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  1. Same crap every time this is brought up. Clans are meant to be cooperative so in theory it should be ok as long as everyone is working towards the goal with equal effort. I run a solo clan myself, yes its annoying but there isn't much to be done other than bite the bullet and farm. The drop rate for mutagen sample is awful for how much you need. As much as i want it as something complete in my clan, its better to just farm plat and buy it from the market if you really want it. It really doesn't matter that the hema is worthless to someone, they should be able to obtain it fairly. I think the only other grind somewhat close to being this bad is for ephemera in arbitrations, every other weapon is fine resource wise imo. I guess sibear might be bad but cryotic is easy to accumulate over time in comparsion to mutagen samples.
  2. Still don't understand the sudden nerf to nekros+hydroid etc after all this time 😞 EDIT: defense objective as in the cryopod or the guy who likes to run around a lot? cryopod fix? thats good
  3. Fixed the camera momentarily being jerked forward when shooting the Stug at certain angles. Hahaha thank you! 😂
  4. As someone who prefers to play solo the elite missions annoyed me. I don't understand the decision to NEED friends for some of these. I honestly wouldn't mind doing an endurance run without triggering towers if the spawn rates for life support were actually decent in solo play. This has been an issue for quite a while now, when you get to a certain point the enemies just do not spawn enough even with nekros. I really want to like nightwave because the concept of having weekly challenges to complete sounds fun but there is a constant anxiety of "am i going to get enough standing to get all the rewards?". How accurate is this complete 60% of missions really? 🗿
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