weight as a member regardless, why should I not receive the same rewards? Having a ship or not doesn't add anything when you join someone else's crew.
  15. Expected a different answer tbh but ok, hoarders must love this game to death, for all the uselsess stuff it throws at you left and right. I personally prefer rewards that are either worthwile or usefull (either to me or others). Picking up the example from above I don't feel rewarded when I receive some dust for my, already huge, pile of dust. Receiving materials can definately feel rewarding (orokin cells and neurodes) still feel like a reward to me, as I still have uses for them, but, at least to me, their value drops to 0 the moment they stop being usefull.
  16. Problems with materials/rssouces come when you don't have any use for them. Are you happy when you return from a mission with nothing but credits and nanospores you already have millions of?
  17. Good thing no one has to worry about the constuctiveness of feedback in gereral discussions.
  18. Thanks, @Isokaze_BestKaze. You just made me want to farm that weapon although I dislike the looks.
  19. @Vyra You could have still posted it in the general bugs forum ...
  20. Why are you posting this in general discussion, @Vyra?
  21. Thanks for sharing your plans and thoughts, @[DE]Rebecca ! I'm really curious about how you guys will make RJ fit with the rest of the game. Right now RJ and the liches seem isolated from the base game content. I just hope you find a way to tie these closer together while appreciating the time people spent with the base content. All major updates I've experienced have been lacking "economical" integration. People who played the game before PoE or, like me, enjoy the quick mission stlye gameplay. Gameplay that usually rewards you with recources that are completely useless, thus feel worthless, as soon as you step out of the base game content.
  22. Oh boy. Time to get revenge for all the gray hair they gave me by trying.
  23. I wonder how Relais, Cetus and Fortuna work ... They have the possibility (code) yet they don't expand on it (just like they do with the content). I can't do PoE or Vallis in PUGs because it's a dia show albeit having a 200MB/s connection. I'd bet my dead grandma that RJ will be really good, forced CO-OP experiance.
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