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  1. I have to say that Augments like Seeking Shuriken and Corroding Barrage start to look a little lame, when so many 'frames are getting armour-stripping as an innate property of their abilities. Also, in the Devstream we saw Bastille removed all the armour... which is kinda bad. 'Cos unless you're planning to Bastlle every enemy you fight, Status weapons with Corrosive would be the order of the day in missions with Armour. Removing the Armour loses the 75% damage bonus Corrosive gets against Ferrite Armour... the extra 25% from Vauban's passive doesn't really make up for that! Hopefully that'll get tweaked.
  2. I've been playing a lot with Tonfa weapons lately, and thinking the same thing. Especially with Kronen, Boltace and Ohma all being visibly metal. I'm hitting armoured Grineer or Corpus robots with a metal object, and hear the "clonk" of wood. It really doesn't fit! And it is unsatisfying, there's no sense of making a powerful hit. I watched an old YouTube vid on the Ohma recently, and it refreshed my memory. The old sfx sounded so much more impactful!
  3. Most of the music in the game is awesome and fits beautifully. The login music has always stuck out as not hitting the right spot for me. I don't find the login music objectionable, but it doesn't get me in the Warframe kind of mood. For me the optimal solution would be the ability to select the login music, but have that selection overwritten when a new login track comes with an update. 'Cos I don't want to miss out on hearing a new login track, but wouldn't want to be stuck with it if it wasn't my thing. "We All Lift Together" was great... for a while. After which I began wishing I could go back to The Sacrifice login track. But I guess the problem with making the login music selectable per player is... the game doesn't actually know who's logging in, until they actually enter their login details! ๐Ÿคฃ
  4. When I have selected from Classic Saturated palette, row 16: column 5, if I afterwards go to change that colour the UI brings up Beach pallette with 13:2 selected. I'm guessing that's because it's actually the same colour, and the UI does not "remember" where the colour was selected from originally. It's not a big deal at all really, but it's odd behaviour, so I thought I'd mention it.
  5. Thank you for sharing! Because I use quite a few Warframes, I hesitate to invest my Umbra Forma in any particular one yet (even such a beauty as Titania!). For comparison, here is my present builds for Titania and her Exalteds: It's no problem to solo a Kuva Flood or Sortie 3 with this setup, so I'm quite happy. I don't particularly enjoy to stay a long time in Endless, so more survivability isn't needed, for the moment anyway. (For runs like Arbitration I'll normally opt to tank it with Trinity AtM). I opted to get more time in Razorwing by increasing Duration instead of Efficiency; it's because Duration benefits her other abilities more. I do use them some, even if they aren't great! For lower-level missions where I'll rarely take any Health damage, I could swap out Hunter Adrenaline for Primed Continuity, but so far it's not been needed. Efficiency is certainly better for frequent casting; I just find I don't need to cast very often, so Duration works well for me. The other big difference is I opted for Quick Thinking instead of Health mods. It's because I look to build up a reserve of Energy anyway, so it may as well double as my eHP at the same time ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. It is a riskier approach, I think (Energy Leech Eximus causes extreme puckering), but I like a bit of risk! Hunter Adrenaline is there to help ensure QT has something to work with if it triggers. Healing Return on Diwata is very helpful to recover lost Health in that instance. I'll probably try an efficiency-based build like yours to see if it works better for me, but I'd need another copy of Transient Fortitude to get the balance right, I think. Thanks again for sharing, it's very interesting to compare!
  6. Oh wait, you mean Titania in that bit? Her Exalted Weapons make her a DPS 'frame in my view. She doesn't CC the enemies so that some other player can kill them.
  7. I'm frankly surprised he doesn't, given how durable he can be. Quite surprised that Wuklone gets to share the player's modded weapons without consuming the player's ammo, too.
  8. Nova is my most-used 'frame, so that doesn't surprise me at all ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Well, my rework suggestion splits Razorwing from the Exalted Weapons and from the Razorflies. It's implicit that Energy cost of Razorwing should be reduced in that case since you get less in return. But as it is now... My present Razorwing build has only 85% Efficiency, but 223% Duration; I very rarely have to drop out of Razorwing, provided I kill-kill-kill and pop open a few Storage Containers on the way past (gotta keep them Energy Orbs dropping!) Razorwing costs me 2.58 Energy/second (from a maximum Energy pool of 638). Swapping out my rank 8 Blind Rage for maxed Primed Continuity would get me 278% Duration and 130% Efficiency, bringing it down to 1.26 Energy/second. That's a lot of Razorwing time, especially with Primed Flow slotted! But that brings Strength down from 225% to 144%, which would hurt my Exalted Weapons. Phaedra is lame in Archwing for sure (Cyngas crushes it for long-range targets, Grattler is better for close-range, and Fluctus is just cheese! Though I'm comparing unpotatoed weapons here; Archwing enemies simply don't require full builds). As a Heavy Weapon (and separately against Profit Taker, where Status doesn't matter) IDK about Phaedra's DPS but it's only available for short periods anyway, isn't it? Besides, if you care about damage.... you don't build for only 100% Strength! ๐Ÿ˜† Dex Pixia you have for as long as you can keep your Energy up. It has unlimited ammo, it rewards accuracy and short, controlled bursts... but will choke if you spray-and-pray. And at present it automatically benefits from the vantage points enabled by Razorwing. I am a player of very average skills, but if I wind up in a PUG with a Mesa, Saryn, etc. my Titania does not embarass herself on the kills. So to say Dex Pixia doesn't make sense doesn't agree with my experiences. I admit it has taken a considerable investment in Forma and Mods to achieve this, but that's the price of love. ๐Ÿ˜„ Yes, and it's why 34% Range on my Razorwing build isn't a problem; Diwata can zip me right up to any enemy I might want to cast on. Though since I don't normally use Razorwing Blitz, I wouldn't often cast anything from Razorwing anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, Diwata works quite well with Healing Return (a mod that implicity doesn't want you to one-shot the enemy). Which is arguably better than Life Strike if you want to conserve your energy for Razorwing. It's why I don't complain about Diwata's relatively modest damage. But yes, to use Diwata outside of Razorwing, it would need a stance. It'd be cool if Charge attacks would zip you to the enemy in that case, as it does in Razorwing (like having a built-in Rift Strike effect). Not sure how I feel about the idea of making them signature weapons. She'd need a damage-buffing Ability to bring them back up to their present level (or I'd want my damn Forma back! ๐Ÿ˜†). But... Hmm... Beyond Roar... Rhino has Stomp, an AoE CC which is not 100% because enemies entering its area after the cast are unaffected. Titania has Lantern, an AoE CC which can entrance enemies enering its area during its duration, but does not have 100% effectiveness. Okay, Stomp deals a bit of damage, but Lantern has a wider radius. Rhino has Rhino Charge; in Razorwing, Titania can use her melee to similar effect. Two Warframes might have one ability which achieves something similar, but I think this might be a bit much overlap. As for Iron Skin. It gives Rhino greatly-increased eHP and Status-immunity. By comparison, Razorflies mean Titania doesn't get shot at much, and the present Dust buff from Tribute on average halves the amount of hits she takes. If she does pick up a proc, she can clear it with Spellbind. At high levels Titania's Razorflies and Dust buff are just delaying the inevitable, while Rhino could still be going strong. But at low levels Titania would be kind of a Rhino with the added power of flight. Not really sure why anyone calls her a "support"; she debuffs enemies, but then so does Molecular Prime, and nobody calls Nova a "support" 'frame. ๐Ÿ˜•
  10. Maybe. I'd rather she had a damage-mitigation ability than use an Armor mod which would be wasted in Razorwing. Since the one thing this forum is really lacking is players spitballing Titania rework ideas... (/irony) here's one from me: Lose Tribute. So sad. buh-bye. (Actually, although the buffs aren't awesome, the outline it puts on the enemies makes them way easier to spot, so I'd kind of miss that bit, but oh well.) Combine Lantern and Spellbind: The Lantern is fixed in place. All enemies within the radius are entranced -- no more enemies standing right next to the Lantern and shooting me. Thanks. Titania and allies gain Status-immunity when within the radius of the Ability. Can be cast on objects (Storage Containers, Mobile Defense Consoles, etc) which will not entrance enemies, but will provide the status-immunity. Only one Lantern at a time. The upshot: this opens the way to range-focused builds instead of Duration/Strength/Efficiency being the sole concerns. Now it's reliable CC, multiple lanterns would be OP cheese for Interceptions, MD, and the like. Hence back down to one. Razorwing, Razorfiles, and Exalted Weapons become three separate abilities. Because her present One Great Trick actually has three aspects. Also, should reduce the time investment needed for such a rework. Razorflies: Similar to now but independant of being in Razorwing or not, but each Razorfly also gives Titania some damage reduction (a bit like Null Stars on Nova). Damage dealt by Titania while any Razorflies are active restores lost Razorfly health. When all active Razorflies are at full health, Titania's damage builds up a reserve pool of health for Razorflies. If any Razorfly takes non-lethal damage it is healed from that reserve health pool. If the reserve health pool accumulates health equal to one Razorfly's health, ping! a new Razorfly appears (subject to a cap). When the cap is reached and all Razorflies are at full health, Titania's damage dealt no longer contributes to the Razorflies' reserve health pool (just so you can't find a nice sniping spot and store up a couple hours' worth of guaranteed DR). Damage dealt by the Operator does not contribute to the Razorflies' health in any way. (No sneaking aound in Void Mode to get her DR back up before transferring back in!) Damage dealt by Dex Pixia gets a small bonus to the Razorflies' health restoration, and Diwata gets a larger bonus (Diwata needs something going for it). Damage to enemies affected by Lantern has no benefit to Razorflies' health pool (too cheesy, otherwise). I suggest Razorflies' health to scale off Power Strength, but the restoration of their health does not scale; in high levels you'd need them to take more damage to be useful, but you'd also need to deal more damage to get them back to full health. I'd suggest balancing the damage required to restore razorflies' health should be balanced around the higher end of the game's damage spectrum. Recasting? Maybe cannot be recast while any Razorfly is still active. (Gotta keep damaging to get 'em back!) Or maybe recast only heals all remaining Razorflies to full health (gotta gauge if it's worth it!) The upshot: DR allows her to be more aggressive, and doing so preserves that DR. But if she gets too reckless, she risks losing the DR and getting rekt. Razorwing: Just like now, but doesn't summon Razorflies or Exalted Weapons. Gains mobility, at the expense of Energy drain and loss of capability to regen Energy. Interact with objects while in Razorwing? Meh, whatever. Transfer to Operator while in Razorwing? Meh, whatever. Not much to say; you either appreciate mini-Archwinging around, or you don't. Titania's viability currently hinges on Razorwinging; this rework suggestion (if properly balanced) should change that due to improved Lantern and addition of razorfly DR. Exalted Weapons: Just like now, but not dependent on Razorwing. If summoned while not in Razorwing, does she stay normal-sized? I'm kind of in favour of shrinking her down. She gains the damage/infinite ammo of Dex Pixia at the expense of having a less conducive field of fire. Can she interact with terminals etc? Maybe, if she jumps up to the right height ๐Ÿ˜† I think this rework approach would improve flexibility and viability for Titania outside of Razorwing, but dev's gonna do what they wanna do anyway. And I haet typing, so I'ma leave it at that.
  11. Well, Nidus's Larva is rather similar to Vortex anyway. But otherwise? Parasitic Link makes Nidus immune to Status. Titania can gain Status-immunity from Spellbind (if she can find something to cast it on), so there's one point of similarity. Parasitic Link also allows Nidus to tank damage. Titania has no Damage Reduction abilities (and neither does Vauban). It can also allow Nidus to buff allies' Ability Strength; Titania can debuff enemies, but (except companions' damage) cannot buff allies (and neither can Vauban). Ravenous gives Nidus a healing capability. Titania has no healing Ability (and neither does Vauban). Nidus can constantly increase his own potency using Mutation Stacks. Titania has no self-buffing scaling capability (and neither does Vauban). Nidus is a camp-and-tank 'frame. Titania cannot tank, so camping increases risk to her (her CC should offset this, but it's unrealiable). Not very similar to Nidus, either in Abilities, or how they are played, as far as I can see. Similar to Vauban? Both Titania and Vauban are squishy, due to having little Armor: 65 and 50 respectively (Nidus has 450, is not so squishy). Given that the benefit of Tribute buffs is minor, Titania has Abilities which disable enemies in a small or large group (Spellbind and Lantern). Vauban has Tesla which (when charged) reliably disables small groups by electric proc, and Bastille and Vortex which cover larger areas. Outside of Razorwing, Titania must dodge, hide, use cover, and attempt to CC enemies with her abilities before they have the chance to flatten her. Vauban plays similarly. The crucial differences being that Vauban's CC is far, far more reliable than Titania's... ...and that Titania has Razorwing!!!!!!! ๐Ÿคฃ
  12. Adaptation can probably be discounted here; you wouldn't have built up stacks against Blast damage fighting Corpus (Amalgam Kucumatz and Jackal excepted). The ~90% DR you had... well, if it came from Shatter Shield it wouldn't help against grenades. If it was from Null Stars, that's valid. No. The damage described is way out of proportion to the other damages sources in that enemy level. And getting one-shotted if you're playing solo is no joke. It just creates a tank-'frame meta at levels which previously didn't demand one.
  13. Nah, she's not Nidus Lite. On two legs Titania is a squishy 'frame who relies on CC for survivability. And her CC is clunky and unreliable. On two legs Titania is... Vauban, but worse. ๐Ÿ˜†
  14. No, the wiki is saying that even though the main beam gets some damage increase from mutishot, the tendrils are not benefitting from that increase. It's kind of wrong to say that base damage is increased through Multishot, though. Rank 4 Barrel Diffusion doubles a normal beam weapon's damage. If it acted as a Base Damage mod it would be in parallel with Hornet Strike, and would be only slightly better than Augur Pact. Multishot acts on the total damage of beam weapons, not the Base Damage calculation. But yeah, the Tendrils getting no multishot bonus might be intentional, but the main beam getting only 50% of the stated benefit on the Mods looks like a bug. Makes me wonder if other weapons might be affected. I for one don't look at the damage numbers on the screen.
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