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  1. Like a lot of others, fashion frame is a fun thing for me, and some schemes I use with Garuda don't mesh well with her claws, since they take directly from her body's scheme, so I have to take my melee off so they actually work well with her. "Me problem", I know, but I do have an idea on what DE could do. Under attachments there's the "auxiliary" slot, yeah? Maybe give us the option to "slot" her claws in there, and then have them take from the attachment colours? It's not a perfect fix and maybe not one that makes sense because of the wording I'm heccin exhausted but it'd be a partial solution. I don't expect DE to dedicate an entire section of Garuda's fashion section to her claws, but I think we have the tools to do that already. (Not a programmer so iunno any potential obstacles.) And then if we wanted her claws and their colours to act as they are now, simply leave them "unslotted" and they would. Again, I don't know if that's viable since I'm not a programmer, but it's still an idea.
  2. Welp, just found my answer for the latter question. They can even spawn partially inside the Captura containers.
  3. The title says it all. Just need to know in case another survival pops up so I don't waste time looking in places they can't spawn in. Edit: Can Medallions also spawn in Amalgam puzzle rooms on Jupiter?
  4. I'm sure I'm not the only one concerned about how these changes will be handled with existing Rivens. I'm all down for this change, and figured it'd happened eventually, but I'm concerned for the same reason. For example, my Kronen Locti-Cronisus is my favourite Riven in my Arsenal, and I only actively use two, maybe three Rivens, simply because I'm not into grinding out Rivens to get one for a weapon I like. I've invested 3 Forma into my Kronen Prime as a result to fit it in there, and one more is planned to change the stance polarity. I'd like to be able to keep the Riven as a Kronen Prime riven, not a Kronen riven. I'm not saying this because I like how high the stats are, but simply because I love tonfas and my Kronen Prime, and I'd hate for my Riven to essentially be ripped away and force me to invest even more time and Forma into the normal Kronen. Sorry if this doesn't really make sense. I'm not in the best frame of mind right now.
  5. Normally I’d agree, but the trickster ephemera is kind of hard to see, at least for me. And when I say “pulse outwards”... I guess the best way to describe it is like when you toss a pebble into a pond.
  6. So, I just killed my third Lich, a radiation Brakk generated by Garuda, and when I opened up the Lich stat screen I noticed that it pulsed outwards whenever I opened it, an effect I hadn't noticed before. I asked a few friends if that happened to them and they said it didn't, and a pub who had the trickster ephemera (which spawns with rad-equipped Lichs) on said the effect had happened with his. But when i killed the Lich, I didn't get one. It didn't show up in the rewards screen, foundry, arsenal or inventory. I haven't had the chance to generate a new Lich to see if I just didn't notice the effect before, so... am I being silly, or did I get bugged out of an Ephemera? I wanna know so I can see if I can't file a support ticket, since I'll get responses on this faster than I will be able to generate another Lich, and I'd rather not clog up support if it's the former.
  7. I won't comment on WoW or Phantasy anymore since I haven't even downloaded the launchers for this game, and I'll try to make this my last comment on the matter. I know how riled up I can get, so I want to try and end it respectfully on my end. That said, in order; I have started from a stock of 0, and likely, so have others. It's made even more frustrating when this isn't considering other weapons or clan tech. I don't Forma a lot, but when I do, it's a weapon I really like, so I'd like to not have to choose between mastery and upgrading a favoured weapon... unless said weapon IS a Lich weapon. Then that issue is null for that specific case. I don't have any argument or issue with your comment on the time it takes to get weapons from Lichs, in fact I agree, so I'll move on. I also agree on this part. It's extremely easy to forget what we have when there's so much to get, and unfortunately I haven't always been practicing what I preach when it comes to that. But there's a difference between "relaxed" and "forced arbitrary wait times." I think it's a good idea that Forma takes so long to build on an individual level for that reason, to relax and do other things, since it's not mandatory for any kind of reward on a maxed weapon. But with Kuva weapons and the Paracesis, the mastery can only be acquired by that method. Also, yeah, it's honestly satisfying as hell to get those relics as drops, and it helps even more since you don't feel like you HAVE to radiate them as a result. The issue of Forma really only originates from the reward of mastery and how long it takes to get that, I feel, but I've said that before. I will admit, the way you worded this could've been better, but I was the one who started being a bit of a d*ck first, so I'll ignore it. I'll reiterate that some people, like me, want to have the ability to spend Forma on other weapons we enjoy, without the dilemma of mastery or a better, more personally favored weapon. And I personally don't spend platinum on Forma. Not anymore, that is. I haven't had as much money as I once could get these past few years In fact, I really only buy platinum whenever I get a sizable discount, typically 60%+, and I save it for slots, potatos, and pallets. (because F A S H I O N) There's a few exceptions in each case, like when I bought a ton of melee-related stuff before The Old Blood before prices potentially skyrocketed, but I've been trying to be more wise about my usage of any platinum I have. Potatos and slots can be *@##$es to come by, but you can get one Forma blueprint a day by doing four relic runs if you're super unlucky. I will thank you, though. This conversation did remind me to enjoy what I have, and not stress over what I don't have, a lesson I'm having a tough time learning. I apologize for being rude and wish you a great day/night.
  8. We are enjoying it, but that does NOT mean we cannot have issues with it. Personally, I love the Lich system, and now that we get Requiem relics from Thralls my only issue is how janky some of the animations can be when you kill/convert a Lich. And I love how the Kuva weapons work, too. Being able to push weapons beyond their normal limits, as you said, is great! HOWEVER, the process of doing it, is not. Five forma in one weapon can be common for some players, and that's fine. However, because these additional ranks award mastery, that's a HUGE incentive to put a minimum of five forma into it. For some players, that's not an issue, since Forma blueprints are fairly easy to come by now. The TRUE issue is that one Forma takes 24 hours to craft, and that there are 13 weapons. That's 65 forma. Over two months worth of the stuff. That's assuming you don't send Forma on ANYTHING else during that time, and that more Kuva weapons aren't released. And the rebuttal of "well you can just buy it all if you don't want to wait" is not a good argument. Not everybody has the cash to shell out 770 platinum for that Forma, over 50 dollars CAD. And not everybody does trade chat, either. I don't, since I've still got a lot I need to get before I have spares of anything valuable. AND ON TOP OF THAT, not everybody is gonna farm for five years for... a mount, simply because not everybody is that dedicated. In essence... taking a weapon beyond it's limits is fine. Great, even, considering what the weapons are and their buffs. Being forced to pay over $50 CAD or wait just over 2 months if you're not active in trade chat is not, especially when it affects mastery. Also, as a personal comment, don't say that your friend spent five years trying to get a mount and imply that we should all just deal with it since others have such worse luck. Or that we should "just enjoy the game, play it and have fun." Imagine going to your friends house and getting a free meal, but it's just burnt bacon, and he told you to "just enjoy it." That's how I interpret what you're saying. We're *@##$ing because we like the game, and people need to understand that. If we didn't give a damn about Warframe, we wouldn't be here.
  9. At first I was fine with it... then I realized that since there’s 13 Kuva weapons we need 65 forma to rank em all up to the true max. I now share your sentiments.
  10. Whenever a converted Lich spawns, the game will start to lag hardcore. I've had Windows say the program wouldn't respond, and a host migration occurred because someone's Lich spawned and their PC couldn't handle it.
  11. If you deploy Vauban's Tesla Nervos and go into your Operator and back into Vauban, the amount of drones shows up as "0", resulting in wasted energy if you think you need to replenish them.
  12. Primed Mods ranks and formats aren't showing up properly, but their effects, drains ranks are still being properly applied.
  13. I have no clue if DE publicized this or if it's a bug (highly doubt it) but I know I only found out because I, well, formad my Chakkurr. Honestly hope they don't nerf the 50% crit chance and 2.3x multiplier but I feel like they will
  14. Reflection description still reads (unranked) "16% Damage taken is reflecting when Blocking while Channeling."
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