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  1. You didn't notice that Basmu deals Electric on the direct damage, but Heat instead on the 1.7m AoE? Build with Viral + Heat mods, you'll get Viral+Rad and Viral + Heat. (I'll usually build Corrosive onto my Sentinel's weapon to complement this for even moar Armour reduction). Assuming Point Strike and no Riven, Hunter Munitions will proc only 11.25% of the time; I prefer Vigilante Armaments, for ~31% extra DPS, plus stacking ~31% moar Viral procs. Outside of Steel Path, nothing takes enough hits to kill for HM to be worthwhile, IME. Correction -- I forgot about the AoE myself 🤣; HM will proc from 22.5% of shots, since each shot has two chances to crit! D'oh!
  2. Actually, in Apostasy Prologue, Ordis says: "Is the Lotus... is she gone? Ordis will attempt to synthesize her mission directives until we can figure out where she is." Synthesizing mission directives is a different thing to playing back old recordings. I believe the term nowadays is "deepfake".
  3. I checked a couple of months back, and they'd fixed the hyper-awareness. Unless it got borked again, enemies are back to being half-blind. My old route through the MR19 test works again, which it totally didn't while the AI was hawk-eyed.
  4. Ooh! I'd read that text, but interpreted "Laser Rifle with Corpus safe-guards removed" as indicating the Flux Rifle available to players is more powerful than the Corpus version due to having safety limiters disabled. But unless we find lore showing some non-Corpus individual picking up and using a Corpus-owned weapon, I think you're probably right here. Since Corpus use energy weapons, if it has enough energy to function, it should have enough energy to complete an IFF handshake. Passive ID chips implanted in the user's hands could be scanned by the weapon, or somesuch. The tech involved should be simple and reliable enough. Similar for the Corrupted; in their case the headsets the Neural Sentry uses to control them could transmit the identifier to enable their weapons. That way, if the headset is damaged and the trooper passes out of the Neural Sentry's control, their weapon would be disabled at the same time. Maybe, maybe not. If the technology to lock a weapon to restricted users is common enough, anybody could be using it. Grineer aren't stone-age, they have tech, just not at the Corpus level. Only downside for the Grineer is most of their weapons are ballistic. Adding user-locks would introduce a separate tech system which in case of failure might render a functional weapon inert, and I'm not sure I'd rely on the average Lancer to keep his battery charged. But we can consider it a possibility. Extrapolating from there, it might be commonplace in the Origin System for tech-savvy owners to lock their weapons to themselves as individuals. That would give a lore explanation for why in-game I can't pick up and use a weapon that's been knocked out of a fellow player's hands by a Drakh Master. 😃
  5. The relationship of in-game inventory items to the lore basis is nebulous at best. Gameplay =/= lore, especially where inventory and crafting is concerned. in-game if I chop the head off a Grakata-wielding Lancer, I cannot pick up that weapon and take it back to my Orbiter. I dont think anyone would suggest that in lore a Tenno couldn't pick up, use, and keep a Grakata? The inability of a player to acquire a Grakata by any means other than crafting from a blueprint is clearly a game-design contrivance. in-game, if you have a complete set of Rhino Prime blueprints in your inventory, you can craft a Rhino Prime from them, but not a non-Prime Rhino. This restriction exists for game-design reasons. It doesn't jibe with lore: given that a functionally-equivalent knockoff can be made using non-Orokin components, it makes little sense to suppose that anyone in possession of all the data necessary to craft the Prime version of a Warframe would be in lore unable to produce a downgraded copy. in-game if I have a Volt Blueprint in my inventory, and I craft a Volt from it, the Volt Blueprint disappears from my inventory. In lore, how would using blueprint data to craft an item compel the Tenno to delete the reference data afterwards? This is clearly a game-specific contrivance. It makes no sense as lore. In lore we must suppose that when a Tenno has acquired sufficient data to craft an item, they would thereafter be able to re-craft that item at will, provided they had sufficient raw materials -- the only exception being items beyond the Tenno foundry's crafting capabilities, to wit: certain Orokin technology. in-game if we open a Neo B3 Relic, we may get a Rhino Prime Systems Blueprint added to our inventory. In lore, is blueprint data all that is retrieved from the Void Relic? Going by the statement "Prime Warframes, Weapons and Sentinels are actual pieces of Ancient Orokin technology", the answer has to be: no, we also retrieve all the original Orokin-made components necessary to assemble those Rhino Prime systems. They aren't represented in our in-game inventory because that would be redundant -- when we in-game use the Rhino Prime Systems Blueprint asset, those parts would be consumed by being integrated together into the completed Rhino Prime Systems we receive at the end of the crafting anyway. So there's no reason to clutter up our in-game inventory with things like "Orokin shield-emitter node x486", "Orokin Void-energy capacitor x6" or "Orokin integrated trinary logic and power control module x4" in between obtaining the Prime Systems Blueprint asset and the act of crafting. That being the case, we have no reason to assume that an asset named "Rhino Prime Blueprint" is not necessarily limited to schematic diagrams of the Warframe's physical construction. It may also include data such as control codes and authorisations required to activate and use the Warframe. It may include original Orokin-made Prime parts not represented in our inventory, just as the Rhino Prime Systems Blueprint implicity does. For game design reasons, inventory and crafting requirements need only bear a vague relationship to the lore (and in the case of the Grakata example they seem to go against common sense!); we should not take these as canon. In lore, the Myconians give us data which contributes to the Tenno being able to create a knockoff Nidus. There is nothing forcing us to believe that the ultimate source of that data was not either Nidus Prime, or Orokin records relating to Nidus Prime. Nothing in the Glast Gambit quest compels me to believe that the Orokin created any Nidus other than Nidus Prime.
  6. Reviewing that link, I'm inclined to agree with you on this point. The way the Quest goes from the normal in-game Arsenal interface into the lore cutscene makes it less than clear. Because the player doesn't receive the Sunder Helmet asset until the end of the Quest, Umbra has to be depicted in the UI with his default helmet. And I don't consider the UI to be canon. If the flash of light is when the cutscene takes over from the UI (which is how I'd interpreted it when I played the Quest), the helmet is broken from the start of the lore section. But I think you're probably right, the player is intended to consider the sundered helmet to be a result of the rejected Transference. Personally, my attention was grabbed more by the way the helmet repairs itself. Excal Umbra has no healing abilities, so is that a normal thing for a Warframe to do? Or is it done by nanotech used in the crafting/repair process which is still present because Umbra has just come out of the oven? Maybe he just has Rejuvenation slotted. 😆 So the helmet isn't the clincher I though it was. Thanks. It still doesn't change the fact that we are not depicted in-game bringing/sending the "scarf" to our Orbiter, but it is still there when Umbra is activated -- despite obviously not being part of the Warframe. Which means anything else that Tenno found could also have been brought back, undepicted. Excalibur Umbra may therefore have not been a from-scratch build, but a case of creating a new host repairing the original manufactured parts integrating the two We cannot rule out that possibility.
  7. Come to it, there's also the fact that Excalibur Umbra was made off-the-books. It's questionable whether Ballas could have used the regular facility to make the 'frame without somebody saying "Uh, this one wasn't scheduled. Who's the host?" I don't think Ballas would have wanted to compromise on Umbra's construction (indications are Umbra was a potential ace-in-the-hole if Ballas' deal with the Sentients went sour), but keeping Umbra's existance a secret from the Orokin might possibly have necessitated it. It is at least a possibility. I note in passing that he is not "Excalibur Umbra Prime". (Though such does exist in the Chinese build. Is stuff from that build canon? 🤔)
  8. Nope. Umbra comes out of the Arsenal with his helmet broken. That wouldn't be the case if it was created new in the Foundry. Conclusion: although in-game we just scan the remains, in fact they must have been retrieved, and Excalibur Umbra crafted from the parts. There's no other way to explain the busted helmet. Edit: in-game we don't pick up his "scarf" either, but I sincerely doubt we crafted a tattered rag in our Foundry.
  9. For Jordas Golem you need good crit stats. Larkspur has low crit chance and very low crit multiplier. Try something like Imperator Vandal or Velocitus. 😉 I agree about the timer though, it doesn't seem to serve a useful purpose.
  10. The relic the Myconians give us is not stated to be of any specific origin. Given our established ability to copy a Warframe after scanning (as per The New Strange), anyone who was able to thoroughly scan Nidus Prime would be able to compile that Nidus blueprint. Given the canon that only the Orokin had the expertise to create the Prime Warframes, anybody making a Warframe from that blueprint would create a non-Prime Nidus. That's quite straightforward. The Mycona colony was ex-Corpus, harvesting Infested products under protection of the innovation of the Triuna, which they are stated to have developed from the Nidus data they possessed. Given that (besides loan-sharking) innovative tech appears to have been the mainstay of the Corpus; if any Corpus had access to scanning technology, they'd certainly have used it to analyse anything unusual they came across -- Nidus Prime would certainly have warranted gathering as much data as they could. The only lacuna I see here is the question of how advanced scanner technology was during the Old War, and who had access to it. I don't think we have any lore indications?
  11. You're confusing yourself. The quote you gave to establish the era comes from the Gauss Leverian, but the Gauss part was in the Grendel Leverian, and Drusus says he found it at the City of Riddah. "After the fall of the Orokin Empire, a surviving Orokin Executor - a violet-scented brute named Karishh - lorded over Europa's frozen, famine-struck city of Riddha." After the fall of the Empire, the Tenno lost access to the Orokin resources needed to repair/replace their Orokin-made Prime Warframes. So finding a Tenno-made Guass part at the site of a post-Empire Tenno operation is not anachronistic. More problematic is the Akarius sidearms Drusus claims were "pulled from Altra's outer ring of blastcrete bunkers". These are not Prime weapons. Assuming the Akarius to be derivatives of an Orokin-made Akarius Prime, it does seem odd that a Warframe serving the Orokin during the Orokin era should be armed with non-Orokin knockoffs... But Altra was a victory for the Orokin, so it also seems dubious that after the fortress was reclaimed, a pair of pistols was just left lying around for several centuries. I take leave to doubt the provenance of these exhibits. Unlike the Gauss part from Riddah, Drusus does not claim to have found the Akarius himself. I hope he didn't pay too much for them! 😁 Drusus' credentials as an historian/archaeologist are not given, and he strikes me as more an enthusistic amateur than a rigourous scholar.
  12. You are correct. I'd remembered being offered it at the start of the Quest for helping them, but forgotten the Myconians having to put it up as a wager in the last round. Thanks. But he doesn't say where it comes from. It's a relic from the Old War, but it is not stated to be an Orokin artifact. We are (as far as I can recall) not shown anything which looks like a cabbage. Ergo Glast says it is "in a way a product of the Void", but that is true of any Warframe, and "in a way" therefore true of anything relating to them, even just scans. Tenno are able to craft a knock-off Warframe from scans. But to craft a Prime Warframe, we need the original Orokin parts and data. What the Myconians give us is data towards re-creating a functional equivalent of Nidus Prime, of lower quality, using non-Orokin parts and tech. We won't be able to recreate Nidus Prime until we are able to retrieve genuine Orokin Relics.
  13. As I already referenced, Titania was destroyed by Dax soldiers at the Silver Grove. Canonically, 'nuff Orokin troops are capable of destroying a Warframe. Correct me, please. 🙂 No, what I'm saying is that we couldn't have created a Nidus Prime from the Myconian blueprint, because we do not have the technology to manufacture Primes from scratch. We need the original Orokin-made parts to create a Prime, and from the Myconians we received only a bluprint, no parts. I repeat what I've already posted ITT regarding the Cinematic Trailer: The more lore-consistent explanation is that it depicts the Tenno fighting against the rising tide of Grineer domination in the early post-Orokin era. It does include a female Heavy Gunner, after all. The Synthesis lore implies that female Grineer were cloned from Sectarus Bilsa's genetics, allowing Veytok's rebels to appropriate Orokin technology -- that happens after the Tenno rebellion. Any remaining Dax who the Orokin twins could issue an order to would have fought for them; after the Grineer became subserviant to the twins, Dax and Grineer would have fought together for the Queens. The Prime Warframes have been replaced due to battle-damage, and since the Orokin facilities which produced their armour are gone, they are now the Tenno-made versions.
  14. Sequence of events: Orokin oppress the Mars colonists Inaros Prime deployed to Mars by the Orokin Inaros Prime turns against the Orokin (possibly when the Tenno slaughter the Orokin leadership?) Orokin send armies against Inaros Prime Inaros Prime repaired or replaced using non-Orokin parts due to battle-damage Orokin troops cease to appear on Mars (possibly due to collapse of the Orokin empire?) Grateful Mars colonists build statues of their saviour -- the non-Prime Inaros protecting them now is their model, as the Prime version has been destroyed This makes sense to me, and is consistent with the tenet: "Prime Warframes are Orokin technology. Non-Prime Warframes are not genuine Orokin articles." They weren't wagering anything. We wager our credits to free the Myconians from Nef Anyo. On successful completion of the Quest, the Myconians give us a Nidus blueprint. Their colony has had it since the Old War. That's all we're told. We aren't even told where, when, or how they got the blueprint. No direct connection between any version of Nidus and the Myconians is ever established at all.
  15. Don't think of it as a gun. Think of it as a proc dispenser for Condition Overload melee. 😆
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