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  1. Probably because of the armor strip with the augment. Did not work for me though.
  2. I've read a few post suggesting the use of Vodirig for iso runs ... having to farm iso vaults to get a mech in the first place removes that option. Suggesting the use of Fulmin/Catchmoon and saying punch through no longer working is kinda contradicting. So back to square 1 again ... So I have to hit the weak points directly while one of them is on its back and he is constantly facing me and raming into me, yeeting me away. Sounds PITA to me. Another idea I came across was using Lokis decoy + banish, does this still work or was it "fixed" as Octavias Mallet was?
  3. I've been struggling lately with necramechs in iso vaults and certain bosses that can only be damaged in certain areas when using exalted blade. I stopped shortly after Deimos release and had no issues fighting necramechs with EB back then. Now it seems that if EB hits another part first the damage does not register even if it hits the weak spot after that. This also applies for the legs of the Jackal or the back of Lech Krill. Along with that, do you have any adivce on hunting necramechs solo? I had okayish results with a slow Nova in 1 on 1 situations, but started struggling with fighting multiple mechs at once. Is there any weapon/frame (combination) able to get rid of them quick? I use slow Nova with Rubico Prime, moded for radiation for the mechs.
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