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  1. Well, Sentients aren't intended to be easy for any weapon -- Paracesis isn't so effective that you'd be crazy to use anything else (which would be bad IMO). It's helpful enough that it can encourage players to try using it... and thus perhaps get better acquainted with aerial melee techniques. I used Paracesis in Scarlet Spear, and my air-melee moves improved considerably during that event -- all the way from virtually non-existant to... a bit shoddy. 😂 The learning curve can be smoothed somewhat by using Warframes with effective crowd-control on Sentients -- duration is normally red
  2. I can't agree with that. Back in melee 2.0, melee base stats were reasonably well-balanced with guns (where the player used Quick Attacks). At the beginning Skana didn't kill faster than my Mk-1 Braton. And that balance persisted as I worked my way up the weapon tiers. My fully-modded Twin Basolk didn't render my fully-modded Stubba pointless. If enemies came into sight a long way off, it was sensible to shoot them. If you came 'round a corner and they were right in front of you, it was sensible to use melee. There was balance between the two -- only if you paired weapons of ver
  3. I think multiple stages are ok as long as the stages are different. Jackal rework disappointed me because I saw four health bars, so after the first stage with the four revolving beams, I get picked up and carried to a separate area... I sort of expected to fight the Jackal in four different arenas with four different hazards. That would have been quite cool. (I even suspect that might have been the original intention, but just fell too far behind schedule, maybe?) Same thing four times over is a yawn. Having distinctly different stages to a boss fight keeps it interesting... makes i
  4. My favourite Sergeant rework idea I've seen:
  5. In that vid, yes -- it's just 'cos that whole unmodded Volt thing I did stemmed from discussions about guns vs. melee balancing. It started with comparing kill-times for the unmodded starter weapons, as evidence it's the base stats (not "those" Mods) that make melee more powerful than guns nowadays. Then it kind of diverged into questioning how few upgrades would be needed to handle the Star Chart in general. Hence using only melee for that mission -- to see what's the least you can get away with. In normal play, I shoot a bit more than I melee, but indulge in both. Your
  6. These Consoles? Video from back in February. I chose Mobile Defense specifically because you can't hide indefinitely, as the enemies are capable of destroying the Consoles if left entirely unattended. Cryopods are so tanky they barely need worrying about. Builds shown at the end of the vid -- the only Mods on my Volt were for loot and enemy detection. Broken War had no rare Mods except the Stance (IDK if it's even a good Stance nowadays, but I liek the moveset). All you need is good weapons, and you can remove the threats before they have a chance to inflict significant da
  7. IoW, you don't like to practice with things until you can use them properly. But that's not a problem at all, my friend -- Warframe is chock full of stuff which is really powerful with minimal effort, so you're still amply catered for! 😄
  8. It's not like that anymore. Nowadays the player turns invulnerable for 1.3 seconds when their Shield breaks. You can go full-on banzai kamikaze at enemies and only worry to take cover when your Shield is gone. That doesn't even happen often either, 'cos enemy accuracy is so poor and the starter melee kills so fast. Try some unmodded missions with starter gear to find out what combat is actually like for new starters presently. I recommend you start on Ceres or Phobos -- even that far up the Star Chart the enemies are no real threat. Even the boss-fights are barely an inconvenience. W
  9. And it'll work fine 'til a hotfix borks it, and then it'll stay borked for years. 😝 I used it 'til I got used to it. 😃 Same way that I couldn't hit squat with projectile weapons when I started, so I stuck to hitscan and did fine... but I'd pull out a projectile weapon from time to time and it became less and less of a struggle to land hits at a distance -- and thus more satisfying. For me a weapon which is somehow "difficult" to use is an opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone. I just like to do that from time to time.
  10. Not the Quartakk, but the Kuva Quartakk does. That's a Primary, though. No objection... ...but the devs have actual broken stuff to fix (Hema sucking yer life away with auto-reload Mods... Manic Bombard only wants to smack you with the butt of his Gorgon... do Multishot shot Mods work normally with the Ocucor yet? ...Amalgam Furax Body Count doesn't knockdown enemies like it says it will... etc, etc). Adding a toggle to a unique weapon so that it works just like other weapons you already have should be a very low priority IMHO. lol, I'm hardly a hostage to the Quatz -
  11. It's also the only Secondary with those mechanics. And it's good, but far from peerless. Which means if any player dislikes the way it works, there are many alternatives which are equal or better in effectiveness. Ergo, there's no reason to homogenise it. I found the Quatz extremely clunky to use at first... but I decided at some point to drag it out and make an effort to adapt. I got used to it, and now enjoy using it specifically because of its unique behaviour.
  12. ? I expected this to be understood, but spelling it out -- lower level enemies have fewer Armour points; fewer Armour points means less damage reduction. Corrosive's only advantage over Viral is in mitigating that damage reduction. Less damage reduction therefore means less advantage to Corrosive against any Armoured target. Where the damage reduction is low enough, Viral's damage-boosting Status will outweigh the benefits of mitigating damage reduction. So... I tested at level 100 because that's about the highest-level enemies normally encountered, and thus a resonable tes
  13. What you say applies at high enough Armour values, but at the Armour values most players see, nerfing Slash alone won't unseat Viral. At level 100 testing on Corrupted Heavy Gunners and Bombards, using high-RoF high-Status weapons without any Slash (e.g. Boltor Prime, Cyanex), pure Corrosive builds kill Heavy Gunners significantly faster than pure Viral, but Viral is slightly faster against the Alloy-Armoured Bombards. But as soon as you stack Heat in the build, Viral outperforms Corrosive against both targets. On a high-Status weapon which has Slash proc potential TtK comes dow
  14. Save them from what? Those are hardworking folk trying to earn a crust labouring for whatever Corpus is employing them. They probably have friends and families in Neptune Proxima. And you want to... what? Spirit them away to Fortuna to... work for Nef Anyo instead? Apart from not necessarily any better, who will give them jobs in Fortuna? Eudico? She's a work-team supervisor, not HR. She can't just put them on the payroll. All you'd be doing is dumping a bunch of now-unemployed rig jockeys into Fortuna, stranding them half the Origin System away from their homes, and cranking up
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