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  1. Am 31.3.2020 um 19:06 schrieb (PS4)CommanderC2121:

    Thanks for the hard work. Any ideas when we may see scarlet spear to console? Is it even possible currently with all the virus craziness? 

    Did you check the current status on pc? If not: It‘s  hot mess. They should leave it in the oven for anorher month or two. 

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  2. Am 29.1.2020 um 22:49 schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

    A downed Kuva Larvling will now display an icon of the Kuva weapon that its birthed Kuva Lich will possess!

    To improve immersion on this one, why isn't the larvling already using the weapon we may later want to steal from him? Ok it's some work on the animations but it'd just feel more natural than this signpost saying "Stop, if you kill me you will get x. Do you want to proceed?"

  3. Many thanks,Rebecca. The changes look very promissing.

    vor 17 Stunden schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

    Valence Transfer Infusion

    • First introduced in 26.0.6, Valence Transfer was designed to address owning duplicate Kuva weapons with different unique innate damage bonuses. Giving you the ability to replace a Kuva weapon’s innate damage bonus (plus investments like Forma, Focus Lens etc) with one from another Kuva weapon was a good start, but we can push this even further!

      Valence Transfer now also boosts your Kuva weapons innate damage bonus. Examples:
    • Your Kuva Kohm with 25% damage can be infused into your 40% weapon, to make it 44%
    • Your Kuva Kohm with 40% damage can be infused into your 25% weapon, to make it 44%
    • Your Kuva Kohm with 25% damage can be infused into your 44% weapon, to make it 48.4%

    Your Kuva weapon duplicates now offer a gradual progression towards a “perfect” Kuva weapon, which would reflect a 60% damage value, if you choose to pursue this path.

    What I don't get is how this is supposed to work with different elements though. If the 25% Kohm is Toxin and the 40% one is Cold, how is the element of the 44% weapon determined? Is it the players' choice or does the element of the highest-% carry over?

    My appolgies if this has been covered somewhere else, but I did not engage with Liches after having dealt with my first one.

  4. Thanks for sharing your plans and thoughts, @[DE]Rebecca !

    I'm really curious about how you guys will make RJ fit with the rest of the game. Right now RJ and the liches seem isolated from the base game content. I just hope you find a way to tie these closer together while appreciating the time people spent with the base content. All major updates I've experienced have been lacking "economical" integration. People who played the game before PoE or, like me, enjoy the quick mission stlye gameplay. Gameplay that usually rewards you with recources that are completely useless, thus feel worthless, as soon as you step out of the base game content.

  5. vor 15 Stunden schrieb [DE]Danielle:

    Unfortunately, due to an error on our end the pack will release in the EU region earliest on December 12th. We apologize for the delay! We'll let you know when you should be seeing it appear to claim your free goods if you are a PS+ member. 

    Verdammt! Never the less, thanks for the update.

  6. vor 18 Stunden schrieb [DE]Danielle:

    We also want to take this moment to let you know that the console team is already deep in the process of working on a build candidate for Fortuna to send to cert. As usual, status threads will be posted once we have successfully done so! We all lift together, Tenno!

    Aww, okay. I had the hope that Fortuna & Melee 3.0 would hit consoles at the same time (in 2018).

  7. Just stumbled upon this now: you can't change the charge state of the Daikyu as you can with any other bow I've tried (dread, rakta cernos, cernos, cernos prime, mutalist cernos)

  8. It's not a major thing but I run into this regularly because I'm not using the english client so I do not know every mods english name and go by their effects. And I've found some inconsitencies in the elemental damage mods descriptions. Eg. Fever strike saying "+90% extra POISON damage" and Primed Fever Strike saying "+165% TOXIN"

    Just verified that one example with the wiki, but I'm pretty sure that it's also the case for some primary and secondary mods.

  9. vor 21 Stunden schrieb Omega-ZX:

    Nein das geht nicht. Wenn du den Client auf englisch stellst dann landest du zwangsweise in der englischsprachigen Region - ob du willst oder nicht. Es gibt einfach keine Einstellung die sagt das man auf Englisch zwar den Client hat aber auf Deutsch mit der Com zu tun haben möchte. Da kannst auch gleich auf deutsch stellen...

    Daran angelehnt einige Fragen:

    1. Kann ich mit englischsprachigen Mitspielern handel treiben (über warframe market) ohne meine PS4 / die Regionseinstellungen in Warframe ändern zu müssen?
    2. Welche Funktion hat die Regionseinstellung in den Optionen überhaupt?
    3. Wird warframe.market im deutschsprachigem Raum überhaupt zum Handeln verwendet oder dient es nur als Infoplattform zu Preisen?
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