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  1. I want to point something out here in addition to my previous comment about selling every single Navigation Coordinate I owned. (For those who ask "why" and haven't seen my prior post-- it's a case of "existing and doing nothing" versus "I can make a few credits off this.") Update 28.3, when Nav Coords were made sellable, was launched on August 12th. I would assume we knew about Helminth at the time but I'm not sure. Personally, I waited to sell them, see if, when Helminth was released and I crafted it, if we could use them or not. We could not, so I sold them. I'm up to 170 due to pretty
  2. Why keep Creds if you didn't spend them during the proper nightwave? Why keep anything that's functionally useless at all, really? it's a case of "existing in my inventory doing absolutely nothing" versus "a few credits are a few credits." Honestly it's more or less my thoughts on every resource that we have ludicrous amounts of and barely use for anything.
  3. >Nav Coordinates Hmm... you know, these sound oddly familiar. They feel like a resource that was made worthless with the introduction of Deimos... one that should’ve been introduced with it at the start... OH! I remember them now! I sold every single one of them because I didn’t think we would ever get a use for them since they weren’t introduced with the Helminth. To say I’m bitter is an understatement.
  4. I'm... really sorry to bug you so much, I'm just not knowledgeable in this field. To be clear, what I want-- just making it easier for me to use the fire rate of my weapons-- is, while morally grey, mostly fine, correct?
  5. Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Truth be told I don't know the difference between a macro and a script if there is one-- I just want to be able to make full useage of some of my weapons due to human limitations. Like, for example, my trigger finger is ass, always has been, so maybe one click of my fire button is equal to two or three, I guess? Not entirely clear on what you're saying. Sorry ^^;
  6. The title basically says it all-- high RoF single-fire weapons, insane attack speed melees, they're hard to utilize to the best of their capability. Is there any macro there's been sort of defacto "legalized" by DE in that a lot of people use it, and as long as they're only using it so they don't break their fingers by accident somehow and just doing what is humanly possible? Side note, what are some precautions I should take if I decide to get a macro to ensure that automated systems won't think I'm cheating? Any RoF/melee attack speed I shouldn't exceed?
  7. I was trying to swap my configs on my Harrow-- specifically a config infused with Larva, and one with Smite-- and when I did it just... broke. It removed my Energy Siphon and whenever I tried to do anything it just said "Aura Mods are reserved for Aura Slots." Ended up with me restarting my game, and it's still broken. So basically, I just lost a loadout slot until this bug is fixed. EDIT: A minute after I posted it I had the idea to paste over an empty loadout with mod link. Seems to have fixed it.
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