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  1. Pretty much need to kill 3 pilots before they hit the ground whilst sliding. I have done everything I can think of, Nova, Equinox, different weapons and not one has registered. I've even made sure I'm on top of the largest hill I can slide down, started sliding, killed the pilot, continued to slide and it still hasn't registered. It's not the first time I've had this happen and having looked around its happening to others too and has for a while.
  2. Yes, which means that consoles are getting behind on them. It's a joke. Round 14 is taking so long that by the time it comes out next year, part of the joke, it will be round 20 on pc, another part of the joke. So to summarise R/whoooooooosh
  3. You know that *her damage builds up by doing damage right? The whole point is activate it, kill stuff, deactivate it, watch everything die instantly, then reactivate it.
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