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  1. Was there an Odonata present, and did they press 4? Enemies affected by Repel get all effed up and helpless. Sharkwing enemies are behaving normally, that at least I can tell you. Galilea seemed normal when I did that a few weeks ago.
  2. I'm no Modding genius, but I'm pretty sure Weepings Wounds would get universally dropped 'cos you can proc a *decent* amount of Status without it, but there's no substitute for them big, big red crits. I'll stand corrected if a more expert builder contradicts me on that, though. 🙂 Meanwhile... Melee-focused players going deep into endless probably wouldn't be overly pleased, but they'd switch up their builds, maybe change weapon preferences, and carry on as usual. Melee-focused players doing regular missions would grouse that their awesome builds had got nerfed... but it wouldn'
  3. Agree. I think his Health should regen quite quickly while downed, so he the stab has to be made efficiently. I'm in favour of Blade-Storm-type marker, but Fatal-Teleport-style attack where he commits the attack on the targeted Warframe regardless of if the player Transferred or not. If the player is in Operator when the Warframe is struck, S.Stalker should immediately repeat the teleport-attack on the Operator. Shadow Stalker to be vulnerable during the attack animation, so that if the player transfers to Operator they have an opportunity to damage S.Stalker while he strikes the
  4. Well yeah, but if you want to persude the devs that they might want to consider shortening the Larvling hunt maybe point out that... ... long Larvling hunts are not good for public matchmaking, especially in Lich Territories... It's like this: only the player who downs the Larvling gets to make a Kuva Lich from it. in public matchmaking any player in the Squad could deal the damage that downs the Larvling, so if want to make a Kuva Lich, you farm the Larvling in solo the more hours a player spends spends passing up weapons they don't want/need, the longer they are
  5. Kill Larvling with any bow for Bramma, kill with any Heavy Weapon for Ayanga?
  6. You didn't answer the question of what you meant by "higher levels". Put a number on it, please. My standards for melee damage were "kills everything I need it kill, as fast as I need it to or faster". If something generally rated as mediocre, as the Kesheg was, could whup ass in a Sortie 3 and past one hour in Arbitrations -- which it did -- with Quick Attacks, and you think melee was in a bad place, frankly your own standards have been plucked out of thin air. IIRC the devs stopped "actively balancing" the game at something like level 150, or maybe 200. If you were considering
  7. Can you be more specific about what you mean by "higher levels"? IIRC the highest-level enemies we were ever incentivised to fight were level 80-100 in Sortie 3 and Kuva Floods. Ergo, whatever could handle that was "good enough". I solo'd those using only Quick Attacks. My melee of choice was Twin Basolk, and later the Kesheg. They did just fine, and neither of those were considered top-tier. If you're talking about long endurance runs, isn't the point of that exercise to find the limits of how far you can go with any given loadout & builds? I mean, if a weapon gave out when
  8. True, RatM the Points of Interest in Railjack missions are mostly small affairs where one player inside is enough. Depends a bit if the Corpus Proxima (and at some point the Grinner Proxima) will contain more elaborate tiles/tilesets for the Warframe-y bits, which I think the devs have said was intended? Co-op in Railjack is very different from the rest of the game, due to the different rôles which need filling... I'd definitely be fine doing the Heavy-Gravity section of an Empyrian mission on my own. That there is what I don't want, and I could never understand why anyo
  9. I'm not so keen on that. I like to solo, I've played a lot more hours of solo than "co-op". But sometimes it feels a bit lonely. Or I just need other players there to motivate me to perform. Or I just want to embrace the randomness that public matchmaking can be. So I wouldn't like to have permanent missions where multiplayer isn't an option. A partitioned multi-player has never appealed to me at all -- it just means my success is affected by something I can't myself affect. 😟
  10. Well, yeah. Gravity-tech is clearly a thing in Warframe though, both positive and negative -- the Gas city on Jupiter is reduced to 1g, while on spaceships it's increased to 1g -- so it's not an issue lore-wise. Enemies identified our mobility as a major tactical problem, and adjusted their grav-tech to counteract it. Then deployed their purpose-designed heavy-gravity units against us. Very sensible of them.
  11. Not for players who like to shoot things. Previously melee had no Combo Counter unless you switched to melee-only mode. For the players who back then were quite happy to forsake their guns to maximize melee DPS, I find it hard to imagine guns vs melee balance is a significant concern now. And at the levels where Combo-Counter-dependent builds are truly impactful now, enemy eHP has already been nerfed by going over to the s-curve, so a direct before-and-after DPS comparison doesn't seem meaningful.
  12. In general: noooooooo!!!!!!!!! The movement system is awesome and a huge part of Warframe's appeal! That said, I did in another thread recently actually suggest some special "Heavy-Gravity" missions (perhaps in the style of Nightmare mode) where parkour is nerfed. But killing parkour everywhere would be awful! 😲
  13. Banged this out. I think it works? Little Duck: "Right, Tenno: here's the gig. Back when the Sentients started popping up in the Origin System again, the Quills decided they needed some hidey-holes which could keep a few things safe from the grasp of those floating boneheads. Important objects which... you don't need to know about. Yet. Middle of the Void seemed an ideal place. The access points for those hidey-holes are Void Gates on this here Orokin Tower. Your Lotus helped us out by having you lot clear out the Corrupted so we could come in and stash the stuff. But no
  14. Your suggestions only refer to the Combo Counter. The Combo Counter isn't the problem. If you think the Combo Counter is the cause of the imbalance between guns and melee, that just suggests to me that you're using Combo-Counter-focused builds all the time, and haven't checked what the difference made by the Combo Counter actually is. In 99% of missions I do, I use no Heavy Attacks. In nearly all the default builds for my preferred melee weapons, I use no Combo Counter Mods. The Combo Counter has therefore no effect on my melee DPS in most missions. I'm not talking Star Chart he
  15. DraekoSilver said "you will ALWAYS want to complete missions as fast as possible." Eh, personally, when I'm grinding I'll take a moderate loss of efficiency if it switches the gameplay from "boring" to "fun". And most of the hours I've racked up in Warframe, I've not been grinding, but playing for fun, where efficiency is a non-issue, because I don't care about the drops... But when any player wants to grind like they rrreallly mean it... there will always be a meta. And that's not in itself a problem. Unseat one meta, and variety does not blossom -- instead, the consensus sett
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