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  1. Well, for me the answer is... because I suck at dodging. ๐Ÿ˜† Meaning my loadouts normally include multiple ways for me to regain lost Health, e.g. Healing Return, Medi-Ray, Magus Elevate, Synth Deconstruct... Oh, and those Large Health Restores in my Gear Wheel which I get from Capture missions. But I keep forgetting they are even there, 'cos I never use them. And while I don't have Arcane Grace, Arcane Deflection and Arcane Resistance are normally slotted. Health Conversion on squishier 'frames. Occasionally even Adaptation. Since I don't have the attention span for endurance runs, I deal with enemies lvl.100 at most, and rarely have to rez myself because I out-heal the incoming damage incidentally while fighting how I normally fight -- unless I get too cocky, or let my attention wander. ๐Ÿ˜† Basically, either I'm dead before I know it, or else damage just doesn't matter. So if I grab a self-damaging weapon for a mission because I want to live dangerously... it has to be capable of one-shotting me. Anything less is trivial.
  2. Would be nice to have a mechanic where a player is not offered a Kuva weapon they have previously declined to make the stab for. Such mechanic to reset upon creation of a Lich, of course -- or if the player has declined all existing Kuva weapons, obviously.
  3. You describe self-KO weapons as "bad design" but this thread has aready proven the opposite; I and several other players have expressed our enjoyment of using such weapons. The function of a video game is to provide enjoyment to players. Ergo, self-KO weapons can at worst be characterised as having niche appeal. So despite not having your gameplay affected by it, you still want something taken away on point of principle, even though you know some other players enjoy it? If the niceties of your stance on this matter had eluded me before, I can assure you your position has become admirably clear now. Dogma: a principle held to be unquestionably true What I have offered as a fundamental guiding principle: "Good game design" consists of maximising the enjoyment available to as many players as possible, while allowing players to avoid aspects of the game which they dislike. What you have offered as a fundamental guiding principle: "Good game design" consists of the game being purged of any element which you dislike, even if you don't have to interact with it all, and even when you know that some other players enjoy it. To imply that my statements have been "flipped around back onto me" suggests that I have said something which undermines my own position, no? I see no such instance of this, have I missed the relevant quote? Feel free to provide it. We have both stated our positions, and explained the reasons for our opinions. However, if I have misinterpreted you, please feel free to clarify. Otherwise, there is no "now what" -- we are neither of us in a decision-making position, after all.
  4. For me the main reason I'd take Harpak/Paracyst is the possibility to use the alt-fire on an Ancient or Scorpion, and holler "Hah! See how you like it, byaaatches"! as I drag them across the tile. Is very satisfying ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Agreed. When one fire mode is blatantly more effective in all situations, it seems pointless for the other fire mode to even be there. Well, quite. Personally I find selective fire to be clunky and inconvenient. I vastly prefer the feel of weapons with an alt-fire on MMB like the original Hind, Phantasma, Nagantaka, etc.
  5. OP isn't very specific, but... If the player's Operator "dies", the player is transferred back to the Warframe. If the Warframe is out-of-bounds at that time, that could cause issues like getting stuck in a loop of repeated falling. Maybe that's the kind of thing the OP is experiencing? IDK about removing his autonomy, but Umbra definitely shouldn't be putting himself out-of-bounds.
  6. The function of a video game is to provide enjoyment to players. Player enjoyment is hardly a non-issue. "Good game design" therefore consists of maximising the enjoyment available to as many players as possible, while allowing players to avoid aspects of the game which they dislike. The only players who are "forced" to actually use a self-damaging weapon in combat are pure solo players who have run out of other ways to increase their Mastery Rank. Preferences are inherently subjective. One cannot objectively prove that someone "should" or "should not" enjoy something. Enjoyment does not need to be justified, until it impinges on someone else. And the objective fact is that Warframe players who do not like self-damaging can avoid it entirely, simply by not using the weapons which have it. Any player who feels that self-KO weapons have no place in their Warframe experience... can already achieve exactly that! And players who enjoy the risk of blowing themselves up from time to time can have that. So in theory, everyone should be happy. The dogma that self-damage can only exist in any game if it is a balancing mechanic is just that: dogma. If a majority of Warframe players are keen to acquire more powerful weapons (I believe this to be the case) and a majority of players are averse to self-damaging weapons, then making the most powerful weapons also have self-damage would be bad design from the perspective of maximising the enjoyment of all players. From that point of view, up until a few days ago Warframe had it right: the most effective AoE weapons were the ones without self-damage. Players who want power without risk had it. Players for whom the risk is its own reward had that, and it was them (I should say "us") who payed the price of reduced power for the sake of fun. Kuva Bramma has now upset that applecart, this is true. But the existence of Kuva Bramma does nothing to improve the suggestion it should not be possible blow oneself up with e.g. an Ogris. There is no reason at all to use an Ogris unless you like the risk of blowing yourself up, so if any players are opting to sometimes use the Ogris, that is sufficient reason for the Ogris to remain just as it is. What are we voting on? That players who dislike self-damage should be able to avoid it entirely? I vote "yes". But this is already the case. The decision to leave everything as it is would probably be the cheapest option, though. Since new weapons are being added to the game all the time, only if literally nobody is ever choosing to use an existing weapon is there any reason to rework it into anything different to what it already is. You've missed a subtlety: buying Plat is my way of showing appreciation for the enjoyment I have had from the game, meaning that I've already received what I am paying for ๐Ÿ™‚.
  7. You forgot "fill the game with a ton of weapons which deal no self-damage at all". You forgot "give some of those weapons AoE, and make them more powerful than their self-damaging counterparts". Which is exactly what the devs did. Players could have all the advantages without any of the risk, simply by choosing different weapons. And still folks would regularly make threads in the forums saying "don't have any weapon in the game which I could KO myself with", despite having been given superior options which were completely safe. It's tempting to speculate that the Kuva Bramma is the devs' way of telling them folks they should have quit while they were ahead ๐Ÿ˜†.
  8. What's outlandish about it? Perhaps due to my personal background, my point of view is that if someone has laboured to create something I enjoy, it's fair that I should fork out a little cash in return. When the Daily Tribute drops me a discount voucher, I sort of take it as an invitation to show my appreciation. The amount I spend will vary depending on the discount, and on my finances at the time. When I consider the amount of quids I'll spend on indulgences like mead and ice cream, as well as living necessities like guitar strings and distortion pedals, my expenditure on Warframe seems entirely reasonable to me, given the immense amount of fun I've had playing the game. Now if you haven't already, feel free to check the Javlok's position in my usage stats. Barring the two Primes only the Founders can have, I have every weapon in the game except the Shedu. Javlok is my 10th most used primary, and as observed already it's not particularly powerful, so it should be a fair conclusion that I found using it to be great fun. And I'll add that -- believe it or not -- I have used the Javlok precisely once since the self-KO was removed from it. It was a very disappointing experience for me. So, when the devs took a weapon which I regularly used and enjoyed, and removed the aspect which made it particularly enjoyable to me, that put a significant crimp in my enjoyment of the game. I said so at the time. (I was also a bit miffed that Investigator's scope had been expanded to make Helios auto-steal my lore discoveries. The Jupiter remaster looked great, but having to bash my way through it with a Heliocor was not a very edifying experience. But the Javlok was a much bigger deal to me.) Therefore, when I was next invited to show my appreciation for their work, my respose was to decline, because they'd spoiled my fun. This does not strike me as incomprehensible. Anyway, if we're just having a conversation between ourselves, it doesn't matter whether you believe me or not. But if somebody from DE happens to be looking at this thread, they can presumably check their records. They will see a shift from me using Plat discount vouchers and getting very little from Trades... to not using the Plat vouchers I was offered, and getting Plat from Trade instead. And they will see that Update 25 was when that happened. Starting straight after the self-KO was removed from the Javlok, there was a period of time in which I gave less of my money to DE than I previously had. I don't need to "justify" why any given weapon has self-damage. It's just part of that weapon's identity. If you don't like it, don't use it. The only weapon I think shouldn't have had self-damage put on it is the Zhuge Prime. I'm not a big fan of the Zhuge, but I'm sure some players are. They must've been excited when the Zhuge Prime was released, and a lot of them must have been very disappointed. I don't need to "defend" the fact that a few of the many weapons in the game have self-KO potential. I just know that I enjoy it when the mood strikes me, so when somebody asks for it to be taken away, I say "no, I don't want that to happen".
  9. You will believe what you want to believe. Please do not state your beliefs as fact. You have me quite wrong. The truth is that I would be completely happy if self-damage mechanics were optional for every player in the game. I would keep it switched on, so could have it when I wanted. I wouldn't care in the slightest if some other players' Kulstars were completely safe to them. As it is, those other players can make do with the Staticor. It's not exactly a step down ๐Ÿ˜†. A player inflicts self-damage systems on themself by selecting a self-damaging weapon. There are many safe weapons to choose from, including several with extremely effective AoE. What I am speaking in support of is retaining the choice which every player presently has.
  10. I like self-KO weapons because they make it necessary to manoeuvre tactically to kill the enemies without blowing myself away. It adds an extra dimension to fights which would otherwise be quite straightforward. Sometimes that's what I'm in the mood for. Worth saying, I play solo a lot, so it doesn't matter if it takes me a few extra seconds to clear a room. For co-op, I'll bring a sensible weapon and speed-run it like everyone else. And the occasions when I do blow myself away, I'll oftentimes see what I did wrong (like relying on an enemy to hold a door open, without considering that my Sentinel might kill that enemy ๐Ÿคฃ). Really, though, if I'm not in the mood to see the funny side of it, I'm not in the mood for those weapons. I wouldn't take the Javlok into a Kuva Flood, but fully-built it could one-shot Bombards anywhere on the Star Chart. And the Star Chart is the only place I get to do whatever mission I feel like, against whatever faction I want. Why the Javlok was my favourite? Well... I'm a bit ropey with projectile weapons. The old Javlok had just enough AoE radius to forgive a near miss, but its damage was weighted away from the AoE enough to reward direct hits. I appreciated that, as it gave me an incentive to concentrate on aiming. And the throw, of course. While I didn't use it constantly, when you land the throw slap in the middle of a bunch of enemies, that was so satisfying ๐Ÿ˜„. Javlok was fun, fun, fun. Other things such as the Ogris, I'd use them when I wanted that self-generated-hazard, but fancied a change from the Javlok. Now they're all I have. ๐Ÿ™
  11. Worst case scenario if self-KO is removed from the comparatively few weapons in the game which have it... is that it reduces the enjoyment some players get from the game, so that they are less inclined to spend money on the game. Every little bit of fun that is taken away puts a greater onus on the rest of the game to compensate. The first time I didn't buy Platinum when I got a discount voucher was... when self-damage was removed from the Javlok. If players in the future can still blow themselves up with an Ogris, the worst case scenario certainly would be if a player who eventually acquires one and then blows themself up with it were to rage-quit the game as a result... but a more realistic scenario is that the player would use other weapons instead. DE at present are giving the customers what they want. They've given you plenty of very effective AoE weapons without self-damage. They've given me weapons I can blow myself up with. (And I'm still very unhappy that they took self-damage off the Javlok.) There's the rub. I also have some gripes with a few other aspects of the game. What you say could pull you in a bit, would be a nudge pushing me away.
  12. Korrudo is crafted using Eidolon Breath and fish bones. That's not standard Grineer Tech. With such esoteric ingredients, it shouldn't be a surprise if they worked some powerful juju. What else would the Grineer be studying the Eidolons for, if not to acquire radical new technologies? It's not the end of the world that I've had to slot Healing Return in my Korrudo, but my build is certainly feeling the compromise. ๐Ÿ™
  13. There's still tiers to red crits. According to the wiki, Cat's Eye adds 60 percentage points to a weapon's critical chance after other bonuses. So with an Adarza, your red crits would get upgraded and do even moar damage. For example... if you have 310% crit chance, you're dealing tier 3 crits minimum, with a 10% chance to deal a tier 4 crit. Add Cat's Eye, that's now a 70% chance to deal a tier 4 crit. if you have 390% crit chance, you're dealing tier 3 crits minimum, with a 90% chance to deal a tier 4 crit. Add Cat's Eye, you're dealing tier 4 crits minimum, with a 50% chance to deal a tier 5 crit. Adarza wouldn't be wasted.
  14. Would be nice to have a mechanic where a player is not offered a Kuva weapon they have previously declined to make the stab for. Such mechanic to reset upon creation of a Lich, of course -- or if the player has declined all existing Kuva weapons, obviously.
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