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  1. I found the way to solve this bug. You have to find someone who not explored any caves and he must be the host. Then simply revisit them all. In that way I found the bugged one and got the achievement. I was lucky enough to make it with randoms. I think the issues cause was that I was kicked to the start screen in the middle of the cave.
  2. So yes, it is definitely bugged. I checked every cave in Orb Vallis four times but still no progress, no achievement ☹️ Please fix it!
  3. I found my ingame cave counter broken, it stucks at 29 of 30, although I am sure for 100% I found every cave in the Orb Vallis. All the caves are marked on my map, all of 30, but counter stucks at 29.
  4. Xbox version. After yesterday hotfix it is not possible to unequip weapon, I mean I can't equip empty slot and play the mission with only one gun. New cursor system is terrible on consoles, I want back previous system. Also there are problems with colors, especially in dojo, game looks there like colored vomit. Seriously, I don't want play the game with my eyes bleeding 😡
  5. Absolutelly uncomfortable new cursor system with gamepad in your hands, give us back old system or at least option to choose between both. Personally i started to think about leaving this game after this update, because you not thinking anymore about players!
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