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  1. I guess the troll is you, DE just confirmed that update is coming next week... And I mean big Updates, like this one which will probably be a few GBs heavy. Yeah, that guy is the ignorant one.
  2. That's what Devstreams are for... Prime Time is just playing with the community, showing FanArt, Contests, etc... Megan and Rebb aren't Developers, they just work on Community areas, and this Prime Time is just going to get more people annoyed without the Update released.
  3. Wisp is almost certainly ready and maybe the Jupiter remaster too... The problem is they try to add so much stuff to the update, getting everything working decently that they are forced to DElay it... So yeah, I agree, just release at least Wisp now, and leave the rest for a later date, it really sucks to wait more time because the things people don't care much about are not working properly....
  4. Either you get it today or next week only... DE_Steve said before he would never do Friday Updates again.
  5. Is there any more Operator content coming? This thread has some great ideas, Operator content 2.0
  6. Can you please lets us shove Ordis into a sentinel or a MOA and having him interacting with us in our missions and other stuff? Lotus left us, we want nothing with that traitor!
  7. Will you ever make Titania walk/run animation float instead of just walking and running like other frames? It just makes sense for her. Can we have more operator talk please? Give them more lines! I'm using falcon and I love her voice.
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