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  1. I feel the same way 😞 Barruk is the loser of the patch
  2. I would disagree at any stage of the game energy maintenance is extremely important and especially when maintaining his 3 as the enemies start to scale higher and if you're trying to maintain restraint using 2 more often. Every bit of energy and energy source becomes extremely valuable.
  3. Lets take a quick look at how the upcoming mainline might impact Baruuk (my favourite boi) First ability - This ability after the mainline update will become an already even more dead button than it currently is! Why is that? Well the new 100% blocking from melee is essentially a better version of this ability. Yes it can achieve greater range (up to 360) and erodes restraint, but you can't attack just like regular blocking and it costs energy. It is also a channeling cost making it even worse... you can't benefit from zenurik dash while this is active. Essentially you never want to push 1 because his 2 and 3 are much better at eroding restraint with minimal impact on your rotation. My rating after the mainline -2/10 worst ability in the game Second ability - Remains relatively the same being mostly a niche ability (most useful for mobile defense, defense, or sleep solo builds) or as one of your main energy dumps for restraint erosion. With maybe very minimal negative or beneficial impacts from the mainline due to the weapon buffs. My rating after the mainline 3 or 4/10 Third ability - Same treatment as the second ability little to no impacts due to this upcoming mainline (unless DE has withheld some tweaks for Baruuk *fingers crossed*). In general though this ability can at times be considered Baruuk's most defining ability. Providing great dmg reduction, disarm, great restraint erosion, and annoyingly jumps to allies. My rating after the mainline 7/10 Fourth ability - Now this one stands to gain the most from this mainline update! Many may have missed it, but I believe Reb responded to a question in the latest prime time near the end, if Excalibur's exalted blade would benefit from the combo counter and she said yes. With that it's safe to assume that Baruuk will also get this treatment! This means that yes combo counters lose the dmg scaling, but I hope we could look forward to the use of blood rush and weeping wounds (This might be a stretch). Next, we saw a nice buff to condition overload meaning even with low status chance we can easily put 3 status procs on enemies and gain benefits (I can't recall if the wind waves benefit from condition overload but I'm assuming they do). Finally, it was stated in the dev workshop on the melee update that exalted weapons will be getting the stat buffs as well!!!! Meaning if we can see the introduction of IPS spread dmg, increased attack speed, increased status chance, and increased crit dmg we could be in a very powerful position (even just 2 of those buffs would be insane)! My rating after the mainline 9/10 (very dependent though) Overall, Baruuk stands to gain a lot when it comes to his 4th ability and might even be the winner in this mainline update (minus ember and vauban). On the other hand, if we don't see many changes to his 4th his 1st ability just becomes a dead button and he takes (IMO) the crown for the new worst warframe in need of a dire update! I'd love to hear the communities thoughts as well!
  4. I can't seem to post an image here, but the new lahnss skin for polearms is extremely stretched when put on my vaykor sydon. It even has a slight bend in the middle due to being so contorted! hoping this gets fixed soon really like this skin with my new graxx baruuk!!
  5. If the reworks go by warframe usage/popularity can we expect some baruuk tweaks? Even though he’s just under a year old he came out of the gate with no synergy and lacking abilities!
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