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  1. Orokin isn't a race. Evidence: they offered to make Ordan Karris one of them. So you don't have to be born one. The Karris lore indictaes that Kuva is involved in turning a non-Orokin person into an Orokin. It's entirely possible that the children of Orokin are not Orokin by birthright, and have to become/be made Orokin -- there's no direct evidence in the lore either way. In the Anti MOA Synthesis Imprint, the narrator's father says "Orokin didn’t have parents like you do, it was done differently then" so who knows how the Orokin preocreated, and what that implies about an Orokin family.
  2. Appropriate subject matter for a thread is defined by the title. If you don't want input on the Acolytes in general, I suggest you amend the thread title to be more specific. 🙂
  3. I took it as meaning you could cast any Ability with whichever Element you chose, then switch to a different Element for the next Ability cast if you wanted. I don't Chroma enough to know if it'd be a game-changer to e.g. cast a Cold Vex Armour, than a Heat Spectral Scream... 🤔
  4. They did say a while back that Misery would be returning at some point, so I'm guessuming he will. Finally! 😃 Only downside I see to having the Acolytes spawn as mini-bosses in SP is... ...if it's a random encounter that could happen in any mission, we'd need to plan all our loadouts for Acolyte-killing just in case one pops up. SP is already pretty restrictive on loadouts, so I wouldn't welcome that. Remember the Wolf of Saturn Six, where you had to bring big Rad DPS on every mission despite hardly ever needing it? Ugh. OTOH if it were something like a rotating mark on a random
  5. Doesn't matter. When you spawn into the Crime Scene, instead of going straight ahead to the statue... turn around. The big crystal which you interact with when you first complete the memory mini-game is subsequently added to the Crime Scene tile! You can now access the fight directly, without Cephalite Resonance, and without having to go through the memory game. It's a shame the devs didn't make that handy fact more obvious.
  6. I quite enjoyed it -- but I certainly wouldn't want every boss fight in the game to be like this. The only thing I'd change is -- after failing the fight I think the player should respawn in the Crime Scene with the newly-appeared crystal right in front of them. That way you'd know you can go straight back into the fight bypassing the memory game, and without needing Cephalite Resonance. As it is you spawn back in with the statue right in front of you. Since that's how you'd previously accessed the fight, there's no obvious reason to turn around and look over the Crime Scene (I'd see
  7. Except in ye goode olde days if you knocked yourself down five times you failed the mission. 😨 Psychologically it's a pretty big difference.
  8. It wasn't my argument. It was posted by other people as a response to the suggestion of percentage-based self damage. My point was: Which is true. Google up some of the old threads on it, and you'll see the disagreements. I paid particular attention to threads on the subject because self-damage was something I didn't want to see changed. I enjoyed being able to risk gibbing myself with my Kulstar... and I also enjoyed being able to send dozens of enemies into orbit with impunity using Staticor. I could choose whichever experience I was in the mood for. Sadly, I now can't
  9. That particular point is not lost on me. I have always said: It's also why despite enjoying the Ogris, Kulstar, Javlok, etc. I generally didn't take them into co-op games. It's exactly what everyone should have expected, if they'd thought about it.
  10. That idea was floated on the forums. The main criticism of it was that a Loki who blew himself up would lose maybe a couple of hundred HP, while an Inaros who did the same thing would lose a couple of thousand HP. Sort of unfair. There were a number of different proposals for how to make self-damage less punishing, and no clear consensus on which was best. From the devs' PoV, if they chose one of those, they could still expect tons of folks saying "you did it wrong" or "self-damage still needs bigger reduction" or "self-damage now too trivial to be exciting". So it's not really a su
  11. At release, Cautious Shot had 90% reduction... and was useless. It was increased to 99% and players were still gibbing themselves, apparently. That's because Warframe balances PvE by having giving enemies tiny damage but huge eHP, while players have massive damage but tiny eHP. It looks even... until you Mind Control an enemy who could one-shot you, and see them barely tickle the other enemies! My best guess why is -- otherwise a player could get any number of enemies to quickly kill each other with Rad procs. Just wave a Nukor at them, run away, and come back when you hear the shoot
  12. It wasn't Chroma. We know the game is capable of differentiating between self-inflicted damage and damage inflicted by enemies, because Rage & Hunter Adrenaline already did not trigger from self-damage. Vex Armour could therefore have been coded to ignore self-damage in the same way. IMHO, no mechanic which depended on taking damage should ever have allowed the player to manipulate it via self-damage in the first place. The truth is that removal of self-damage was preceeded by some sustained campaigning from a section of the playerbase who didn't enjoy it and wanted it eithe
  13. Maybe, but it's really at the discretion of the player how they divide their time between opening new nodes vs replaying nodes they've already completed. Where you are on the Star Chart when you hit MR8 depends on how many 'frames and weapons you've crafted and leveled. For myself, back when I downloaded Warframe, I was still using 32bit Windows and the plains of Eidolon crashed every time I tried to enter it. That meant I was stuck with Mercury, Venus and half of Earth for a few weeks until I found out how to re-jig the registry and allow applications more memory adresses. That kind
  14. In this thread Xzorn said: "The AI's shooting has a rotational limit. It was done for performance reasons if I recall. Only a certain number of enemies of a certain type can shoot simultaneously. It's most notable with Bombards and Nullifiers. Only one of each enemy type can fire at once though having two on the screen removes their need to reload so two is still more dangerous." Having the enemy's magazine capacity flip between finite and infinite dependent on how many are present seems pretty inconsistent too! 🤨
  15. Nope. You've "come too far before mastering" something when the missions require you to have mastered it to succeed. In case it wasn't clear -- I made no attempt whatsoever to improve my parkour skills when I was at this stage. I simply jumped in the test, flubbed it, shrugged, and went off playing missions as normal. And not developing parkour skills early on was no obstacle to completing missons either before or after the MR8 test. So like the OP said, it can look pretty irrelevant at the point the player reaches it. Greatly reduces the onus on movement skills (you don't ne
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