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  1. Same here: the Latchers deployed by Kuva Fortress traps show as allies on the mini-map. They follow me around, but do not explode. A search for "Kuva latchers" in this forum turns up several reports of this bug, the earliest dated May 26th. It's a shame, because what makes the Fortress fun is the traps; you have to be on your toes all the time. This bug detracts from the experience significantly. ๐Ÿ™
  2. Thanks for the rework! One observation: it seems odd to have a passive which would seldom trigger for highly-skilled players! Perhaps it would be better if the passive's buffs triggered after, say, a certain quantity of damage had been prevented by his new Defy ability, or something like that? Personally, I have such a talent for taking fatal damage that I frequently do it without even trying, so I'll probably get a fair bit of the sweet buffing... but I can't escape the feeling that this isn't how things should work in a game. ๐Ÿค”
  3. Yes. Needz moar gore! What I'd like is... see what a Warframe looks like with Bloodshed sigil equipped? Killing enemies with Ripkas to apply a similar effect to the the surrounding environment over a few metres radius. Go to town with Ripkas = blood all over the scenery. That'd be feaking awesome!
  4. I do! When I'm in the mood for it, taking a self-damaging weapon on a mission is one of the ways I keep the gameplay interesting. Have to maneuver tactically to kill enemies but not yourself! Generally in solo, 'cos it's embarrasing to blow yourself up in front of squadmates ๐Ÿ˜† Took my Ripkas to Sycorax to try out the moar gore mod, brought Javlok... it was boring. Point, fire, dead enemies. you can do that with lots of weapons. Javlok just lost a big part of its unique charm for me.
  5. If you warned us there'd be new lore fragments to find, I missed it. I equipped Helios to scan the new enemies while I fought them -- IMO that's what he's for. Now there are two lore fragments in my Codex I will never have the serendipity of finding for myself. Disappointing.
  6. Jupiter looks terrific! Great job! Disruption is really fun, but any reason the Conduits are red, white, blue & cyan; my colour vision is not 100%, and I kept taking cyan Keys to blue Conduits. Red, white, blue & yellow might work better, perhaps? Or have the HUD say which colour Key you're carrying. I don't want to try Disruption in multiplayer until I know I can perform reliably... which is an issue if the rot.C drop is unattainable in solo. EDIT: getting the hang of it now -- if it's too light to be blue but not light enough to be white, it's probably cyan. ๐Ÿ˜† I also had serious difficulty hearing the Demolysts. Maybe I just need to get attuned to their sound, but I think they could do with being a bit louder. Colours seem really over-saturated now. You've actually managed to make browns seem verging on gaudy! My vote is: please tone it down a little. Generally, though, this is really cool stuff. I look forward to facing the Rotflolalyst! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  7. This saddens me. No risk = no fun ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
  8. First was in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. There were just two of us still in there, and we had just completed Zone 6 and the conduit had just opened up. And then I fell through the floor. Just like that. Found myself falling endlessly through empty space. I tried /unstuck, and it didn't solve the problem. When I posted in chat that I'd fallen through the floor, the other player replied that they had too! /unstuck didn't work for them, either. After a while, the other player aborted. This caused a host migration, and then I spawned into Zone 7 alone. But there was a further problem... I couldn't move from the spot, at first. Zone 7 was an Infested Ship tile (the same as Zone 1 had been, which struck me as odd) and I had spawned in on top of some infested flesh. I could cast abilities and use weapons, but wasn't able to jump or walk from the spot for quite a while. Eventually, after much trying I managed to jump away, and got on with the wholesale carnage required of me. When the conduit to Zone 8 opened, however, I took the most direct route to it -- thus passing over the same patch of infested flesh I'd been stuck on before, and I got stuck again! So the time ticked down, the conduit closed, and I didn't get to do Zone 8. Oh well. C'est la vie, I suppose. The second time I fell through the floor was in a Void Fissure Rescue mission on Neptune. I was just arriving outside the entrance to the cell block, when I suddenly re-spawned in a different room! Took me a moment to get my bearings, but I had wound up near the lower entrance of the elevator we'd rode up in to reach the prison. Had to ride the elevator back up again to rejoin the squad. No harm done on this occasion, we got the Hostage out safe and sound. But in stickier situations it could be real problem if a team member spontaneously falls through the floor, so it'd be nice if you could figure out how to make it not happen.
  9. I'm in about the same position as marelook, and I can assure you it is actually very, very different. "I've always had periods where I play less" is a world away from "I've basically not touched the game". 'Cos playing less means you are still up for playing. And "periods in which I binge" describes someone playing more because they are enjoying the game. That's a positive experience, which reinforces the player's enthusiasm. Contrastingly, "mandatory chores" indicates someone playing a lot even if they are not enjoying it. Not a positive experience, and it undermines the player's engagement with the game. Warframe is grindy, but most of it you can do when you're in the mood. Harrow part still not dropped, but you're getting bored of defection? Do something else. Come back to it tomorrow. Or next week. No hurry. Feel like soloing Rescue missions, or pubbing Survivals, even though they drop nothing you want or need? Fine, do it for the fun of it. No harm putting the grind on hold if you'd rather do something else. Previously, time-limited grind was short term. Hammer Plague Star for a few days, then it's back to your own agenda, etc. Nightwave was the best part of two months where half my time was spent doing missions I didn't particularly feel like. That out of the way... maybe I feel like cache-hunting. So I do that, until I've had enough of it. Next week? Nora wants me to find all the caches in 3 Sabotage missions. And I'm like, fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu... Prior to Nightwave, I'd been playing for a bit over a year. Logged in every day, asked myself "what do I feel like doing today". Never once did I not want to run any mission. After Nightwave? Log in, put another Forma in the oven. Ask myself "do I feel like playing?"... nope. Warframe was fun. I have faith that it will become fun again. In the meantime I feel I'm treading water and waiting for that to happen ๐Ÿ˜ž
  10. It's good for not dying while you cast Tentacle Swarm. Jackal fight at Marduk lasts ~2 seconds with Hydroid and a powerful weapon, thanks to Undertow.
  11. From a gameplay standpoint I'm not disagreeing. I only took up the point you raised of whether it made sense from a lore standpoint. Gameplay considerations should always come before matters of lore (and indeed common sense) where necessary, anyway IMHO. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can't comment on the penalty from experience, as I don't normally use my Amps much against any faction except Sentient.
  12. Void energy is dangerous to Sentients because they were engineered to be destroyed by it. Outside that special case, I know of no lore suggesting it to be especially destructive compared to other damage sources? And since the Orokin used Void technology, and the Grineer were their builders and would likely have worked on/with Void-using machines, it makes a lot of sense for the Grineer to have been engineered to withstand it better, in case of accidental exposure.
  13. On some weapons I use the alt-fire a lot, and it's annoying to hit it and have nothing happen just because I used a melee attack last. I have channeling re-mapped to a keyboard button, so with melee in my hands, MMB does nothing at all. To use alt-fire, I have to hit RMB first, which is rather clunky. (And in the thick of combat I often forget!) And that would make my problem even worse! So... I would like to see a toggle in options to switch MMB between channeling and primary/secondary alt-fire. (I haven't read this now-humongous thread start to end, so apologies if this has already been brought up.)
  14. Yup. My scans of the new Ghost Kuaka are showing in the codex, but the Kuaka and Ashen Kuaka, and the Condrocs and Rogue Condrocs I'd previously completed have disappeared from the codex. I've been scanning Common Condrocs & Rogue Condrocs today, but they're not appearing in the Codex. The Plains Kuaka is appearing in the Codex, but I'm pretty sure I scanned Ashen Kuakas too, which aren't appearing.
  15. I get that DE wants to encourage players networking (it's generally a good thing for the game), but this actively punishes players who (for whatever reason) don't socialise well online. Maybe better challenge would be "complete 3 sorties OR 1 sortie with friends/clanmates". This would be achievable solo, but less "work" if you have friends to call on. The present challenge seems to me to encourage "friending" players just to get the standing, with no intention to collaborate in the future, which wouldn't really achieve the objective of encouraging genuine networking.
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