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  1. Because the New War is highly anticipated; if it drops and the Warframe-using missions consist of us gibbing Sentients as easily as we do Heavy Gunners, it'll be rather a damp squib. ๐Ÿ˜• Fighting Sentients was about preparation. Take the right loadout and you could smush them quickly even on Steel Path. Pick the wrong tools and they were bullet sponges. After reading the patch notes, I popped to Plato on the Star Chart, and discovered my Sentinel could melt the Sentients with Verglas in a couple of seconds, while I just hopped around in circles. Then I went there on Steel Path... and slaughtered them with Tenora Prime -- it wasn't even necessary to remove their Damage Adaptation. They are barely tankier than Heavy Gunners now. This supposedly-formidable foe now looks kinda pathetic, and I find it sad. I get what the plan is -- random squads in New War will include players who overestimated their gear. Put four such players in the same squad, and the Sentients would become as tedious as the Wolf of Saturn Six *could* be. Those players would conclude the event is just a load of unfun bullet-sponges, and for sure that wouldn't be good. I see the problem the devs are seeing... but IMHO, this is the wrong solution. Better options would be: devise a lore explanation that the Sentients in the New War missions have been sabotaged to make them vulnerable to Status effects How, why and by whom might or might not be known at the start of the New War, and I can offhand think of at least four NPCs who could be responsible. Do it like this, and the New War would be an enjoyable experience for less-advanced players. Job done. Outside the New War, players who have put in the legwork to build viable Sentient-stomping loadouts would continue to appreciate the fruits of their labours. Players first encountering Sentinents and finding them a bit chewy would be motivated to discover and farm loadouts and builds which are effective against them. Isn't that sort of thing what Warframe is largely about? Alternatively... at the start of the New War experience, provide the player with an Aura Mod which allows one stack of Status to be applied to Sentient enemies A full squad with this Mod would be able to apply four stacks of Status, and look how much difference that made to Kuva Liches! It could also be brought back into the main game or not at the player's discretion. Give the Mod negative 9 Drain so it doesn't trash Steel Charge builds, and give it universal Polarity so nobody has to farm multiple Aura Formas to slot it on whichever Warframes they want to try. Who could provide such a Mod? Alad V would be an obvious candidate to me; he's a genius in robotics, who was even able to develop a strain of Infestation which could infect robotic units, his unintended alliance with the Sentients will have given him ample opportunity to study them on Jupiter, and he's somewhat under their thumb so he'd certainly like them gone. Providing the Tenno with a tool which helps them against Sentients but doesn't do anything against Corpus would fit both his objectives and his established capabilities. Call it "Amalgam Affliction" or something. Little Duck would be another candidate, due to her close association with the Quills, and by extension the Unum. There's lore to back that up. Solutions like this would make the New War accessible, and still let Sentients be special in the main game.
  2. Personally I find Lich Hunting one of the most enjoyable experiences in the game, but... ...them voice lines, though... all the ****ing time... imagine never getting a break from that! Literally, worse than Ordis. ๐Ÿ˜› (And stolen loot is no trifling matter for a newbie.)
  3. I get where you're coming from, but here's a different perspective. Lots of PvE shooters have "difficulty" or "skill level" options which adjust the player's eHP and DPS output. How would you design an enemy to "feel good" knowing that some players will switch the "skill level" down to "Super-Easy" and others will kick it up to "Nightmare Ultra-Mega-Hard"? The answer being: you pitch it at what you expect to be the mid-range of your target playerbase's capabilities, and let the individual player adjust it up or down to suit their abilities and how much effort they want to have to apply. ๐Ÿ˜€ Warframe achieves much the same -- not through an options menu, but through the Arsenal. You can be nigh-unkillable, or you can be the glassiest of glass cannons. You can bring weapons which one-shot anything you want, or you can bring weapons which barely tickle the enemies. Up to you. So when people talk about how it's impossible for Warframe to offer a challenge to the most powerful loadouts available... it's no surprise -- by selecting that loadout, the player has opted for "easy mode" -- of course it won't present a challenge! Similarly, if folks make out it's a problem that Mirage has a tough time surviving much past level 300, I'm nonplussed. They opted to be squishy, and they're squishy. (Is their real problem that Chroma has duff booty? ๐Ÿ˜†) I've never even seen a level 500 enemy. I don't have the attention-span for endurance runs. ๐Ÿ˜ช Scarlet Spear ground mission got up to near level 200. One run of that, it was just my Mirage and a Volt. We completed 15/16 uploads, but lost the OpLinks during the last one. Those are both squishy 'frames, in a heavy-enemy-density mission, and neither of us died once, despite levels being nearly double the highest non-endless missions available. Nah, I see it like this: if I'm off to solo a Steel Path Disruption... do I want to die? Hildryn="No"; Mag="Yes"; Hydroid="Maybe"... do I want to brick myself if I don't spot the Demo 'til it's within spitting-distance of the Conduit? Ohma="No"; Sheev="Yes". If the player adjusts their loadout to provide the experience they want, the game works fine... my problem is that adjusting the loadout by merely switching Warframes and Weapons (which is convenient) only works from ~level 50 up. On the regular Star Chart I need to start ripping apart my builds, which is highly inconvenient. In general, though... OP is not a problem -- it's functioning as intended (or should be) for punters who aim to grind, grind, grind the same mission 350 times over and don't want to be bothered by niceties like aiming, or worrying about Bombard rockets. Low-effort farming is not a problem -- it's a retention aid. Squishy is not a problem -- it's functioning as intended (or should be) for players who want a demanding combat experience and have the skills to handle it... and viable for players who have farmed the right upgrades to make up for their lack of skillz (that'd be me ๐Ÿ˜). Warframes which are highly demanding to play are not "bad". They are essential to rentention of one segment of the playerbase. The formula according to the wiki is: DR = Armour Points / (300 + Armour Points) by which 100 Armour is 25% DR. Adding Steel Fibre gets you to 209 Armour, which is ~41% DR. And a full-Umbral build, if you care to make the investment, gets you to 292 Armour, which is ~49.3% DR. (Two Umbrals would be 44.1%). The 40-50% DR you give as an acceptable target value is already attainable. As has been pointed out in Devstreams, the least-used 'frames are still being used a lot. Also, consider: if ~60% of a player's time is spent in farming and ~40% in playing for fun, and a whole quarter of their playing-for-fun consists of bricking themselves 'cos they might die at any moment... they're spending only 10% of their time using squishy Warframes. That doesn't mean that using those 'frames isn't an important part of what keeps them engaged with the game.
  4. If a player has Converted a Kuva Lich ally, they can Trade it with another player in the Crimson Branch room in a Dojo (not through a Trading Post). The Lich now becomes the adversary of the player who received it in the Trade. They must do the whole Murmurs-and-stabbing thing to deafeat the Lich, and then have the usual choice to Vanquish or Convert. A Converted Lich acquired through Trading cannot be Traded again. Well, the fact that it's available at MR5 certainly has scope to give the wrong impression... Last I checked, new players are not forewarned in the game about how the Kuva Lich system works. Normally, the game won't allow players access to content which is much higher-level than they've already completed (taxis notwithstanding). And everywhere else in the game, nothing you do in a mission has repercussions outside of that mission. So it's quite possible that a player who's just completed War Within -- and can handle lvl.20-30 enemies at most -- will simply follow the prompts. They know only that interacting with this mook they just downed will spawn a "Kuva Lich" (whatever that is) and have no reason to suppose they won't be fighting and killing the thing there and then. Based on everything they've done in the game so far, they may expect the worst that can happen is they get their butt kicked to death and fail the mission. If in co-op, they don't even have the option to pause the game and look it up in the wiki. They also don't know if that Larvling thing is a rare spawn -- maybe if don't do the interaction they'll lose out on whatever cool loot this "Kuva Lich" thing (whatever that is) might drop, and not have this chance again for a long time. So yeah, a fair number of newbies may be expected to take the plunge, make the stab... and seriously reget it.
  5. I haven't kept up-to-date with patch notes, so can't guarantee this is still accurate, but... last time I checked there was a cap of 10 Thrall spawns per mission, but if the Lich spawns it converts up to 10 regular enemies into Thralls, one by one at intervals. Thus, if the squad has mercied 5 Thralls and then a Lich spawns, allowing it to survive long enough means you can farm 15 Thralls total from the mission. Conversely, if you immediately down the Lich three times, you definitely lose out on those 5 extra Thralls. Since there's no guarantee another player's Lich will spawn, it's optimal on average to get those extra Thralls before downing your Lich, whether you intend to make a stab or not. Maybe that's what they had in mind?
  6. Since they're normally only encountered at level 100+, a lvl.16 Acolyte struck me as probably unintended, but okay. *shrug*
  7. Yesterday, while my Star Chart was set to Steel Path, I went to the the Necralisk and started a Tier 2 Bounty (level 15-25). After completing the Bounty, while I was still in the Cambion Drift, an Acolyte spawned in -- as if I was in Steel Path (though not at Steel Path levels).
  8. I disagree. Back before Shield-gating was a thing, I could solo Kuva Floods in squishy 'frames like Mirage or Banshee without dying. It was fun because there was a serious possibilty that the enemies might kill me if I wasn't on the ball. And if I didn't want that experience, there were plenty of tanky 'frames I could use instead. I should add that I suck at dodging bullets. Before Kuva Liches were a thing, I tried taking squishies I'd played a lot without problems on the Star Chart into a Sortie 2 or Sortie 3 on a few occasions and got gibbed to death. The reason I was able to improve was that Lich Territory gave me missions at all the intermediate levels, so I was able to get enough practice to learn what I could and couldn't get away with against incrementally-increasing enemy power. Survivability has not been a problem on the regular Star Chart since I started playing (Jan 2018). If they make squishy 'frames tanky enough to do lvl.80-100 missions without breaking a sweat, there'll be nowhere to go if you want gameplay which demands you pay attention. (And don't say "Steel Path" -- Steel Path is useless if you want demanding gameplay.) No 'frame is too squishy for the game. Not then, not now. "Squishy Warframes are squishy" is not a problem -- it's an opportunity for players to adjust the threat level of the available missions, anywhere between "insignificant" (Grendel, Inaros, Hildryn, Nidus, Trinity) and "very significant" (Mag, Volt, Mirage... Nova -- if you haven't loaded her up with Augments and Corrupted Mods plus Zenurik or Pizzas). Those Arcanes, Rolling Guard, Adaptation, Health Conversion; these are all just some of DE's answers to the question "what can we put in the game which some players will actually want to grind for?" It's largely a game about killing things which are trying to kill us, so moar damage and moar survivability are what arouses the players' interest. Shield-gating... *sigh*... it got brought up, a lot of players supported it "boo-hoo, one-shotted" "not fair". I didn't think it was necessary, but I didn't argue against it 'cos I figured it wasn't a big deal. Then when it actually dropped, it had this stupid invulnerability period tacked on. It's now impossible to get a feel for how squishy you actually are, because mostly you're taking no damage at all... but when you eventually stay in the danger zone long enough for the invulnerability to expire, suddenly you're taking all the damage. As a combat experience, it feels terrible. If in a squishy 'frame doing a Kuva Flood or suchlike you relax and start playing as if you're as untouchable as it feels like you are... you'll be absolutely fine most of the time -- then just occassionally get suddenly gibbed. OTOH if you whizz around using cover, kiting enemies about, trying to judge when you need to be careful and when you can afford to be aggressive... it feels kind of silly, because in the back of your mind there's the awareness that there's a better-than-ninety-percent chance that none of that rigmarole was actually necessary. Meanwhile on the Star Chart, where surviving was not very difficult in the first place, nowadays all you have to do to be effectively immortal is run away for a couple of seconds when your Shields break. If that nonsense had been a thing when I downloaded the game, I would never have stuck with it -- 'cos who wants a combat experience where the enemy threat is so easily negated?! And for new players now who do stick with it? Sooner or later they'll come to point where when they do take damage, it's more than just a little chip damage -- and they're completely unprepared for dealing with that. I don't think thee solution to that is giving them more base eHP, 'cos all that does is push the problem down the road to higher enemy levels. IMO that's less a problem of the stats and more a problem of not being able to engage with whatever enemy levels are appropriate to any given loadout. Some loadouts can roflstomp everything including Steel Path. I'd assume Warframe needs that, to accomodate the P2W whales who'll drop ยฃk to be an unkillable mega-badass in a video game -- 'cos who wants to drop ยฃk on that, only to discover there's nothing you can buy that will let you roflstomp the brand new Grand Boss in the game? Inevitably, then for anyone who wants a "hard mode", it starts with not using the most powerful loadouts. But no matter how long you've been playing, if you want to farm the new Primes you need to open Lith Relics -- and that means playing missions against ~lvl.10 enemies. Such enemies are presently no threat to an unmodded Volt, and they die like flies to an unmodded Skana. Given access and incentive to play missions at levels between the Star Chart and Steel Path would give players a chance to learn how to work with their existing eHP.
  9. Yes. It's ridiculous as it is. Why all these Lancers and Troopers and Ballistas and Heavy Gunners suddenly can't hurt me just 'cos I facetanked a Bombard rocket? Shield-gating should at most protect against subsequent hits from the same enemy that broke the Shield, so you can't get unfairly gibbed by bugged content (i.e. things like an enemy who spawned in a wall with the tip of his weapon sticking out so he can shoot you, but you can't hit him back). Turning completely invulnerable for 1.3 seconds in the middle of a fight makes the combat experience feel awfully arbitrary. And players who want the power-fantasy experience of being unkillable should be getting it from Mods and Arcanes, not from a base mechanic which can be thus manipulated.
  10. That's not the task, though. It's a bonus objective. Bonuses should be difficult -- they're the reward you get for doing particularly well. Yeah, don't stand next to the Grineer. Venture forth and find things to kill before they get into Garv's range! I didn't get the bonus the first time I did this Bounty stage, but after I realised the Grineer didn't need babysitting it ceased to be a problem. I've done it lots of times in lots of 'frames. A fast-moving Warframe helps, as does extra Enemy Radar, but neither are mandatory.
  11. In the War Within? Kuva doesn't drive the plot there. If it's not driving the plot it can't be a MacGuffin. An example of an actual MacGuffin, if it makes the term clearer, would be the gold watch in Pulp Fiction. For the plot of that segment to happen, Butch needs to go back to his apartment after the match. His motivation to do so is the sentimental attachment to the watch that has been left there. The watch itself could be replaced with any other portable heirloom and nothing else would have to change -- it does not contribute anything to the unfolding of events, but if it didn't exist Butch would never have returned to his apartment. Kuva isn't the Tenno's motivation. First they're investigating Teshin's doings, then they're trying to save themselves from the Elder Queen, then they're saving Teshin. Kuva isn't the Queen's motivation in that story. She wants to entrap a Tenno and get a nicer new body than a rotting clone, with crazy Void powers into the bargain. Actually, the Void powers must have been the decisive factor there -- the Queens could have their Grineer bring any Colonist kid for a Yuvan, couldn't they? I guess they deemed that too great a security risk? They've kept their Fortress secret and themselves secluded for so long that their enemies were unconvinced the Queens really existed. To achieve that they must have kept traffic to and from the Fortress to an absolute minimum, even if that meant living in degenerate clone bodies. Elder Queen must have really wanted those Void powers to blow their cover like that! And in-game like you say, it's just a resource we grind like any other. I'm aware that enemies have huge eHP and tiny damage, while players have tiny eHP and Huge damage. My best guess as to why it's done that way is so players couldn't get the enemies to quickly gib each other en masse by simply spreading rad-proc's around. That's why I suggested using the enemy's base eHP stats and applying the player's mods to them (300 Health & 500 Armour means a Heavy Gunner or Bombard would be quite tanky, but I don't think it's outrageous eHP by Warframe standards... and a Lancer has 100 Health & 100 Armour, it's not quite Inaros even with Mods -- so if there isn't a heavy around when you need one it could get quite sticky ๐Ÿ˜†). It did, however occur to me that Empyrean enemies have less restrained base eHP, so, yeah, problem there. ๐Ÿคช As for "Hobbled Dragon", damn straight I'd expect them to space-magically gain parkour moves when we take them over! I also suggested that their weapons should be replaced with the Tenno's loadout... though if the player's equipped mods were applied to the enemy's own weapons, maybe that'd put them on par with our own? I'm starting to think it'd be more interesting if the player's stuck with the weapons the enemy carries, provided they were buffed to some reasonable degree of effectiveness. But I already said, I don't expect the Ability as i described it to be implemented, due to the complexities involved. Like, I'm sure the animation team have better things to do than work up parkour and Heavy Weapon deployment animations for Ancient Healers, Bailiffs, Shield Lancers, Nullifier Crewmen (list continues on page 94). Not to mention the work needed to pick out and fix the outliers which might be unbalanced. (And game modes which might be progression-stopping if the Ability worked as I described it). ^^ I guess I typed too much and you missed that bit in the middle of it all. ๐Ÿ™‚ Doesn't mean some sort of Kuva-themed Warframe is out of the question, but like you say the devs (hopefully) have a better idea of what that might entail than we do.
  12. I wouldn't consider answers given in a devstream as canon; they've been contradicted by in-game lore before -- for example, the Grineer's garbled speech was initially stated to be a result of clone rot... but that seemed to be contradicted by the Guardsman Imprint in which Bilsa says of Veytok "His words sounded clearer every day", and later by the cinematic trailer (now in the game as the intro sequence) which showed that undegraded Grineer still garbled their speech. The devstreams show work-in-progress game content which has often undergone significant changes before it lands in the game; similarly, lore statements in devstreams should I think not be taken as "set in stone" until something is put in the game which directly confirms or contradicts. When Kahl picks up the Corinth in that preview, before moving on he pauses to spit on the fallen Warframe. That's not something a Tenno would do, but it's entirely in character for a Grineer. My expectation based on this is that in the New War, we won't be playing as "the Tenno controlling a Grineer" -- we will be playing as Kahl-175 himself... ...but time will tell. I await the New War's lore developments with the ususal mix of anticipation and apprehension. ๐Ÿ˜† I'm pretty sure, "MacGuffin" is not the word you are looking for. A MacGuffin drives the plot, while being of no significance to the plot. If it is actually used in the story, and its use affects the way events unfold, it is not a MacGuffin. Yup. And plenty of Warfames with healing abilities too, so Kuva's healing properties don't immediately suggest anything unique. That was why I considered the bodysnatching aspect of Kuva as a possible basis for a "KuvaFrame" ability, since actually becoming an enemy unit is one thing we can't yet do. True dat. There's no compelling bar to it, but no particular reason to either.
  13. Your assumption is that Umbra's muscles were locked; mine is that his muscles were relaxed. Note that in Karate (and *presumably* other martial arts like kenjutsu), the teaching is that one's muscles should always be relaxed to allow for swifter movement -- tension ("kime") is only applied momentarily at the instant of striking. Trained warrior that he was, it's reasonable to suppose that Umbra was physically relaxed since he was unable to strike. So there would be no resistance to having his hand pushed forward. And the Skiajati may be assumed to be very sharp indeed, thus little effort should be required to shove it through Ballas. There's also no timescale given for the gap between the events of The War Within and The Sacrifice, so no indication of how much time the Tenno had to regain/develop their physical strength. It could quite realistically be months, even years, in lore. And AFAIK, the exact age of the Operator is not supplied in lore (and wouldn't it be quite strange if the Tenno were all the exact same age?). In Canada, where the game is made, I believe legal adulthood is not attained until one's 18th birthday, so the Operator is not necessarily feeble at this point. (The Operator's repeated assertions that they are not a child when the Lotus addresses them as such seem to me more typical of mid-to-late teens than a 12-year-old.) This pic from iFlynn's playthough seems very clear to me: the Tenno cannot make Umbra strike, so Transfers into Void mode to enable the thrust externally. I honestly don't see that sequence being amenable to any different interpretation. Why would the Tenno feel the need to grab Umbra's wrist if the stab's already been made? But we can't use the Somatic Link on things which haven't been prepared to accept it -- otherwise Tenno would be able to commandeer enemies (and allies) at will. There's no evidence of that in-game or in lore. The Warframes were fitted with Transference Bolts to allow external control when it turned out that the Helminth strain didn't leave the subjects' minds intact as intended. Ballas is able to override Umbra's control of himself, and the Tenno's link, because Umbra's Transference Bolt recognised Ballas as having the higher authority. The Bolts were made and programmed by the Orokin, after all, and Ballas holds Executorial rank. In Heart of Deimos, Father says: "Not ideal, but I've cross-routed your Warframe impulse stream directly to Snake." The same impulses which are used to control a Warframe via the Transference Bolt are now controlling the Necramech's circuitry -- but this is clearly a hack, as Father says it's "not ideal" i.e. not the intended use. Even when the Necramechs were autonomous, they must have had some comms channel to allow orders to be given to them, and that channel would have to be Void tech, as regular tech comms could be intercepted and hacked by the Sentients. Father has repurposed that channel to carry direct control signals, rather than just orders, and while the signals carried by our Somatic link would normally control our Warframe's muscles, they have been reformatted as necessary to control the 'mech's servos. It's debatable whether this connection strictly qualifies as Transference, and clear from the dialogue that without Father's tech-savvy intervention we would not have been able to use the Necramech. The Golden Maws are autonomous Orokin creations. Their purpose isn't entirely clear -- my best guess is pest control in those caves, since they're pretty lame as guardians compared to other Orokin security options. In any case, they'd surely have some means of disabling them should an Orokin need to pass unmolested -- a Transference Bolt seems reasonable. While I wouldn't call it impossible, it don't seem likely to me. Kuva is implied in the Ordan Karris lore to be the central thing involved in making a normal person into one of the Orokin. If Sylvana wasn't Orokin she certainly wouldn't have been permitted to take Kuva -- though we can't rule out her obtaining some illicitly. In The War Within, Teshin says: "Some believe Kuva to be the blood of Orokin ancestors, an elixir of immortality. Others believe Kuva to be a poison, a corrupting oil that brings madness and evil. ... I believe it is both." Sylvana shows no sign of developing "madness and evil", so I'm inclined to suppose she has not been chugging Kuva. Also worth noting that, while not necessarily a comprehensive treatment of the substance, Teshin's line doesn't describe Kuva as bestowing any powers other than deathlessness. Sylvana was recruited by Margulis to help develop Transference therapy, and previously was working on the ecological repair of the Earth -- a task which would have required skills in genetic engineering. Whatever preparations were necessary to create the Silver Grove in a form amenable to Transference, Sylvana would have been able to make them. From the transcript: "I'll stowaway with Earth-bound cargo. Just my Apothics and these slapdash Somatics I've stolen. By nightfall I'll be home again in a my tent under those bitter, acid skies. This time I'm going to fix it. I will seed a mighty forest, stronger than history... and by my will, use it to bring life." Sylvana didn't Transfer into some pre-existing mutant trees, she engineered the seeds herself suggesting that the neural network they carry was designed by her to support her Transferred consciousness. She brings Apothis and Somatics, but makes no mention of needing Kuva. So AFAIK, the only instances of permanent Transference outside of Orokin Continuity were Sylvana inhabiting a forest genetically engineered to support her consciousness but not having a consciousness of its own, and Rell, whose Harrow would have voluntarily allowed him to assume control the same way Warframes always did for the Tenno. My supposition that Kuva allows the user to replace a consciousness which does not want to be displaced seems to hold water. Sylvana also says: "These past weeks, I've been secretly testing Transference on myself. I can only survive short bursts - linking to Titania the way only Tenno can stand." This implies that the method of connection is the same, and the Tenno are distinct only in how long they can tolerate using the Somatic link. I remain of the opinion that taking control of another entity via Transference in all cases requires a Void-tech implant in the controlled subject (the Transference Bolt), and in the controller (the Margulis Implantation mentioned in the loading screen Orokin text). Why do I think that an implant was required in the controlling end of the Somatic Link? Because during the Old War, the Tenno were unaware of their Void powers. In the War Within, the Tenno has to recover their memory of their capabilities from the Ayatan, and Teshin states unambiguously that it was Margulis who had taken those memories from them. Unless the lore has been seriously misread, Margulis objected strenuously to the weaponisation of the Tenno, and went to the Jade Light for it close to the time the Tenno became the users of the Warframes. Ergo, for the entire of the Old War, the Tenno had no awareness of their Void powers. They acted only through their Warframes. Quite possibly even in the Old War they believed they were their Warframe -- I'm inclined to believe the Somatic Link was initiated externally, with the Tenno waking from cryosleep already in control of their Warframe, just like the Player does at the beginning of Vor's Prize. In fact the lore that Gauss and Grendel were best friends who went everywhere together seems like nonsense unless the same two Tenno were always controlling those two Warframes! The practice of a Tenno switching between multiple 'frames seems then to be something done only after the Orokin were destroyed and the Tenno were operating independently. Which makes sense -- given that the Orokin were canonically able to wipe memories, I think it most likely they'd have preferred the unruly Tenno to be unaware of their real bodies, as this would make them easier to control. Some may object on the grounds that in the Erra Quest, when Erra confronts the Lotus she is surrounded by floating Tenno who blast Erra with Void energy... but look at this screenshot from Tactical Potato's vid: I can't be the only person who noticed that the Tenno there all have Man-In-The-Wall eyes! I believe that (if these events even really happened!) these are not actually Tenno, but manifestations of the Void Entity. Those aren't kiddos, those are Hey Kiddos!
  14. (I note in passing, the nomenclature is slightly confused as when the player invokes Transference in-game, it is a physical relocation of the Tenno from the Orbiter to the field of battle, while in lore Transference refers to a Void-mediated mental connection.) Transference was also permanent in the case of Sylvana. She certainly wasn't a Tenno, and it's not stated if she was Orokin or not, but the quote "thanks to Margulis, I'm relieved I won't be drafted into some Orokin war projectI" implies she wasn't. So far as I can see, Transference is possible -- and can be permanent -- without Kuva. The salient difference between Sylvana Transferring permanently into the Silver Grove versus an Orokin Transferring permanently into a Yuvan is that the trees had no consciousness that needed to be displaced to allow this. (I have some neo-pagan acquaintances who might contest this, but I'm happy to assume that in Warframe lore, trees are non-sentient.) The Warframe hosts are happy to be displaced by the Tenno consciousness as it relieves them of their pain. But a Yuvan has no such reason to allow themselves to be displaced by an Orokin. Maybe that's where Kuva makes a difference? Interested in your assertion that a Transference Bolt can be overrridden by Tenno, as the instance in question eludes me. If you're talking about Excal Umbra skewering Ballas, the visuals in the quest seemed to me to imply that Umbra could not actually make the stab himself, but the Tenno physically pushes his hand forwards, enabling him to achieve the catharsis which the Transference Bolt was still preventing. Maybe you're thinking of something else, though?
  15. IDK, the Orokin were big on Kuva, and Warframes were made by the Orokin. Ballas got pretty flighty with some of his Warframe concepts, he might well have thought a Kuva-fied Warframe was worth trying. Kuva enables Continuity, rather than Transference. Where Transference is referred to in lore, it is mediated by Void Tech or wielded directly by the Tenno, but Kuva is AFAIK never mentioned as being involved. Kuva gave the Orokin the ability to transfer their consciousness to a new body -- apparently (as per the Ordan Karris lore) even after the death of the old host body. As for the Kuva Liches themselves, a Larvling which is downed but not hit with the Parazon will not re-animate, so the self-resurrection a Lich performs seems to be enabled by its stealing Void-based powers from the Warframe, rather than an innate function of the Kuva it has been infused with. This suggests that Continuity requires someone else to do stuff to bring you back, if you've kicked the bucket already. And in the Gara lore, the Unum used Kuva to extend her consciousness into the local fauna. The Gara lore also implies some healing properties for Kuva. It does, but it's a story to frighten small children. I'm not convinced that "blue Kuva" actually exists, and isn't just a plot device for this fairytale. After all, how would giving those rascals red Kuva "trap" them in those bodies "forever and ever" -- the Orokin were not trapped in their bodies by Continuity! The villains in the story could just take new Yuvans, surely? Not saying blue Kuva doesn't exist, just that the only mention of it is in a story which seems to be hokum. So I'm dubious. It's not necessarily the case that "Kuva" weapons use Kuva at all. For example, the Kuva Corps are simply Grineer who protect the Kuva Fortress. Kuva weapons may be so-named just because they are weapons given to Kuva Liches. I find no statement that Valence Fusion involves Kuva, it might be simply the mechanical replacement of parts from one weapon to another. In-game, Kuva is used in the crafting of certain items, but IDK if there's really a lore implication, or if that's just a way for the devs to give Kuva a use beyond ranking-up Rivens. I think lore-wise, the only properties we can definitely ascribe to Kuva are its use in manipulation of consciousness -- relocating it to a new body, extending it to multiple bodies (an ability possibly available only to the Unum), and mind-control (constraining the Dax against striking at the wielder of the Kuva Sceptre, for example... though that might be more a property of the Sceptre than the Kuva, after all the elder Queen should have had plenty of Kuva inside her, but that doesn't stop Teshin chopping her up once the Sceptre's broken ๐Ÿค”) -- and its healing properties. So (getting to the actual subject of the thread) from that perspective... what would a Kuva-themed Warframe be like? What special Abilities would it possess? The obvious is Continuity -- the ability to take over the body of another. Of course, if you acquired the actual eHP of that enemy, you'd be unreasonably tanky. But sensibly you should be much squishier if you took a Butcher than a Bombard... Perhaps you should aquire the base stats of the unit in question, modified of course by your equipped Mods. When Continunity is used, the enemy's weapons should of course be replaced with the weapons in the player's loadout by space-magic. Also the Attachments and Syandana -- for fashion! The whole enemy should probably should be re-coloured to the player's settings too... easy if the enemies currently use the same colouring schemes (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, etc) as Warframes have, but perhaps too much work if they don't! This Ability could create some interesting sneaky-sneaky options. Like, you could wander as a Lancer through a Grineer galleon, and as long as you didn't tip your hand by attacking them or using Warframe/Tenno powers, the enemies would ignore you, thinking you're one of them. Well, at least as long as you didn't go somewhere you're not authorised to be, like a Spy Vault -- that might be too easy-cheesy. Or maybe not -- it wouldn't really be more cheesy than Ivara+Infiltrate. ๐Ÿ˜† The player should, I think, be vulnerable to passively-inflicted damge like Venomous Eximus Auras, so even wandering as a Crewman among Corpus, you wouldn't be entirely safe. Of course, since Infested have a hive mind mediated by telepathy, they wouldn't be fooled -- they'd know immediately that you didn't belong. You should also be subject to having the Hive Mind contantly murmuring to you, like you get in Infested Salvage when your Warframe's armour has degraded, to provide an audible reminder that these enemies know you're not legit. Actually, maybe not 'cos that'd get annoying after a while. Infested raise the question of how to handle enemies which are anatomically-unsuited to wielding the player's weapons (Chargers, Mutalist Ospreys, etc). I think maybe in these cases you'd just get that unit's attacks instead. As a Charger, your fire button does the glob-spit thing, melee key makes the claw-swipes. Enemy attacks are pretty feeble against enemies, though. So I think unlike the eHP, attacks should use the enemy scaling and be subject to a multiplier, affected by Power Strength. And maybe if you took over an Ancient Disruptor, you'd get 90% reduction of damage inflicted by enemy special powers... like Eximus Auras, and perhaps the zapping from Electric Crawlers too. Also, allies inside your Aura could gain Energy by inflicting damage, like how Infested in their Aura drain Energy. And if you took over a Vapos Ranger, you'd fly everywhere, until you bopped yourself into another body. If you took over a Nullifier, it should automatically deploy the bubble, nulling enemy Auras and special abilities. That'd be quite cool! (Shame there's no Nullifiers in the Tyl Regor mission, it'd be nice to prevent that b*****d teleporting away all the time!) So there'd be some real advantages to taking over the right enemy units, not just body-hopping from one heavy to another. There's also the question of whether Robotic enemies should be susceptible to Continuity. I think not, because they don't have minds -- they're just controlled by a bunch of circuitry. Continuity should only work on organics. Which raises the question of what you'd do if Proxy Rebellion comes back again... ๐Ÿค” Maybe you should be allowed to use Continuity on a Spectre you've deployed. If you forgot to bring one... I guess you'd just have to do the mission in your Operator! ๐Ÿ˜ Speaking of which, Operator Arcanes which heal Warframes on Transference shouldn't work on stolen bodies -- because they are not Warframes. I'm tempted to say that Zenurik Dashing shouldn't give Energy either... And Continuity has indefinite duration -- meaning if you're in a Heavy Gunner when you extract from a mission, "Kuvaframe" appears as a Heavy Gunner in your Arsenal, with eHP Stats to match. If you then go into a Corpus mission and Extract in an Aurax Baculus, that's what you see in the Arsenal. In some cases you might want to take an enemy from one faction specifically to use in a mission against another faction -- so you'd be very keen to preserve that particular body. Wait though, what does "Kuvaframe" look like when you've just crafted it? Like a cloud of Kuva, constrained into a humanoid shape by tendrils of Void Energy. That's also the form it reverts to if the enemy body you've stolen dies. In this form, "Kuvaframe" is invulnerable to everything except Void damage -- so you never get downed outside of a Rad-proc'ed ally hitting you with an Amp or Xata's Whisper or something like that! (Maybe vulnerable to Tau damage too, thinking on it...) On the downside, you can't wield weapons or interact with anything until you steal another body. For this reason, "Kuvaframe"'s passive should probably have Energy regeneration (maybe all the time, maybe just in Kuva form); otherwise, if your present body got killed when you were out of Energy, you'd be permanently unable to jump into a new body, which would suck. Eh, I don't really see this being implemented, so I'm not going to think any further on the matter. Just thinking about all the ifs-and-buts that arise from a Continuity-themed ability make me very much not envy the folks who have to design stuff in this complicated game! ๐Ÿ˜†
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